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BRC: 1970 Nürburgring 24h [CLOSED - QUALIFYING]

  1. Fuel and tires will be done simultaneously.
  2. I though I already had that in the list… sorry. I planned with 120 s (± 10 seconds) per tire change (no professional equipment/team, no central rim locking) - I think this is still on the fast side of what you can do.
  3. no, doesn’t make sense anyway (refuelling shorter than tire changes)

Additional information:

  • driver swaps will take 60 seconds (+/- 5 seconds)
  • I added tire compound to the list of last minute changes you can do after the practice run, in case tire wear is significantly different from what you expected.


how about ((twice ^ twice) ^ twice)?


So fuel only stops can be done… And it would be optimal for your fuel to last either just longer than the tires, or just over half, or just over a third tire life?


This really depends on your car setup (camber, wheelspin, …) and the tire compound you are using. No way I can give an answer to that question.

But I will provide practice results, which you can use to elaborate the best strategy and to optimize your tire wear and fuel consumption.


Homologation Update

I have checked all cars that I have received so far - please let me know if yours is missing. Homologated cars may already be tuned for the race now.

List of Homologated Cars

Note 1: I re-exported all pictures, as I needed to re-align a few things because of too long names here and there.
Note 2: Please join Group 3 :wink:


> Behold the mobile chicane!


the marameo Is listed as inline, but was a v6 no biggie, maybe that why the score is weird, some sort of engine conflict?


…Is it too late to ask about reduced engine cooling?


this is probably a longshot, but could we for example change only rear tires in every other stop for tires? i expect my fronts to not really need a change as often as the rears, so it would be good to be able to just change rears


Probably just a typo from my side, will check later.

I’d recommend not to do that.

No, that’s not going to happen. I’ve got a few other more significant things on my to do list.


you’d recommend not but is that a hard rule? I went slightly excessive on cooling and think I can reduce it without much hit to reliability.


Where exactly are we supposed to send you the .car files?


Lowering engine cooling, while reducing drag, would also reduce reliability. This, in theory, could significantly influence the chances of the car breaking down. Hence, not recommended.



one single entry per player


Usually not recommended but in my case I believe it would be worth it because I sent the homoligation car with extra cooling for some reason, the reliability reduction in going from 60 to 50 cooling isn’t that significant of a hit.


Would it be possible to make a exception to the one entry per player rule if the 2nd entry is to help fill a Group (such as Group 3), or is that rule because of limitations in the software?


How is brake wear applied? Do they cool down on long straights/during pitstops? Is it a long, relentless march to zero over the endurance race?


Is the vehicle weight adjusted every lap for the fuel spent? Do they have to “fill up” every time if it does not make sense, like for the last two laps at the end of the race when they need much less fuel to complete, or if a full tank gives 20 laps, but the tires only last for 18?


@Der_Bayer, the race rules state that “Tyre compound and width” can be changed on the race version of the homologated car, but can I change tyre type as well?

My car was designed to fit within the rules for Round 4 of Generations II which required me, as a US based car builder, to use cross-ply tyres until 1972 (Technically 1971, but I digress, hahaha).

The car is re-shod in radials for 1972 and I’d love to use the Nurburgring 24hr as the lore for the development process behind the Radial tyred MY1972 models… I’m fine with either outcome (yay or nay), I just would like some clarity on whether it’s legal or not!

:wink: I can do it anyway, if you’d like some controversy :wink:



You have to stick with what you did to your homologated car.

Click my name and then “Message”, drag the .car file into the message field.

No exceptions.

I haven’t implemented this yet. I probably won’t go for a fully simulated system with cooling down on the straights, but rather have a distance based system with modifiers depending the in-game sportiness brake fade value and the excess brake force (more excess brake force means less wear as you need to apply less pressure).

The vehicle weight is adjusted in every simulation time step (0.015 s). Cars will be filled up depending on your strategy:

  • Option 1: tell me how many laps you want to go between fuel stops, the car will be filled up accordingly
  • Option 2: always fill up completely and see how far the car will go (the option for the lazy people).

I’d like to spend time to check if the last minute splash-and-dash works properly, so you don’t get a full refuel just a few minutes before end of the race, but I am currently spending way too much time answering questions covered by the “if it is not mentioned it is not allowed to be changed” rule (I’m not talking about you here). This is eating away my programming time.

Go for it. You are the only one crazy enough to submit a car on cross-ply anyway :smiley: