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Car Replicas


i don’t think you know the definition of car replicas.


Here you go.



These. Are. Not. Fucking. Replicas.


It’s not perfect, but it’s good enough for me


One more problem with your cars: in addition to not being replicas of real-life cars, all of them have +15 quality spam everywhere - something to be avoided at all costs.




Define “interesting”.


Autobianchi A112 Abarth


I was not accurate. And so I will not post my posts here. It seemed funny to me: spam + 15.


An exact copy of a real car that I really love.
Lotus Exige 430 CUP.
Absolute Copy for Automation
Lotus_Exige_-_Lotus_430_CUP.car (30.4 KB)

Adaptation for BeamNG
Lotus_Exige_-_Lotus_430_CUP_2.car (30.4 KB)
This is a work of art.


British Tank.
Bentley Continental 2013.
698 nm
608 hp.

Bentley_Continental_-Bentley_Continental.car (15.9 KB)
Bentley_Continental-_Bentley_Continental_Armor_s_Maximum.car (15.9 KB)



2008 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT


1987 FSO Polonez

Feel free to download this
FSO_Polonez__-1_5_L.car (69.3 KB)




More exact copy FSO Polonez 1.5 litre 82 hp.

CVFSO_Polonez_82hp_-_CVPolonez_1_5_L_82hp.car (43.9 KB)


This is my second copy of the Mercedes Gelandewagen. The first model which I made was a Mercedes G55 AMG made of carton.
Wheelbase 3.07 m.
Used mods:
I. 10_kie_lor_suvv_bp_preview [in game 10_kie_lor_suvv_bp_preview]
II. 10’s Big Kei Offroad
III. 10’s Kei Offroad
IV. IV Variant
scoops [air intakes]:
Scoop01 by Corvette6317
469 hp.
4 litre
707 nm.
This is the most powerful Gelandewagen among all city complectations.
For the track I recommend increasing the size of the brake discs, rims and maximally minimizing clearance.
This is a work of art.
Real Mercedes G500 Gelandewagen in your computer!

geLandwageeen_-_geLandwageeen.car (42.1 KB)


Renault Clio RT 1.0 16v


Hennessey Venom F5.
bi-turbo engine 1842 hp.
weight 1338 kg.
I am no recomended testing this car in BeamNG, because maximus speed is only in graph in Automation, RWD and 1817 bhp it is bad conjuction.
used mods:
Wheelbase 2.7 m
name in game: coupe_editor_Thumb
air resistance 0.25
Only one Variant body.
It is not Exige_LWB_CC_Thumb and Exige_CO_Thumb.
Police siren for square moldings.

Hennessey_Venom_F5_-_Hennessey_Venom_F5.car (31.8 KB)


2019 Suzuki Jimny Sierra