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British Rivals: Comeback [END]


R1 & R2 Summary

I hope you enjoyed today’s race stream! Please let us know about the quality and how it was for you following the races. Special thanks to @Pyrlix and @NormanVauxhall for the commentary!

Technical Issues

Unfortunately, my screen recording did not work as intended - it did not record the images of the BRC window - that means no Youtube video of Race 1 & 2. :sob: I’ll probably have to make a podcast out of it…

Race Results


Brands Hatch

Championship Standings

Race Logs and Statistics

Rivals_E12.zip (24.0 KB)


I guess there’s something to be said about the consistency of my car, even if it’s not that high in the standings.


Even though I’ve got no horse in this race, that was pretty fun to watch!


my car seems to be terrible but consistently so… probrably cause the engine is a tad underpowered for the actual car.


I added a .zip file to the race results post above, containing various statistics, all lap times, gaps, positions each lap and the full race logs. This should help to reconstruct the race in case you have missed yesterday’s live stream.

Sorry again for the unsuccessful race recording. Won’t happen again! Hopefully the issue will be resolved by recording the whole screen and not only the BRC app…


Alternative Race 1.1 Video

Again sorry for double post, but for those who missed yesterday’s stream with the non-usable recording (not even podcast is working as my voice is missing) I simulated and uploaded another race using the same starting grid to YouTube (without commentary though). Watch to get into the mood for the upcoming race streams (the alternative verisons for the other 3 races will come in the following days on my YouTube channel and won’t be announced here).

Please don’t discuss the alternative races here in this thread, as yesterday’s results of course still count. Please use Discord and/or YouTube comments instead. Thanks!

I’ll try to get the recording to work reliably for the next live stream. Sorry again for the issues.


For several years, literally, I have been coming back to this forum every few weeks or months hoping to see these 3 letters.

Automation is an amazing game, but there’s life and family and so much work. I came back for a spell when the BeamNG link dropped (great stuff, hat off to everybody involved) but faded away again.

And now this. I was thinking about asking you to send me an email if/when you were planning to have another go at BRC. Literally send an SMS to my phone or something. Maybe I should have, because I’m clearly too late for the party.

Hey @phale, you’re in my spot! :slight_smile:

Glad to see you back at the wheel @Der_Bayer. Also glad to see there’s some of the old guard around. I might not have time to compete for the top but I’ll come along and play in the next one.


Literally me up till late last year when I decided to try other challenges and learn how to design. Look forward to doing battle again


What he said. I’ve never been so excited to watch colored dots zip around on YouTube, and I just watched the entire 2020 Marble League.

I’m scared to see how out of date my current build of Automation is.


I think we need to make a yearly event, like seasons. Even though I’m last I’ve really enjoyed this so far and it’s my first experience.


Click here for Countdown


The 1993 season of the British Rivals series started off with intense racing, a spectacle that we’ve come to expect.

Here are some of the memorable moments of Thruxton and Brands Hatch. There will be continuous coverage as the race weekends continue, as well as recaps from previous races.

that is if I get car files from everyone who entered to make photoshops heehee

The crash on the first weekend at Thruxton. The Morton Koru delivered a significant blow onto the Kadett Dash, which had sustained enough damage to pull it down from 4th to 9th. In contrast, the Koru remained strong the remainder of the race and managed a 2nd place finish.

Canada’s best duelling it out with the MAD Gazelle for 10th place on Race 1 of Brands Hatch. Although the RCM had struggled to secure higher placements at Thruxton, it managed to eke out the Gazelle at Brands Hatch for a top 10 finish. This photo was taken after the Yinzer found itself on it’s roof, rendering it disqualified from the day.

On day 2 at Brands Hatch, the track’s conditions took a turn for the sopping wet. Catastrophic engine failure marred the nascent success of the Kadett Dash, and the weather seemed to respond by pouring rain onto each poor soul on the track. Before this incident, this image was snapped of the Pulsar and Deer and Hunt duking it out for 11th. When conditions worsened, many of the car’s places changed as well - the Pulsar conquered the Deer and Hunt to take 11th place, whilst the Kimura Auriga which had a close relationship with the Adenine Cadence’s rear bumper slipped out of sight, finishing over two seconds behind.


R3 & R4 Summary

I hope you enjoyed today’s race stream! Please let us know about the quality and how it was for you following the races. Special thanks to @Pyrlix and @NormanVauxhall for the commentary!

Technical Issues

Fortunately, my screen recording did work as intended this time. The recordings will probably be uploaded tomorrow. But sorry for all the simulation crashes - I don’t know what caused these, I haven’t changed anything in the code base from last time… Anyway, here are the results:

Race Results


Oulton Park

Championship Standings

Race Logs and Statistics

Race3-4.zip (23.4 KB)


Race Event 3 & 4 Re-Live

Upload finished soon (<1 hour). Crashes (cars and game engine) included! :slight_smile:


Finals Tomorrow

Countdown here


R5 & R6 Summary

Alright, that was the first BRC after a break of 4 years! It was a bunch of fun with many exciting races! The race stream will be released on YouTube tomorrow, as well as the total challenge results will be posted here tomorrow. Although we all know that only racing is important :wink:


Donington Park

Race Logs and Statistics

Rivals_E56.zip (25.2 KB)

Championship Results

Congratulations to the deserved winner and thanks to everybody for joining. It would be great if you can post your thoughts and feedback about all three parts of the challenge!

Cheers and see you at the Nürburgring!


Congrats to @CriticalSet9849 for taking the victory by beating the reverse-grid warrior at his own game :laughing:


I’ve been waiting 4 years to have a shot at winning the BRC and it’s been a hell of a season, you should all be proud of what you’ve made! @phale thanks for making it a tight race for first, your unique tactics have kept things close all season

I wasn’t able to watch the final few races but i was able to listen and @pyrlix @Der_Bayer @NormanVauxhall @KLinardo you all did such a great job! was a nice surprise to hear Kyle in the last stream.

@Der_Bayer you’re an absolute legend for volunteering your own time to bring the BRC back for all of us to enjoy

Can’t wait for you all to see my taillights again in the upcoming 24 hour race :yum:


Race 5 & 6 on YouTube

Yesterday’s race has been uploaded, watch here if you missed it:

Overall Challenge Results

With the three parts done and a weighting of 20/50/30 percent for the three challenges, these are the final results:

Part I: The Eyecatcher

Part II: The Moneymaker

Part III: The Race Winner


Congratulations to all the participants and especially the the winners!


are some of you fine people going to release some of their car files for others to learn and get inspired?