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Car photoshops


It’s exactly what the Sonnett III deserved but never got - it was only ever fitted with nothing more powerful than anemic four-cylinder engines throughout its lifespan.


My attempt at turning the Aston Martin Lagonda into a fastback


OMG YES. I always felt the Lagonda looked a little boring with its ridiculously sharp, square-edged profile. The curves here look sleek and sexy, definitely a much better family resemblance to the coupes!



The facelifted Lexus RC and RCF minus some grill


Both of them definitely look better with a smaller grille - neither would look or feel as purposeful otherwise.


That new mid-engine Corvette looks good…wait a minute


Hang on just a fucking minute


i dont get it




Tbh the front looks like the pininfarina battista


Here’s a 1993 Honda CR-X if it hadn’t become the Del Sol


R.i.p. this thread

good photoshop though, if you made it


@strop’s CSR got me thinking about 70s landyachts again

Lincoln Continental Mark IV Re-proportioned


Alternate take on the Tesla Model 3 front end


It’s nice to see your takes on some real-world car designs again. This latest one of yours is definitely sleeker and more purposeful, while still retaining Tesla’s distinct identity throughout.


What if the Saab Sonett had the V4 behind the driver rather than in front?

Original photoshop by Sebastian Motsch.

What If? - A Community Thread

Had to share this stunning front-engined McLaren Elva coupe by @spdesignsest on Instagram


Cargasm. The classical beauty of this design is stunning.


This thread makes me want to start doing shops again.