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Car Replicas


About 3 months ago, Ken Block revealed his Gymkhana Escort to the world, it looked so good!! I’ve always loved Escorts, especially the Escort Mexico’s! I took it upon myself make his Escort Mk2 in Automation!

I should have grabbed myself a duck tail wing mod which would have made this even more accurate.

It took quite a bit of digging to find the specifications for the engine inside of this beast! (Millington Diamond Series 2.5L) Plus I tweaked it myself giving it an extra 28HP over Ken’s one (333HP)

Its pretty bloody quick as well around the Airfield Track!!


This is my UAZ-469, the USSR’s own Jeep. Finding the specs on the engine took quite a while, but it worked in the end! I had to limit the redline because the engine would’ve made more hp than the real one if I hadn’t.


Opel Kadett C Limo


Honda City Turbo 2


I´ve tried just for fun to make a 100% realistic replica of my own car. I just wanted to learn more about realistic engines and ‘what makes sense’. But i have some trouble right now.

  1. I got the torque with the right Nm at the right RPM. But the hp curve is a little bit wrong. I need 127 hp at 5600 rpm, but i got them at 6200 rpm where the engine red lines.

  2. I found the right compression ratio for the engine. But by using this, it isn´t possible to make the engine as powerful as it needs to be.

  3. Ok, economy and top speed are approx. set right by my experience. Economy is about my average, top speed is a little bit lower because the speedometer in a car shows always a little bit more. Of course the weight is set right. But other stats aren´t correct. I timed via app 15 seconds at 1/4 mile, automation shows nearly 19 seconds. I timed under 9 seconds from 0-100 km/h, automation shows 11.5 seconds. (Gearing is set approx. right)

  4. The price is about $10.000 less than in real life. (I´ve chosen the right year :wink: ) But only if i would make it $20.000 cheaper than in real life, it´s competitiveness would be at about 94. With the correct price this would drop down to 21.5

How can i fix this problems? Do i need to turn the quality sliders up and down? If yes, which would probably solve my problems? Or is it not possible to make cars 100% realistic in this game?


Things are still being balanced, so the stats won’t necessarily line up exactly as those in a real car. And if the car has a turbo, then it’s most likely way off from that since there are major changes to come to the forced induction.


Ok, sounds obvious to me. So i´ll need to fix some things a little bit way off the real car to get a result i´m satisfied with. Thanks for the explanation :slight_smile:

btw: no, it´s not a turbo. It´s NA. But as i googled further in different languages at wikipedia i saw some stats closer to automation than to my measures made by mobile app :laughing:


After a long time without a new replica I decided to post this

I’m interested if some of you will recognize it, but it should be pretty simple
PS: Weight is not 100% accurate and max torque comes a bit too early


I do believe that is an Aston martin


Yeah, a 1989 Aston Matin Virage


one of my all time favorites have only ever seen one IRL hanks to living in Australia didn’t they have a twin-supercharged engine?


No, only Vantage version (1993-2000) had supercharger, but this one is the basic Virage which is naturally aspirated


My XC Falcon Coupe inspired by Eric Bana’s


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My 2012 BMW 1-Series Urban Line replica with 1998 cc inline turbo engine that produces 134 HP.


I have made 3 replica cars in my time of playing Automation and I must say I did quite well, I showed my friend all of these cars and I quote ‘these look almost exactly like the real things’ and he wasn’t so happy with one of my choices (you can guess which)
sorted by production year
Austin Allegro
powerhaul70012 - Austin Allegro.zip (25.9 KB)

Vauxhall Vectra B Saloon (CDX trim)
powerhaul70012 - Vauxhall Vectra.zip (24.6 KB)

Toyota Prius IV
powerhaul70012 - 2016 Toyota Prius 4.zip (41.7 KB)

Yes, the prius was his least favorite, but I tuned the engine from 138bhp (the same as the hybrid) to 228bhp.


The award winning 1kr-fe Toyota Passo +Hana 2010


Opel Manta B replica.

White - GT-E - 2.0L DOCH 16v NA 150hp

[details=More GT-E]


Red - GT-T - 2.0L DOCH 16v Turbo 288hp

[details=More GT-T]



Well i didn’t did the best but it looks close enough like the Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR. Tell me what you guys think.


In my view, at least, this is accurate enough. Even the body is virtually identical.