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Automation Sunday Cup - Race 4: Laguna Seca


Team Sunday Strikers - Car Purchase

As the Sunday Strikers headed to Hans’ High End Motors, they spotted a red '88 Mosport Arrow parked on the forecourt. That’s when they decided that this would be the car they would enter in the ASC. Walter quickly parked his car, got out and approached Hans with an offer he couldn’t refuse.

“I’d like to buy that Mosport Arrow of yours for $9,057 - it’s got around 60k miles on it but it should be in good working order inside and out, by the look of things.”

“No problem - it’s yours. Here are the keys to the Arrow then. Have fun with it. Goodbye!” Hans replied as he received Walter’s payment.

And so Walter drove off in the bright red Arrow, with his teammates following him close behind.

A few hours later, Walter and his fellow Sunday Strikers made it to the team’s home base in Northamptonshire with the Arrow in tow. Henry took a quick look in its engine bay… and realized that the team might have its work cut out for them.

“It’s got a sub-2-litre turbo inline-four with just 142 horsepower. Not a lot, but being turbocharged, this engine has a lot of potential. Besides, the Arrow weighs little more than a ton, so it should be able to make good use of its modest power.”

“You’re spot on - with more grunt, this Arrow could be a giant-killer!” Pat responded gleefully. “This lump could make over 200 horsepower with the right modifications. And while we’re at it, we’ll uprate the drivetrain, suspension, wheels, tires and brakes.”

“That’s settled then; I can’t wait to get behind the wheel of our arrow once the mods have been installed!” Walter exclaimed.

And so the Sunday Strikers set to work on preparing the Arrow for the ASC.


wow same


“Anyone wanna buy my car? …Anyone?”



Yeah I had a lucky draw but then I still could only pick one :frowning:


Well I did have clear intentions to buy one. Intentions which then crashed into my terrible gambling, hoping to snag a rally-bred car from a homolgation dealership. Should’ve known gambling is my dump stat… :sweat:


Hey, I did!


Team ‘Southend Or Bust’…Circa 1998

The cars the lads will be driving is finally ready.

James arrived in his usual fashion; blaring the living shit out of some 1991-ish Seattle-area grunge band’s casette tape over the worn out sound system of his 1983 Merciel 120. Stepping out, he grabbed his oval sunglasses and slid them on. Sunglasses were such a part of his character that he never quite felt comfortable without them on if it was sunny outside.

The garage - a small lot in the extra-urban area of Bristol - he’d come to was the one Martin’s brother worked at. Seb and Martin had been working on the car for the past few days, and had told James he “probably wasn’t going to like it it”.

“What the hell is that” James blurted out, standing dead centre in front of Southend’s newest motoring escapade.

“That” Martin began, confidently, “is a Gabatron Xenus TSR. 16V spec too”.

James looked blankly at the car, and then turned to Martin, beginning to chuckle. Seb, who stood by him, tried to hide his smirk, the whites of his Fila tracksuit being caught by the mid-June sunlight pouring through the open garage door.

“Told you Martin” said Seb at last, giving into his amusement. Martin returned a pissed-off expression.

“Look, it’s not even done 50k, and it had room for a turbo, which I was adamant about adding the moment I read the rules” Martin said, clearly fighting to justify his purchase.

“Mate, it’s a curvy French thing” said James, strutting about, “And not even the good kind”.

He did have a point. The Xenus was peak mid-90s curvacious crooniness, save for the slight aggresiveness in its lights and that mean lower-front fascia.

Martin sighed. “We’ve got plenty of power from it” he returned.

That caught James’ attention. “Yeah?” he replied.

Seb nodded. “Yeah indeed. It’s pretty damn quick that’s for sure”.

“Well, no use in complaining” said James, “though I’m trusting you guys”.

“Oh you can trust us” said Seb. Him and Martin were damn confident in what they had made, having spent an extensive amount of time retuning it from its sporty-but-limited road going setup into something more akin to the track day machine they needed it to be.

The lads walked out the garage in search of much-needed lunch. James looked back at their car. “Who’s idea were the white racing wheels?”

“Seb’s idea” said Martin, patting the Spanish man on his back.

“I approve” said James.


Team Cat eye

Thick Tyres: Check
Boost: Check
Schport: Check


Team Sunday Strikers - Car Reveal

After several hours of tinkering, the Sunday Strikers revealed their tuned '88 Mosport Arrow. It was now entirely bright red - previously its roof was black - and bore the number 37.

Henry described the upgrades in brief: “As you can see, this is no ordinary Mosport Arrow. We increased the boost to 1 bar, yielding over 200 horsepower in the process. In addition, we fitted a Quaife LSD, vented front discs, and a wider wheel/tire package, while also tweaking the gear ratios and suspension to better suit the engine’s increased output. Finally, we removed some unnecessary weight and installed a new aero kit. All this adds up to a much faster car than we initially had - at least, in theory.”

“Fingers crossed it all works well come race day”, Pat continued. “We have high hopes this season and are confident that our Mosport Arrow can consistently live up to its giant-killing reputation.”

Walter nodded in silence, knowing that his teammates had done the best job they could with the Arrow’s modest engine capacity. Now all that the Sunday Strikers had to do was wait…


Just a heads up, the deadline is under 2 hours away and 4 teams have not entered a tuned car yet.



Well I wasn’t able to do much, but here it is:

Just retuned the engine for more efficiency, tweaked the suspension and that’s about it.

Oh, and put a bitchin’ stripe on it too.


Mmmmmm… stripey


Am considering seriously offering to tune several of the cars post cup to run around a particular track (flying lap), just to showcase which car had what potential (approximately, no more than 10 minutes a tune).

coz I guarantee you nobody gonna have tuned my cars faster than I can get them


Meanwhile in the NR Group Team…

Kai: Hey, I bought a car!
Others: What car?
Kai: A Baltazar Zeppelin S… I’m pretty sure that’s how it’s spelled. I almost bought a bad condition Epoch M10 Ansom RSA. The Tania and the Vernum Scaffel S is ugly AF and the los is too ricey… The Emotion was too slow. The final choice for me was clearly the Baltazar. It was clean and never abused. Anyways, let’s work on it shall we?
Others: Right!

Next day…

Others: you happy with it?
Kai: Awesome!

Others: Here’s what we did, lower the car to the lowest ride height possible, 17 inches magnesium NR5 rims, wider tires and I forgot the width, larger brakes, we then slap a turbo on it and adjust the compression ratio so it’s not knocking, 3.25 inch exhaust, higher cam profiles, adjusted the suspension, lighter racing seats, adjust the gearing, fully clad undertrays, slapped a big wing on it, lips and canards, also painted the car and the rims gloss black. That’s it. We can’t get it over 200HP since the pistons can’t handle the torque. Altough it makes 197HP. And the rules mention that we can’t change the internals.
Kai: Damn, should’ve known better about the engine. But, it’s pretty good. I hope we can at least catch up to others… Even a Mosport Arrow is more capable of making more power.
Others: The car is making so much downforce that we actually need to stiffen up the suspension.
Kai: Let’s take it for a spin shall we?

After a lap in the Automation Airfield…

Kai: This setup is good. I’m happy with it. I just hope we’re competitive enough. I can’t wait for the first round of ASC!


All of that in 1 day? I’m impressed!


They worked so hard I guess…


How hard could it be ©


Allright, when do the races start approximately?


First race will be on Saturday most likely.