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Automation Touring Car Championship REBORN - Season 1 | Race 8 (Imola) Results!


You got it easy, bud. I have to build them from scratch :frowning:

Also will join if I get back from work in good time… probably 3 weeks left. Or so…


Can the race car have different panels from the other two trims? @DeusExMackia


@doncornaldie No. I will be checking this by loading all trims too


Ok cool.


Oh, this looks awesome!

I shall begin preparing a Maesima Prova…hmmm or should I enter a touring version of the Sachiuri sL200?


If I remember correctly, the sL200 is a Lexus IS-ish car, and the Altezza touring car was freakin sexy… so GIMME! :grinning:


Should all the cars be front-engined? Some of the bodies support mid and rear even if they aren’t coupes.

EDIT: scratch this, no non-2 door vehicle supports MR in the last 20 years!


In that case is anyone interested in using a Maesima and/or Sachiuri as a base?

We’re only allowed one team/car per person right @DeusExMackia?


@Rk38 Basically yeah. One car per team and a person is only allowed to be part of one team. But, you are allowed to offer your base car for other people to use to as many as you like.


#Without further ado…
I think we’ve now adjusted the rules sufficiently enough that any initial issues have been cleared and we’re good to open to entrants now. If anyone has any further suggestions or edits, just say, and of course ask any questions you like and I’ll answer them as best as possible!

Otherwise, you’ve got two weeks to send in your cars! :smiley:

##Dealine: 11:59 PM (GMT), Wednesday 31st May 2017

Make sure to read through the rules again if you haven’t already, and here’s a list of all the changes that have been made:

  • Changed gearbox regulations to Single Clutch Sequential
  • Clarified that drivetype and not transmission type needs to be the same
  • Added different Power to Weight Ratios for FWD and RWD cars to balance the field
  • Added a No Negative Quality Sliders rule
  • Added 20 year body age limit
  • Banned coupes from entering,
  • Changed Brands Hatch GP to Indy as the GP circuit doesn’t have an elevation profile
  • Changed track time used to flying lap times to negate RWD start bonus


The Scarab Eruption R-spec is ready to take on the competition :wink: (finetuning is optional)

look at what you had me do, instead of doing something, you know, important


Big change in plans for me, Cavallera factory team won’t be entering in round 1! :grinning:


…then who will be? :open_mouth:

Also @gridghost that thing looks SWEET!


Although I have exams looming, I will join!..this wont help my work though…rip


I have exams myself. We’re all in this together. Motorsport > Education.


JHW Motor Racing Technologies is gonna bring the PAIN


Cavallera will be back as themselves in round 2, but for now I’ll be bringing a privateer team :wink:



@ramthecowy :smiley:

@JohnWaldock I’ll hold you to account over that :wink:


Maybe it’s a weird question, but… does the engine have to be from a family used in the same model? I’d like to enter sth that doesn’t have a suitable I4 in offer, but I’d still prefer to use my own engine :slight_smile:


Engine can be from anywhere. If you want to keep your lore intact, then use the supplied engine.