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#1974 Lepus Octans Rally Group 4

Price: Anything Above 50k USD
Year: 1974
Make: Lepus Automotive
Model: Octans
Trim: Group 4 Rally Spec.
Kilometers/Mileage: Unknown, Odo was removed
Body Type: 2 door Coupe
Transmission: 5 speed Manual.
Colour: Base coat Silver, some livery fade.
Drivetrain: Rear Wheels are Driven
No. of Seats: 2
Engine Type: 3L inline 6
Location: Sveg, Sweden
This is a 1974 Lepus Octans, this specific one was run in the Finnish rally in 1974, before being sent over to my father a few weeks after. He mostly used it for, uh, local rallies and such, and has been very well taken care of. I inherited this car in 1988, and have used it for rallies in Norway, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Finland, and Poland. Sadly I didn’t win anything, but we’ve finally decided that now is the time to move on from the Octans, and on to something more. We’ll be willing to ship anywhere in Europe or to the US. Just flick us a message here, and we’ll begin talks, Thanks!


Rare Gem of the Orient for sale.

Asking Price: 168,216 Yen (Approx. $1,500 US)
Year: 1981
Make: Sosumi
Model: Tanto
Trim: I201
Odometer: 149,622 kilometers
Body Type: 2 door hatchback
Color: Olive
Engine: 1.4L inline 4 OHV 1bbl
Transmission: 4 speed manual
Drivetrain: FF
Seats: 4
Doors: 3
Fuel Economy: 13.78 km/l
Location: Osaka, Japan
Description: You are looking at a rare 1981 Sosumi Tanto, originally conceived as a joint venture between Sosumi Motors and Petoskey Motor Corporation. The rarity of these cars was augmented in 1985 when the cars were revealed to have actually been illegally imported into Japan from the United States rather than being produced domestically. Despite the difficulty, this car has been meticulously maintained making use of parts ordered and shipped in from the United States as few service outlets in Japan carry the necessary parts. While numerous Petoskey Ace subcompacts are still on the road today, there are very few Sosumi Tantos on the road due to rare access to parts and the fact that most have been seized by the government. The car itself is a small, capable hatchback which enjoys good fuel efficiency and reliability. General repair and maintenance costs are on the low side with the exception of import fees. Don’t miss out on your chance to own a rare and obscure piece of automotive history.

Story of the Sosumi Tanto and it’s controversial nature can be found on the Petoskey Motors page.


#1997 EADC Vole GTi

Price: £1,277

Year: 1997

Make: EADC

Model: Vole

Trim: GTi

Kilometers/Mileage: 349,302 miles

Body Type: Hatchback

Transmission: 5 Speed Manual

Colour: White

Drivetrain: RWD

No. of Seats:5

Engine Type: i4

Location: London, England

Description: A 1997 EADC Vole GTi for sale. An absolute classic EADC car from the late 90’s (the Rally Spec of this car won the WRC twice). This model is almost completely stock. The wheels have been changed to fit larger rims for the new brakes, and the engine has been given some new aftermarket parts to improve performance. Interior is clean, but could do with some TLC. The car also has a full service history and recently passed it’s MOT, although it was noted that there were some electrical issues with the radio and the blower. Asking for £1,277, call at 020 7946 0795 (dont worry its not a real number https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fictitious_telephone_number)


Pristine Wilson Astral for sale

Price: $5,500
Year: 2003
Make: Wilson
Model: Astral
Trim: EX-R
Mileage: 124,758 miles
Body Type: Minivan
Transmission: 5-speed automatic
Color: Red
Drivetrain: FF
No. of Seats: 7
No. of Doors: 5
Engine Type: V6
Engine Displacement: 2997 cc
Fuel Economy: 15.6 mpg
Location: San Francisco, California

Description: I have a good condition 2003 Wilson Astral for sale. This specific Astral was owned by a soccer mom before I bought it in 2013 for $10,000. I have kept the car in good condition since. This car has been maintained well at Wilson dealerships since it was purchased by the original owner in 2003. MPG isn’t that good, but it only requires regular fuel. May be interested in trading a late 80’s to early 90’s sports car to work on. If you are in the area, please take a look at it, you won’t regret it.


For sale: 1998 AMC Airacobra RL FWD $2,350 OBO

Solid body and interior. Engine runs, but has a blown headgasket and a worn cams. Gearbox is fine.
Needs work but saveable. 4 owners, have to sell it cuz I can’t afford the repairs. 184,000mls
No lowballers pls.

