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BRC: 1970 Nürburgring 24h [BONUS]


I’m so far away that you wouldn’t see me with the Hubble telescope…


I bet you will not come in last place, Jaimz.


Could someone (or a couple of someones :wink: ) post how the qualifying lap times stack to the raw “perfect” lap times from the Automation’s simulation? Are those vaguely similar? Or is there a big difference?


Its hard to compare the two, Automation test times are done from a stand-still, whereas the best qualifying laps are driven when the car is at speed. So there will be a big difference between the two. There is also a bit of RNG at play during each lap, so the times are always slightly different per lap in the simulation compared to the ingame test track.


I know. I just was a bit late to submit anything, but might be fun for me to still design something and compare it to competing designs. Not much else I could do at this stage :man_shrugging:


Regarding comparability I can say is that the simulation core is the same in Automation and the BRC, as I programmed both of them. There are minor deviation mostly coming from not all parameters being easily accessible outside the game. But since the resurrection of the BRC with the British Rivals challenge I also introduced some “tuning” factors (mostly affecting cornering, as that is currently the source of most of the deviation) which I use to align the BRC times with the Automation times even more.

The process is that I take the Automation times and compare them against the BRC times without any fuel weight, tire wear and random effects. In that way I can easily achieve lap time differences in a very low +/- 0.x % range.


Qualifying Results: Google Sheets Edition

If the scrolling text in the video went a bit to fast or were a bit too chaotic for you, I’ve taken some time to organize all the results into an Excel/Google Sheet. Along with some additional information, such as gap to group leader and gap to class leader and Color-coded tirewear to show the severity compared to other cars.

There are additional pages showing the Groups/Classes seperate from the Overall results, so that you can see how well your car performs compared to others in your Group/Class.

You can view it HERE

Good luck to everyone, I’ll see you on race day :checkered_flag: :racing_car:


P3! Aw yeeeaah. But the race will probably be hell lol.


:red_circle: Race recording has started

After a first successful 24h simulation during last night and fixing some issues with the finishing procedures, the race is now being recorded. Let’s hope that it will make it to the end - and that my hard drive is large enough :slight_smile:
If everything is going as planned, it is possible that race day is from Saturday to Sunday!

Already almost 2 hours into the race now!


We have white smoke :cloud:

The race recording has been finished successfully, just the program decided to exit before showing the race statistics. I’ll let you know when the video will be on!


oooooohhhhhh snap :smiley:
Seen the qually and damn I should have put in MOAAAAAR PHOWWER. Cant wait. Oh those engine sounds got me so excited!
@CriticalSet9849 what a piece! Low dificulty low tyre deg best times… what a FF magic!


:checkered_flag: Race Announcement

The race will start on Saturday, 3:30 p.m. CEST.

Edit: The video was removed from Youtube, because it is too long. Why don’t they check it before they process it? I’m working on an alternative split into 3 videos.


:left_speech_bubble: Please use Youtube’s livechat function for your text comments - by doing so you make sure that other people watching the race later can still read them synchronized to the video. Thanks!

Group overviews


Race Links


:left_speech_bubble: Please use Youtube’s livechat function for your text comments - by doing so you make sure that other people watching the race later can still read them synchronized to the video. Thanks!

:left_speech_bubble: There won’t be live commentary this time. If you want to talk to others during the race, please go to the BRC-Livechat channel on the official Automation Discord server.

Part I (starting on Saturday, October 24, 3:30 p.m. CEST):

Part II (starting on Sunday, October 25, 1:30 a.m. CEST):

Part III (starting on Sunday, October 25, 11:30 a.m. CEST):

Edit: :clock3: I have forgotten that from Saturday to Sunday we will have the shift to winter time here in Germany - the clock will be set from 3 a.m. to 2 a.m., so the night will be 1 hour longer. That means that Part 3 will start and the race will end “an hour earlier”. I’ll check on Sunday morning if Youtube has got it right.


