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British Rivals: Comeback [END]

1994 Kimura Auriga Touring Car

The 1994 Auriga platform was adapted into a surprisingly competitive touring car for 1994 - although the engine maintained its humble SOHC roots, the unmistakable 4-cylinder Kimura shriek could be heard from far and wide out on the track. The iconic blue, white, and grey triangular livery was sponsored primarily by Fujisaki, SCH, and Clockwise wheels. The driver, Luka Kuelsonne, was a fresh young face to the sport and hoped to prove himself in the cutthroat racing field.



1994 Bradford Alima G2-R

(this is what happens when you procrastinate)


Deer And Hunt - RUT Racing


Kadett enters the 1994 BRC season with the Dash BRC - driven by Jack Tennant as part of car number #11.

from @Ryan93, @Quotex & @CorsicaUnknown, btw



RCM Atlantic British Touring


Final Deadline in 23 hours

The deadline is approaching! I’m happy that I got a few more race cars by now! I am still missing:

I have not yet received:

This is your last chance :slight_smile:


Morton Koru Touring


MAD Gazelle 2.0 Super Touring Car


1994 Cossack Zelena Touring, driven by Sobiesław Szczupaczewski.


Deadline has passed

The submission deadline has passed and it seems like I got a car from all or almost all participants. Good work there in the end! :slight_smile: Now it’s time to check the cars for any violations of the rules, balance checks and preparing the race streams.

The first cars have arrived in Thruxton already and are doing the installation laps. I’ll keep you updated!


Got worried that I couldn’t see my car…then noticed 3 cars labelled “00”.

Not complaining but could you have a watermark, or disclaimer, saying “Stock photo”. :rofl:


I think those are cars that did not register a number, which you could do in the main post.

I see our number 11 on track, on the fastest straight of the track, I finetuned the transmission with that in mind.



The technical check has been completed! :face_with_monocle:

  • Good news: many cars are built according to the rules
  • Bad news: a few cars aren’t

:wastebasket: Dodos Daimond Racing - @Deska - Reason: VVT

:wastebasket: Brantan Roundhead 2000 Super Touring - @Fletchyboy100 - Reason: Aero Quality

:wastebasket: Armor Valencia Touring Car - @GassTiresandOil - Reason: Aero Quality

:wastebasket: Baltazar Andromeda BRC - @Leonardo9613 - Reason: VVT

:wastebasket: FM Horizon Race - @Jaimz - Reason: Rev Limiter

:wastebasket: Hirochi Exatima TC1 - @nicholasrams774 - Reason: Weight

:wastebasket: Iramitsu Koi Shōri VSR - @ZoomZoomer32 - Reason: Engine Capacity

I am a bit sad, but I have to disqualify these cars. Please double-check your entry for the next BRC to avoid this.

Another note about Engine Cooling
I failed to communicate the effects of the Engine Cooling slider and have received a few entries with settings < 0.5. In order to avoid unwanted sudden engine disassembly (:fire:), I will set all affected sliders to 0.5. This will cost the cars 1-2 tenths of a second, but at least nobody gets hurt.


Well, that was a clusterfuck and a half!


Click here for Countdown

(if nothing goes wrong in the meantime)


That’s a shame. One tiny click back that would take 5 seconds would’ve been enough to get my car back in and in contention for the middle of the pack.


Yes, I know it hurts, but it’s the same in every forum challenge. It is not the host’s responsibility to fix the entries. I don’t want to guess how much time you spent on building your car, but doing a last check would only have taken 1-2 minutes for you - I think that’s not too much to ask for.

I am not keen on checking cars and disqualifying them. I would really like to just download the cars and trust that they are built according to the rules. It is a huge effort to run these challenges and I somewhat feel that the participants should show more respect for that by spending 2 minutes of their time to check their entries. I don’t want discuss necessary fixes with each participant (or almost 25%, as in this challenge) - the more time you spend on the quality check, the less work I have.


@Leonardo9613 - I’d like to say that “I feel your pain”…but you had illegal tech!

I got binned for 100rpm and 2kg which is 5 seconds on an engine reprogrammer and a bag of sugar! :rofl:


Sorry for not following the rules


Livestream Info

Join us on Automation’s Discord server to view the race livestream with commentary!

  • #brc-live for the live stream
  • #brc-livechat for your comments and questions

See you in 25 minutes!