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Building a "Better" KitCar (Supercar)


That body is super aerodynamic if I’m not mistaken


it is, but it’s also got an ultralong wheelbase and not much room for engine.

My big question is now do I go full strop, go to within a single click of the rules, and submit a car that laps in under 7:03 but has engine reliability of 65, burns 19.97L/100km, or do I back off on that slightly and give it a bit more comfort but add 3 seconds or so to the time. I’ve proven to myself how fast the car can be, but what about living with it for more than a single stint???


As far as cats, mufflers and emissions are concerned, i didn’t think about it much, but can say that every testcar i made had them. It’s really up to you, if you think it’s the best choice for the car.

And i think you really should go full strop on this one, just because :smiley:


My 300hp quick build got some 180-odd kg of downforce with a top speed of 250kph, 1.4g+ on the skidpad and did 31mpg but was over 50 seconds off pace… I feel like we need to go full koolkei here with 4L I4s making 500+hp :stuck_out_tongue:


on a budget of 22k max, you’re going to probably need to make some seriously dirty power. The only kind of 300bhp car that’d do 7:18 around the ring would be Radical or Atom Ariel sized. For something actually normal sized with 45 safety and presumably weighing at least 1000kg, you’re probably looking more in the realm of at least 800bhp to even get close, considering all the other fancy doodads and good materials and wide tyres are off-limits.


i tried it. the i4 became too expensive. 628HP 3.3L i4. still not enough power

so i am going full madrias right now.


yeeeeeeeeeeeeah motherfuckers



And this is why I’m refraining from entering any speed based challenges any more.

It’s not worth the effort. :frowning:


Lucky for you, it’s not purely based on speed.


Well, speed around a track is still speed. A car can be fast in either a straight line or around a track.


Or both, as wringing speed out of 22k here requires. Don’t have fancy components or a real R&D budget? Just bring out more POWAAAAAAAAAAAAAA around 1500bhp of it, it’ll be like those twin snail Gallardos that like exploding halfway down the Moscow 500


Well I can confirm that 800hp is about enough to crack the 7:20 mark itself


I got 7:12 with 797 HP.


How are you guys able to make cars so fast? I can’t beat 7:20, even with 830bhp!


no worries. i too, could barely break 7:20 with 900hp.


Bros, 7:10 with 513hp


Are you using a small MR body for that? Quite impressive.


Yes, but I’m working to slow it down, and ballance it out. As it stands, no one would buy this car, ever.


Would people rather buy a 3.2L doing 850+hp with Automation’s turbo tech? :thinking:


Good question I’d be curious to see if it was like driving an older Koenigsegg.

My entry is now almost finalised, in fact I did a cheeky and decided to make it a lore friendly car, as a collaboration between a certain small little known company and a certain small well known company :grin: There will be multiple trims, one of which will be the official entry, the “full Strop”.