Make: AMC
Model: Airacobra
Trim: RL
Engine: 3.8L V6
Power: 260hp
Gearbox: Automatic
Driven wheels: Front
Mileage: 184,000
Seats: 4
A/C: Yes
Price: $2,350CAN
Service History: No
Title: Clean

AMCC - UE4 revival

Wilson Dynamo in Good Condition

Price: £1,961 (US$2,411) OBO
Year: 1998
Make: Wilson
Model: Dynamo
Trim: LXi
Mileage: 96,457
Body Type: 4-door sedan
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Color: Green
Drivetrain: FF
No. of Seats: 5
No. of Doors: 4
Engine Type: I4
Engine Displacement: 1497 cc
Power: 94 hp
Fuel Economy: 34.5 MPG (US)/41.3 MPG (UK)
Location: London, England

Description: You are looking at a well cared for '98 Dynamo LXi. I bought this car brand new at a Wilson dealership in October 1997 and have cared for it well since. It is a 5 speed with Wilson E-Drive. Asking £1961 OBO. Please take a look at this pristine example of Wilson engineering.


For Sale: 1999 Orbit Badger GLX

Price: $1,100 CAD
Year: 1999
Make: Orbit
Model: Badger
Trim: GLX
Mileage: 527,094 km (probably incorrect)
Body Type: 4-door sedan
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Color: Blue
Drivetrain: FR
No. of Seats: 5
No. of Doors: 4
Engine Type: I3
Engine Displacement: 1291 cc
Power: 61 hp
Fuel Economy: 11.11 l/100 km
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Description: This is a 1999 Orbit Badger GLX imported from Utadar. A classic example of Utadarian engineering, the Badger GLX has a 61 hp 1.3L I3, seating for 5, a 5-speed manual, and has stood the test of time, with over 500,000 km on the clock, for only $1,100! If you’re in the Vancouver area, check it out!



Mileage:0kms, 0M
Body Type:Coupe
Color:DSD Color Catalog or special order House of Kolor
Drivetrain:Front Engine RWD
No. of Seats:2
No. of Doors:2
Engine Type:v8 cp
Engine Displacement:5550cc
Fuel Economy:17.45L/100KM. 13.5MPG (US). 16.2MPG (UK)
Location: WORLDWIDE from DSD dealers

Description: Brand new Saratoga type R. A revolutionary sports car designed to perform and to cruise with the family. A powerful v8 engine drives the rear wheels. Factory equipment includes Magnesium Wheels, Active cooling and Aero, 2 red deer leather trimmed sports seats, blue tooth radio, Launch control, Adaptive suspension, 7sp manual gearbox, Day time running led lights.



Price: $100,000 OBO
Year: 1964
Make: Wilson
Model: Drake
Trim: 447
Mileage: 12,570 mi
Body Type: 4-door sedan
Transmission: 6-speed automatic
Color: Blue
Drivetrain: FR
No. of Seats: 6
No. of Doors: 4
Engine Type: V8
Engine Displacement: 7326 cc
Power: 469 hp
Fuel Economy: 9 mpg
Location: Compton, California

Description: yo sup homiez young og gangsta in da house i be sellin dis six fo that i dropped 200 g’s on when i be startin my rap career dawg it got custom engine custom rims custom everythin plus it got SUBZZZ yo so if you be livin up in compton go buy this whip yo WESTSIDE!!!


#MBS Vole Mk3 RT

Price: £195,000 (OBO)

Year: 1985

Make: MBS

Model: MBS Vole Mk3

Trim: RT (Rally Homologation)

Mileage: 21,795 miles

Body Type: Hatchback

Transmission: 5 Speed Manual

Colour: MBS Rally Blue

Drivetrain: 50/50 AWD

No. of Seats: 2

Engine Type: NA 2.8L V8

Location: Wiltshire, England

Description: A 1985 MBS Vole Mk3 RT (Rally Homologation). A very rare car, only 200 were made, due to the homologation rules of Group B rally. HEAVY mechanical restoration work needed. Engine need lots of work: 3 of 8 piston heads need replacing, conrods need replacing, radiator is missing, lots of electrical work needed and fuel lines need connecting. Brakes are rusty, need replacing, interior okay shape, needs some TLC. No damaged to fibreglass paneling, and suspension is working. Have to sell since I can no longer restore it. Would love to see it run again.

2017 Automation Geneva International Motor Show

For Sale: 2005 Kramer K5 Spider 5.0

Price: $40,000 (OBO)
Year: 2005
Make: Kramer
Model: K5
Trim: Spider 5.0
Mileage: 6,000 Miles
Body Type: Convertible
Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
Colour: Flame Red
Drivetrain: Rear-Wheel-Drive
Number of Seats: 4
Engine Type: NA 5.0L V8
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

1 owner, 6,000 miles, in mint condition and finished in Flame Red with Tan interior. Offered for sale in Los Angeles, CA for $40,000. With a 450-bhp V8 and six-speed manual transmission, experience the joy of old-school natural aspiration and rear-wheel-drive in this soon-to-be modern classic.

Options on this vehicle included enlarged front brakes with six-piston calipers, six-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters, and adaptive dampers, but the latter two were not fitted to this particular example.


Cool! There’s a 1964 Wilson Drake nearby, just go to post 49.


