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Automation Minecraft Community Server [1.11.2 - Forge w/ mods]


Is there any more or less public mine on the server? And, is the mountain behind the reactor colonised, or can I start my underground castle there?


a public mine… i don’t think there is one, no, though you can always feel free to start one :slight_smile: as for the mountain… id say be careful, as there are quite a lot of underground tunnels and structures around the village, including that area


Ok, I’ve a place for myself and started mining, but blocks keep reappearing for a moment. And if I mined a few of them in a short time, then only one would be really mined. Is there a way to solve it?


What’s your pin?


You mean ping? 29ms.


Yes I meant ping. Oops.


Well, 29s to the Minecraft server. 2ms in a speedtest.


29ms is not bad. You have to remember, a modded minecraft server will see more “lag” than any normal one just due to the mods and their sub-processes. If it gets too bad for you, try restarting your minecraft client.

Also keep in mind the minecraft server is only at one location, it may take longer to ping it due to sheer distance when compaired to your speedtest. Speedtest usually takes the closest server to you.


Well, I’ll see how it works today. BTW, anyone going to play? Or anyone willing to explain me some basics for all this mods?


When I get home I may get on


Hey. Going to play? :slight_smile:


Sure, just have some house chores to do first :frowning: be on in a bit tho


Hey, do you have (or will have soon) a moment? Or anyone, I need some help (and a bit of lapis lazuli) :slight_smile:


hey dude, when will you be on next? i appear to have glitched through the floor and i’m stuck under your house, and redprotect won’t let me tunnel my way out :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: nvm, i inched my way along the ravine until i left redprotects influence

edit 2: yes, this does mean i’m on for now


Today, maybe? That means between now and 10 hours later.


Maybe, it’s 8:22 AM now, I get home at 3 PM, that’s 7 hours


Are you coming to the server?


I’m getting my PC on now (just got the notification now, sorry)

On now @szafirowy01


I’m getting in.


Hey for you guys on wondering about my monitor, everything I looked up appears to be saying it died, I guess I gotta return to crappy 1440X900