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Automation Sunday Cup - Race 4: Laguna Seca


SARA Gentlemen club to participate in ASC

Lyon, 1999 - press release

Antoine Watteau, chief platform engineer at SARA, and Jean Turini, the famed driver from SARA official team in the 80’s (and son of Amédée Turini) have informed the SARA headquarters that they will engage their team in the Automation Sunday Cup.

While this adventure is not backed by the factory, SARA wished these gentlemen the best in the competition, knowing that they will show in this hobby the same attention to details and dedication they show when working on our new products here at SARA


Team: Corny Street Motors (or Team CSM for short)

Driver: Charlie “Guile” Nash

Team Chief: Walter “Wayward” Nash

Who are these madmen? If you followed the American motor scene throughly, you are bound to having seen one of CSM’s mental cars. With a business motto like “we put everything on the roads”, and ad slogans like “We put the “gravel” in “grocery getter””, it’s already impressive that company hasn’t gone under from its own insanity-driven ways.

Still, even a bonkers company like CSM can benefit from racing prowless. However, they’re not fielding a car of their own. Why? Well, chalk it up to painful memories. Company founder Walter Nash’s memories, to be precise. During the 1986 edition of the Dakar rally, Walter was forced to employ evasive maneuvers to avoid a wild turkey (yes, a turkey. Don’t ask), putting his Nash S-F through several houses in an African village in the process.

So when eager racing fan and Walter’s son Charlie approached him to enter a CSM-backed team in the prestigious Automation Sunday Cup, Walter answered with “you can race anything you like, so as long as it doesn’t come from our production lines”. Lord have mercy on this fool, trying to prove Daddy wrong when he’s already more than a few screws loose…




The One and Only Kid

I am selling The One and Only “Kid” from the famous movie “Day Rider”. This is your very rare chance to get The One and Only “Kid”. The car is in perfect condition because it was parked in my private garage for the last 10 years. I guarantee you will love the brutal sound of the massive 3.7L V6. The intense acceleration and incredible lateral G’s will give you an outstanding race car experience wherever you want. It doesn’t matter if you want to speed up on the highway, prove your driving skills on famous race tracks, or cruise around your city - there are no boundaries. Thanks to the mid engine and the long range 4-speed gearbox, you can reach n 30s speeds no ordinary car could keep up with. Nothing can stop you with The One and Only “Kid”. So don’t miss your chance! Grab your phone and call me now!

Just 9002 $


LSV - Knight F Turbo

Not potato pictures:

I might add some text later.


Team Dock Tower

All the way from Grimsby England are Team Dock Tower. We have a passion for old crap cars and maxing them to their limits. With little racing experience we hope to be a laugh.

Driver - Luke ‘Impossible’ Prior
Mechanic - Corey Shird
Backup Driver - Sajed Gnedi


I want one of this!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :blush: :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::star_struck::star_struck::upside_down_face::upside_down_face::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue::scream::scream::star_struck::star_struck:


Two Old LLA’s For Sale

Both are old '82 LLA Comet Ti’s, a small sports car produced from 1982 to 1986. It had a 2.0 4 Cyl engine producing 115 Bhp. This was mounted in the middle of the car, driving the rear wheels.

Both for sale are of the same year. There is a beige car with 167K miles on the clock. This has some mould in the interior and the seals on the T-Top roof leak. However the mechanical’s of the car are all great with a smooth gearbox and new bushings on all corners meaning the handling isn’t the worst, may need new shocks though. The other isn’t pictured, but is in electric blue, The interior is in slightly better condition however still suffers from the T-Top leak (a common problem on the first gen comets). Other than that small issue is pretty much in the same condition as the other car.

Due to the condition of both vehicles we are willing to sell them for $7500 each (or best offer) We even will throw in a set of new tyres if wanted.


Team Beaten Horse

He was the son of the driver of the infamous #50 car in the 1966 BRC, that car being a modified Rado Communt/Sofa 1100. He never participated in his fathers mid 90s attempt to join the group racing across europe, and so would never see his father again after the plane took off that day. But he’s decided to honor his legacy by joining the Sunday Cup.

