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Car photoshops


Show off your car photoshop work! (Or gimp or something else i don’t care)
Basically some weird/wacky or even awesome photoshops.
I’ll start off with my Ford Xscorpio

Your Photo-edited cars! (photoshop, gimp, pixlr, sumopaint)

What about… the opposite? The Sportio!


Now with rims from BMW


Something I’m working on, the HR-V Raid.

It’s not finished yet.


I’m NOT making a photoshopped image of me racing in the LeMans 24h in a unicorn-powered NOT-Focus… :unamused:




[quote=“titleguy1”]Something I’m working on, the HR-V Raid.

It’s not finished yet.[/quote]

Hey look! It finally appears to be a *functional * Honda SUV/CUV!!! You know, like when an SUV was a Chevy Suburban with vinyl interior and a 4x4 transfer case? Not a leather-bound luxury vehicle which would be ruined it it were driven in the rain, let alone mud or swamping.


The concept pictures for the new alfa romeo SUV have been leaked!
People say it looks like an absolute basket case!


I’m going to revive this thread for no reason at all!

Rocket Bunny Accord Coupe.


I was inspired.


might as well put the halfway decent one in here:


What ever happened to three door hatchbacks?


Oh god, where did I go wrong in my life for this to happen?

Toyota Tercel GT2, designed with the help of porsche.

I don’t even.

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Where is the bleach! I NEED IT!


Audi Jazz


More please. I feel like dying today :smile: @JACsterandOlibob


here you go :wink:


You didn’t even try :laughing: