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Calvinator Auto Corp


unfortunately, conforming is an inevitable thing. No matter what car has been made in real life, they still somehow end up conforming to one or two set rules.


Alright, let’s make a couple of things clear @CNCharger.

1 - Culture changes. Meaning the design philosophy for model years changes too. As @Grandea said, conforming is an inevitable thing.

2 - You can’t claim your cars are the fastest and not prove it making a car dominate a community challenge.

3 - You should’ve answered every and each question people made as they were being asked, not now.


Ok, any super car challenges running? Anyone? Anyone planning a challenge in the future?


Have you answered the questions yet?

Once again, I still don’t understand what could possibly make anyone say stuff like you do.


I won’t say this again because it’s starting to become a broken record.

Please, answer the questions that were given to you.


I will answer when I am provided a list of the unanswered questions and everyone stops posting.


aka, you won’t answer them, even when everyone stops posting.

You’ve been avoiding the questions for too long. And the questions are rather simple to answer.


I will answer them. Just list what I didn’t answer and stop osting till after I answer.


[quote]getting on my property and taking a dump on my nice green grass (or being Arizonan, nice Rock Lawn) and tp-ing my house all because of a really nice Gnome I made.

Trailer park. At best.[quote=“CNCharger, post:62, topic:19067”]
I am Creative. I don’t care if my cars have the high detail of all the other cars. They were built to be fast and that is it.

You’re creative, so you don’t care how the cars look? Also you might be failing at your goal.

You got a wing the size of a chrysler building on your car.
Can we start answering basic stuff like how does the personal cooling unit work?

In any case, thank you, guys, this thread has made my morning


All questions to be answered are posted above, scroll up, pick out the unanswered question, make a list yourself and answer them. You created the chaos found herein, please deal with it in a productive way and learn from it.
In short: it is your job to fix this, not someone else’s job.

While you make the list and get your answers written/sorted, I would like people in here to calm it down for a bit. :slight_smile:


I would never think of buying a Calvinator - even if I ignored the ridiculously high price, the running costs, especially the fuel consumption, would be excessive.


Challenge accepted

But, what the actual fuck happened here


There’s tons of those actually. Storm automotive ran one in time attack challenge in 96 as far as I recall


Heck, even my Airborne Omicron from late 80s was like the fastest road legal minivan

(because srsly who would offer you 245 km/h top speed minivan in 1988)


Read the whole thing carefully. I created the cars, and they then shame ME in an unnecessary level. A simple needs improvement in certain areas of the cars is better than blowing up saying my cars stink, making me the devil. I make cars like everyone else here. Now I refuse to answer any questions except one that probably has never been asked. Calvinator makes high performance vehicles. You want regular vehicles, but from Royal, DeLorean (as previously mentioned, we bought them in 2016), and Yugo (also aquirred November 2008, and the first concept comes out in August this year). Calvinator makes the CAC known, and when we are known, they see the other cars. The CEO has told me that WHQ of CAC will no longer be answering questions. This thread will only have our cars.


Well, good luck with the thread then. I gave you the chance to bring the thread back on track, now it’s back to the free for all you seem to prefer because… reasons.

All: My “I would like people in here to calm it down for a bit.” still applies, but not when it comes to posting in general.


Rob, did you just say…

Just don’t get caught in the crossfire folks :joy:


xD well yes. Keep the insult level below 5/10 and you’re good to go. Don’t forget to wear your signal colour vests, folks.


The level of offence created via an insult is purely subjective. I personally think stating that “my bullshit-o-meter has already performed several dozen full-rotations around the scale thanks to the creations conjured up by this sorry excuse for a human being” is fair game. Where exactly are you suggesting we draw the line?


Normal forum rules apply :slight_smile: so be reasonable, that is all. Criticise all you want, without getting to boring name-calling. Cheers!