Driver Name: Scott Wilford


Rare 1995 Mitsushita Boarilla GTi For Sale

1995 Mitsushita Boarilla GTi

I’m selling my dad’s old Boarilla here since he stopped driving. It’s a GOLD 1995 model with 101,700km on the clock but still drives like new. Might be slightly ropey on the outside and the inside but I must say the motor is an absolute peach of a powerplant. It comes with the world famous 4AT0-FU20 motor also known as Torqueless Wonder, breathing naturally and screaming like a sumbitch, powering the front wheel through slick gearbox. It’s 145 factory horsepower is easily good for more with a few tweaks and being light like a feather this thing flies. I’ll let it go for $8,462. Very reasonable price for such a rare sporty motor right?


1995 Matteo Miglia Excelsior Rosso Corsa - 8715$A

Regretful sale. 3rd kid is on the way and my baby only has 4 seats.
210hp, manual and drives very nice, as Matteo Miglia drivers would know.
Owned since new, 45000 miles, always garaged. Full service log.
Back seats may have some wear (baby seat) and stains (kids) but otherwise runs no problem.

Can’t budge on price, would consider trading for a wagon or 5 seater.

Serious buyers only call me during office hours +61 4 **** ****.


Why does your odo read in miles if your phone number is in Australia?


Could be an import :stuck_out_tongue:


because I don’t have time to look up a different international code :stuck_out_tongue: bad for immersion, I know!


Team Fundae Cup

just a few guys being dudes.


James “Bugsy” Malone

D’Angelo “Double D” Duncan

Reginald “The Funk” Fredricks


And, we found that ad on the street.


@Chickenbiscuit can you add my cars to the list, please?


Sorry there are some others not added yet too. I’ll get to them soon :slightly_smiling_face:



Year: 1996
Transmission: Manual 5 speeds
Price: 9998$

I sell a (wonderful?) Cabart-Danneville Tania with the turbo “6 cylinders”. The last owner said it has “an active sport suspension, only the I6 Turbo has this”, but I don’t know what is it. He also said it’s a FWD, I don’t know what does it change either…
But this car is very comfortable and fast ( I made 140 km/h on the highway, then my wife shouted at me: " I’M PREGNANT JASON, CALM DOWN OR I DIVORCE), and the cream colored leather interior is like it’s brand new.
I don’t know what to say more about this car, this is comfortable yeah…It sounds cool… But my wife said the engine is too loud and she also said she will divorce if the car isn’t more quieter.

Oh and yes, I have it since 2 weeks only, I sell it because I didn’t see nothing is aligned or centred on this car, I think the designer was a doggo who has autism.

Please buy, my wife want to divorce since she saw the front grill…
And yeah, womens doesn’t like it.


Well we might as well get this in now.

Team ‘Southend Or Bust’…Circa 1998

That’s right, it’s an alternative universe version of the boys made famous in The (Kinda) Grand Your and other such challenges from VicVictory.

  • James Hurley - 20 year old actually named after the Twin Peaks character by his mother, and not even for a joke. He’s still trying to wrap his head around the series, despite watching it on VHS for the third time. In this AU, he’s a dedicated lover of Oasis, Kate Moss and Stellar Artois cans, in roughly that order.

  • Seb Anitolo - 19 year old Spanish guy from Guadalajara studying abroad via this new thing called ERASMUS, provided courtesy of the “European Union” which he’s still trying to get his head around. He’s got his Reebok’s, bootcut jeans and his fringe has curtains, because while he hates to admit it, Leonardo DiCaprio in Bax Luhrman’s Romeo + Juliet is his idol.

  • Martin Deenham - 20 year old with a not-so-secret love of this weird band from near Oxford called ‘Radiohead’. His friends think he’s mad for going on about computers being the end of us all, but he’s throughly convinced. On a more political note, he’s a proper “Things Can Only Get Better” New Labour supporter, repping that Blarite support wherever he can. Because it’s 1998 and all.