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Automation Rallycross League, Season One (South Africa Final Results Up!)


just make a rule that whoever is caught fiddling with your original sheet and breaks it gets banned from all future chips challenges :wink: win win either way


at least when i broke it, it was an honest mistake, not a vain (and failed) attempt to be funny.


Let’s not go shooting the messenger, shall we?

To be honest I don’t care who did it, and I’m not looking for an apology either. Just an understanding that it won’t happen again.


2018 Likar Tixref Rallycross


Introducing the KMC Arrotare


Hallfords Merciel RallyX Team: Merciel Pixi

Meet The Team: Hallfords Merciel RallyX

Main Sponsor: Hallfords Autocentre

A word from our sponsors: Do you need quality car components? Do you need help fixing your vehicle? Need an MOT and Service? Well go look no further than Hallfords Autocentre. With over 300 shops all around the UK open 7 days a week, you can expect good, friendly expert advice. Our specialists can help you get the most out of your car and service it to a high standard. So come on down to Hallfords today!

Team Owner: Koby Gibson

Former ATCC driver, Koby Gibson began his racing career in the 70s with ACA, Koby would retire in 1995 and set up his own racing team, Distance Racing, along side former teammate and rival Olly Hawkins. Distance Racing would initially participate in ATCC, but eventually also began participating in ARX. In 2003, Distance Racing would receive official manufacturer support from Merciel and would be renamed to HallFords Merciel Racing. In 2013, HallFords Merciel Racing would focus entirely on RallyX as such, the team would be renamed HallFords Merciel RallyX Team.

Team Principal: Olly Hawkins

Also a former ATCC driver, Olly Hawkings helped Koby set up Distance Racing. He would eventually become the Team Principal. Although stern and old fashioned in his approach, he’s easily approachable and helpful.

Crew Chief: Alonso 'Al' Marquez

Originally working as a mechanic for Conte Competicion in the 90s, Al would eventually leave in the early 2000s to work as Distance Racing’s Crew Chief. Well liked, Al would continues to work for HallFords Merciel RallyX Team for the foreseeable future.

Driver: Alexander John Sierra

At the young age of 16, Alexander John Sierra is one of the youngest on the grid. Following in the footsteps of his uncle, Alex is taking his first step into racing through RallyX. After becoming the British Junior RallyX Champion, Alex’s next challenge is seeing how well he’ll be able to cope in the seat of the significantly more powerful Merciel Pixi ARX

Meet The Car: Merciel Pixi ARX

Based on a 2012 Merciel Pixi, the Pixi ARX is a lighter, custom race spec version of the regular Pixi. Using Carbon Fibre on certain panels, a custom 2.3L i4 based on the engine found in the Nohda Assent and fancy aerodynamics, the Pixi ARX launches hard and fast, hopefully allowing it to compete at the very top.

Extra Images


I’ve gotta start off saying that i am really impressed with the effort put into this challenge! This looks like great fun.
Hopefully my entry won’t finish dead last… :sweat_smile:

Delta Motorsport presents the so far sponsor-less…
Margay 18-S1
This rally car is based on a definitely-not-purpose-built hatchback, the Margay. The rally version introduces some yuge rally lights, a carefully engineered and calculated aero kit, and a reliable but powerful engine!

There is only one catch - i am unable to send private messages on this forum. I suppose that i have to be a bit more active in order to gain that privilege, so i will get back to you as soon as i have gathered some more activity around here! (This is my first post, despite buying this game 6 years ago)


Fuji Raceworks @FujiRaceworksJP

A bit of final prep on the 2018 RX Supercar #FujiCoherence!


OwO what’s this?


Don’t worry, I’m expecting to be last


I got second to last in that case


Swarzburg R3 RRS
Driver: Rūdolfs Jansons (LAT) 20


Deer and Hunt proudly presents:

“Um Sir?”
“Yes Jamie”
“Stadium Truck is next week”
“WHAT?! What is today?!”
“Ummmm Rallycross”
“WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME THIS. Hold on give me the marker”

“There we go”


I just love this idea so much, sadly my effort will be very half-assed due to a extreme shortage of time.

5-fixture car, to the back of the field we go!

Edit: I am an idiot, hadn’t realised the deadline was moved forwards. Shame that it kills my excuses, doesn’t mean the car will be any better.


AlbulaMotors Presents the Albula R4

! It’s equiped with a R4 2.0l Engine Producing at least 380nm from 4500u/min to 8500u/min. The Car is all about lightnes and low speed preformance The massive(outdated) rear wing makes sure that the rear stays rock solid.


Yea as this is my first activity on this Forum i can’t upload more than one picture and can’t send any Privat messages. Can someone explane to my how this Forum and newbie-rules work?


to make sure you ain’t a bot or troll or somesuch. it’s just a precaution.


The Antti ARXL Special One of Team OOF Barry Boy Rally X will be driven by Declan Slater of England.


JHW Motor Racing Technologies JHW Lynx ARX5

Let’s Get Filthy!


Micro TCC 1250 RS

Who needs to have a name that makes sense when you can have an engine twice as large as the name implies?*

*only applies to non-production race model

Edit: due to unforseen complications the car’s number has been changed to 66. Our expert team of interns with sand paper and red paint made the corrections.