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Automation Touring Car Championship REBORN - Season 1 | Race 8 (Imola) Results!


erm, i started with a street car, and look where i ended up.

but yes, alu block is inferior when AlSi is available and if you are given the option of 2.0L USE IT


Sabres solution is simple.
Scrap all things related to the project and burn all memory and mention of the disaster and fire all the engineers who contributed to the car and hope the fear of job loss can make next seasons engineers build a competitive car


Thanks for all the congratulations and the wonderful award ceremony! :smiley:

Special thanks to @DeusExMackia for running the challenge, of course. It was graphically consistently beautiful and really brought together by the race descriptions. It did feel like a real racing season.

Though I managed to stay ahead consistently, the gap was never really big enough to let me feel at ease, so high fives to @AirJordan and @gridghost (and a thorough blast of champagne) for a good fight. Also, can’t leave the rest of the field unmentioned, because there was some great racing throughout.

Looking forward to next season. I do hope I’ll have the time to take part, if not I’ll certainly be a regular reader. :slight_smile: