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BRC: 1970 Nürburgring 24h [BONUS]


Was the previous strategy deadline for both races or is there time to change anything for Sunday’s one?


It was for both races. I recorded both videos already, sorry.


Wow, these new features sound brilliant. I had played some Motorsport Manager recently and got a bit bored, but these events seem like they satisfy that same interest while having way more depth to the actual car design portion.

I’m mostly joking when I point this out, but fans of Motorsport Manager have been craving a sequel, and aren’t likely to get one, aside from perhaps an F1 manager by a different developer. If automation included a racing/management side of gameplay, it might actually be in a good place in the market. But I, like many others, am probably dreaming when imagining such a thing being developed officially.

Thanks for the response! I look forward to seeing what comes next.


Yes yes yes yes yes…I’m a fan.


Hey, a class win is not half bad indeed! I forgot to send in a proper strategy too, so it’s a little surprising that my car was able to beat the FWD class leader.


Bonus Race 2 Results

Here are the results of the 2nd bonus race:

BRC70_Clermont-Ferrand_Results.zip (92.6 KB)

That wraps this challenge up! Thank you all for participating and for your feedback! See you again soon :slight_smile:


Awesome stuff! Gained 10+ placese due to superior race pace. Congrats to tier winners!

Why has my car #32 ran 10kg of fuel extra all the time? I did strategy with a lap or two less that ful tank milage and I thought that would make sense car will take that much less fuel in, no?