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Car Replicas


Wow, very good one. :open_mouth:





Well its been a long time since i was here. For my return, here a replica of the Honda NSX Type S


1987 Buick Grand National (or GNX)
Bit more of a modified race car (example: drivers side headlight replaced for an air intake)


Only been playing for two days so not so fancy yet and I probably have lots to learn but…Volvo 343.


Here’s my first attempt at replicating anything real-life in Automation, starring the Ford Mondeo ST24;

Hugi Motors #BridgeTheGap (Update: A change of face)

As an owner of a Freedom Mondeo ST200, I approve. Close, but I still prefer the USDM front end :slight_smile:


I can see why you like the USDM front, it’s easier on the eyes (and easier to replicate in Automation, haha)… Guess recreating the UK version was choosing Hard difficulty, but I tend to make decisions like that. And yet the rear was an even tougher ordeal, getting the lights to match the real units was a pain.
It’s a good thing I had a great reference guide!


Here’s my clippy-ass attempt at a '94 Laguna


Uh, excuse me, but the name tag clearly states that it’s Not a Laguna. If the car says so, who are we to not believe it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Joke aside, that’s pretty on the nose. Only thing that could be better placed is the front Renault badge, unless the badge itself can’t be put lower…


Here’s something…

Miniature TVR Sagaris / Project 7/12

I didn’t go full Speed 12 with the tuning, but in the spirit of TVR, it’s still ridiculously powerful for its size.



Volvo PV 444 1957. Far from perfect but I tried to do my best within the limitations.



1972 Volvo 142 De Luxe


Waiting for the inbuilt bumpers to be removed from that body so I can make the bumpers not shit


I recently worked on a car that so reminded me of this, I had to do some research to make it just right. Here, the M3 has American specs. Not sure I could do Euro specs without spamming quality sliders.

E36 ish - Trim 1.car (24.7 KB)


Wanted to build this car almost as soon as I started building my first car. Super simple BMW 2002



Sort of a replica of the 1966 Ford Fairlane 500XL my father had 25-30 years ago…


Wow how do you make your screenshots look so good? I’m with the graphics on maximum and not even my 2k photos look that good


Thanks, I think those are just in the photo mode, although I generally take stuff into photoshop to fix up a bit. With those its mainly just adding some contrast and a little exposure, lower aperatures for depth of field and adjusting the saturation if some colors are bleeding