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[BUG] Extreme deformating cars when swapping in V16's


Hello dear Automation Community :smiley:

I am pretty new here and I hope I don’t post this in the wrong forum category. :sweat_smile:
However, I encountered a pretty- interesting V16 related bug.

This week I bought the V16 supporter pack becaues I finally wanted to be able to test V16 cars in Beam.NG (and because I am a liiittle obsessed with engines :slight_smile:), however, yesterday I first made a pretty boring but not bad looking car (sleeper, hehe) with a “simulated” Diesel engine. A I6, tweaked to a power curve, redlining and sounds from a Diesel (because I found out, that I6 do make the nearest diesel sound possible in Automation when tweaked right).

I then wanted to use the same car body and put in a 12.5L V16 and a 1.5L V16 to test them. (The 1.5L V16 puts out astonishing 400hp and I don’t think that’s all I can get out of it, gonna work on it again today!)

However, the designed car with the diesel engine looked something like this (this is the car with a V16 in it after reforming it again, I didn’t take a picture of the I6 one):

Cloning the car and changing the engine to the V16 resulted in this “thing”:

I don’t think the car should look like this after swapping the engine. :sweat_smile:
I just wanted to show this to you, it looks pretty interesting though. :joy:

Have a great day people :blush:


Post it in here: UE4 Open Beta Body + Variant Issues list

It’s a list of body bug issues.
Also, you can upload screenshots directly to the forums without having to put them on an external server. :wink: Like this:

Looks like you’re using the same body style as I was lol Mine was just deformed when I opened it, all versions of this body were :S


Of course I can directly upload pictures, but only one per post :wink:

My Body was deformed after I swapped the engines- after that half an hour later one of my two I6 variants was deformed too lol. I think I will try another body style, maybe that helps :sweat_smile:


You can upload as many pics as you like at one time. Just highlight them all.

Werid though.


Not when you’re a new member I believe…


It took this thread for me to check Steam and realize V16’s were out for 3 WEEKS… WWWWHHHHHYYYY