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Car Replicas


Cadillac Eldorado 1968 Replica

You can have it for free :
Cadillac_-_Eldorado_1968.car (56.8 KB)


Citroen Saxo 1.1 stock and tuned version (always with a 1.100cc engine but very powerful)


Half ass replica of my Audi RS4 from Maximum Tune :flushed:



in my standards i wouldn’t call it half assed


2017 Chevy Silverado 2500HD


2001 Porsche 996 GT2

Modify it on Automation!

Porsche_911_-_GT2.car (27.7 KB)

Drive it on BeamNG!

Automation x BeamNG Car Repository

2000 Toyota Hiace Super Custom G


2004 Toyota Corolla Sedan G

sorry for double posting, just in mood for replicas these lately lol


My First and perfect car Citybalance6!

Model_13_-_Trim_13.car (18.0 KB)

Drifter pro

Model_35_-_DRIFTER.car (15.5 KB)


Model_24_-_Trim_23.car (14.5 KB)


Model_14_-_Trim_14.car (19.5 KB)


Model_12_-_Trim_12.car (15.9 KB)

Razgon hypercar

Model_10_-_sceplenie_Clone_Clone.car (15.8 KB)
Acceleration 0-100 in 3.2 seconds is the highest limit in Automation. Who can break the record?


Wrong channel, bud?


Bud, just like how hybrid said, wrong topic bud. Even though it is on the wrong topic, i’d like to give some constructive criticism towards your styling. The cars look they have lots of potential, but they are very bland and have no personality. If I can give any advice to you, it would be to put more time in your cars and make sure your vehicle has everything such as mirrors, grilles, proper rims, etc…
Oh yeah, 3.2 seconds is nowhere near the limit. 3.2 is easily achievable if done correctly.


These are not replicas.


Oh yes, these are replicas! I assembled an engine that accelerates a car in 2.9 seconds, but did not test it in Beamng Drive. It’s one thing to assemble an engine, and another thing is to connect them in the body so that there is maximum grip, and therefore I want you to assembled the car that overtakes mine to reach 100 km / h.


i don’t think you know the definition of car replicas.


Here you go.



These. Are. Not. Fucking. Replicas.


It’s not perfect, but it’s good enough for me


One more problem with your cars: in addition to not being replicas of real-life cars, all of them have +15 quality spam everywhere - something to be avoided at all costs.




Define “interesting”.