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Automation Social Media Coverage


Hey, so @Daffyflyer and the other devs asked me to make a thread like this.

The devs would like to keep posting on social media, so why not get the community involved? Post your best unedited Automation related photos here.

Here is the thread for photo-edited Automation photos.

Some general rules. Follow them, or get the banhammer!

  • Do not post more than once a day.
  • Posts can not have more than 3 images. Just hold off your other photos for later, you’ll get your chance!
  • Posting in this thread does not guarantee your image will be posted on social media.
  • Be respectful and don’t get upset if your photo gets lost, it happens!
  • No edited photos are allowed.
  • No discussion!

Now, what are you waiting for? Get posting!

Automation Social Media Coverage (Photo Edited)



Here’s a Teaser of the 2001 Emperor Super Downforce Van

(Arrows pointing down: +1000 Downforce)


i swear no editing using external program (aside from image compressing) was involved in taking these pictures





I really like this one



Ehh, best 3 I have with me right now





Disregard the potato computer



All screenshots below are shown “as-is” and are 100% unedited:






(just resized 2 of them because 4k resolution)