For Sale: 1986 Cornaldie Automotive Venture

Price: $3000
Year: 1986
Make: Cornaldie Automotive
Model: Venture
Trim: UH
Mileage: 40,000
Body Type: 2 Door SUV
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Color: Yellow
Drivetrain: 4x4
No. of Seats: 2
No. of Doors: 2
Engine Type: I6
Engine Displacement: 2198 cc
Power: 142 hp
Fuel Economy: 20 MPG (UK)
Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica

Description: Like new, Cornaldie Automotive Venture with low mileage. Comes with fully functional locking diff, upward facing side exhaust pipes, spare wheel and all switches functioning. Perfect car for an entry level off-roading enthusiast who wants something a little different and rare.


Modern Classic: 1992 Albury Crusader II 5.7 FHC

Price: A$25,000
Year: 1992
Make: Albury Motors
Model: Crusader II
Trim: 5.7 FHC (Fixed Head Coupe)
Mileage: 100,000 km
Body Type: Coupe
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual
Colour: Bathurst Blue Metallic
Drivertrain: Rear-Wheel Drive
Number of Seats: 2
Engine Type: NA 5.7L V8
Location: Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

Meticulously maintained by three different owners over the course of its life, this Crusader II was originally bought by an enthusiast residing in Melbourne, Victoria, and sold to a collector in Sydney, New South Wales eight years later. In 2010, its current owner purchased the car shortly after moving to the Gold Coast. Despite its high mileage, all components on this car remain in excellent condition. Under the 25-year rule, this example is now eligible for importation into the United States.


might aswell put the ad here i used for the Roulette challenge yes i know it’s another communitasia


reminds me a lot of the lada


Price: 89,999.99 USD
Year: 1996
Make: Riesling
Model: Fastback
Trim: AWD
Kilometres/Mileage: 60,000 miles
Body Type: Coupe
Transmission: 6-speed manual single clutch
Colour: Pearl
Drivetrain: All Wheel Drive
No. of Seats: 2 seats
Engine Type: Twin Turbo 8.9 litre V12
Location: Kessler, Dallas, TX, USA

The Riesling Fastback was an extremely powerful coupe with the guts to intrigue Chuck Norris and the looks to impress Chuck Norris. In fact, this was a car once owned by Chuck Norris, until it broke down after a joyride.

This particular Fastback was dailied by a rich business owner who was looking to turn heads with his car and the noise it made. Now, it is under the ownership of a collector in Kessler.
It was not driven to its 214 mph, 3.2-second limit, unlike Chuck’s, so it only needed occasional servicing like any other car, even with 60,000 miles in the books.

This amazingly fast snippet of history could be yours for the low, low price of 89,999.99 US dollars. At its debut, the 1996 Fastback was sold at 200,000 USD, which, in today’s money, is over 300,000 US dollars!
What a bargain!


Thanks! Looks good by the way


Price: 30 000 USD
Year: 1955
Make: Sundets Bilar
Model: S-PB
Trim: 311 V8
Kilometres/Mileage: 20 000 miles
Body Type: Coupe
Transmission: 2-speed “A-VXL” automatic
Colour: Black
Drivetrain: RWD
No. of Seats: 4 seats
Engine Type: 5.1L twin carb V8.
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden.

A pristine condition 1955 S-PB 311 by Sundets Bilar. Has the horrid A-VXL two speed automatic (RARE!!) and interior is pristine. Base model with no radio and no power steering. Purchased for 11000 USD (today’s money) back in 1956 by my grandfather. He says he drove it only for a while and then stored it in his garage because he hated the horrible and slow 2-speed automatic and he hated driving it during the summer because it lacked ventilation.

Selling for 30 000 USD. S-PB 311 with the A-VXL two speed is very rare!! Only a few were sold. All original parts, everything in working condition. 265HP V8. Should reach around 9 US MPG / 11 UK MPG on average.


Selling a very rare RHD FATI.

Price: £1,200
Year: 1972
Make: FATI
Model: 750
Trim: Standard
Kilometers/Mileage: 71,000km
Body Type: 2-door Hatchback.
Transmission: 3 speed manual
Colour: Red
Drivetrain: FWD
No. of Seats: 4
Engine Type: 750cc 3 cylinder 27.8hp
Location: Derbyshire, UK.

I’m selling an automotive icon. 1972 FATI. First year of production, Italian made. This is not a later Polish one. This example was originally sold here, and thus is a very rare Right Hand Driven model.

I’ve purchased this car three years ago from a guy in academic career. Probably a professor of Socialist Ideology or something. He owned the thing for 20 years.

I’ve done a few things to it. 750cc engine has been rebuilt. The electronics have been done, so it’s working brilliantly. This is very economical with a new carb. It’s indicating 71,000km but it is 5 digits odometer. Standard equipment includes windows that open, 4 wheels, indicators that do left and right, and most crucially, Italian made heater, which basically says it doesn’t work.

These thing rips tarmac, man. 0-62mph in 27 seconds. Top speed is around 72mph. I’ve never done that, obviously. It barely reach 60 in the real world. A famous British writer once said of this type of FATI as “Catastrophically lethargic”. I believe these were the cheapest car available in 1972.

Would be suitable for any collectors out there.