BRC 1970 Music Playlist.

With some help from @Marv666 and @thecarlover I was able to put together a 24-hour (plus one song, for the ending) playlist for this Historic event. (Both IRL, and in Automation, as I believe this is the biggest ever community event)

The list below contains popular music from ~1955-1970. both Woodstock Rock and the Motown Soul scene should be well covered, along with some of the Billboard Year-End Hot 100 singles of 1970. I’ve tried to shuffle everything, so the order might be a bit wacky, but (most) of it should be good.

The Starting song and Ending song do deviate from the Era a bit, but I wanted to put these in just because I think they fit the atmosphere of the Race rather well.

Bonus points if it actually Rains during any of the songs with Rain in the title…

Because The Playlist is 24 hours + 1 song long, it is recommended that you start it as soon as the race timer starts counting down.

Sorry for all the youtubers out there, due to time constraints, I won’t be able to compile a second playlist on youtube. :frowning: Anyways, good luck and have fun to all the contestants out there, I’ll be heading to the Discord Livechat and I hope to see you there :smiley:


Acheron make the last preparations to the new Naruto-powered Supervisor SRE racing car, just mere minutes before the race. Having done exceptionally well in their group during their qualifying session, they feel very confident about the next 24 hours.


After suddenly experiencing devastating issues related to off ignition timing, the #47 car has fallen back far and things look dire for the Acheron team - but as night falls and Jenn Harris takes the wheel, her vengeance takes hold - she’s going to give it a damn good shot at getting the Supervisor SRE back up to the top of its class… and the fiery-spirited young girl drives better at night.
…the WD-40 should keep the wires nice and cool.
EDIT: the WD didn’t fuckin work lol


Just wondering, but will there be a list of errors/issues when it’s over with for those that missed it? I stepped away for about 2ish hours & noticed that something happened to me that took me from around P37-38 -3 laps to P66 -9 laps


Sorry about the current issue with only SD being available in the Part 2 stream (thank Youtube for that, it had plenty of time to process the video, but didn’t). Let’s say we had a foggy night :smiley:

Part 3 won’t have these problems, this is already fully processed.

Unfortunately not, the program crashed during the export of the race log and I don’t have the data available. There will be a shorter version of the race though to quickly reconstruct what happened.


With just over 4 hours left in the race the #16 car comes screeching into the pits.

BRC officials immediately approach the car. This is the 34th stop of the race for a car running in the high 30s overall and around 15th in the Group 4 Open class.

BRC Official: Mr. Linardo, I’m afraid you’re going to have to call it a race.
K. Linardo: Are you kidding? The reliability and safety we built into this is just starting to pay off. We’ve had a consistent pace when it’s not wrecked, and the rain seems to help our fuel economy. That last incident on track didn’t hurt anyone but us!
BRC Official: It’s not your on-track conduct or performance that’s the issue. The problem is that we’ve figured that you’ve used something like 2.4 Metric Tons of fuel at this point. If you keep this up we can’t continue to fuel the remaining competitors’ cars and there isn’t enough time left in the race to get more tankers on the way.
K. Linardo: This sounds more like a logistical issue on your end than an infraction on my end!
BRC Official: Do you even understand how much 2,400 Kg of fuel is?!? Let alone needing that much fuel on hand for ONE car to run less than 20 hours!
K. Linardo: Maybe if you measured gasoline by volume instead of mass, I would. Would it kill you to use freedom units?
BRC Official: angry German noises

Rumor has it the ensuing argument over the metric system lasted longer than the remaining race.

While I find it unfortunate that I was the victim of a bug, I’m still going to to use this opportunity to give major kudos to @Der_Bayer. This is a massive simulation that he maintains in his free time. I’d rather see my entry create a hole in the Ozone directly over the Nurburgring for part of the race than not at all. Best of luck to everyone still in it.


Good lord all the drama is happening after the chequered flag, how many cars is that crashing out on the final lap? :joy: