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Car Replicas


Wow, very good one. :open_mouth:





Well its been a long time since i was here. For my return, here a replica of the Honda NSX Type S


1987 Buick Grand National (or GNX)
Bit more of a modified race car (example: drivers side headlight replaced for an air intake)


Only been playing for two days so not so fancy yet and I probably have lots to learn but…Volvo 343.


Here’s my first attempt at replicating anything real-life in Automation, starring the Ford Mondeo ST24;

Hugi Motors #BridgeTheGap (Update: Rioter Mk.3 Lion)

As an owner of a Freedom Mondeo ST200, I approve. Close, but I still prefer the USDM front end :slight_smile:


I can see why you like the USDM front, it’s easier on the eyes (and easier to replicate in Automation, haha)… Guess recreating the UK version was choosing Hard difficulty, but I tend to make decisions like that. And yet the rear was an even tougher ordeal, getting the lights to match the real units was a pain.
It’s a good thing I had a great reference guide!


Here’s my clippy-ass attempt at a '94 Laguna


Uh, excuse me, but the name tag clearly states that it’s Not a Laguna. If the car says so, who are we to not believe it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Joke aside, that’s pretty on the nose. Only thing that could be better placed is the front Renault badge, unless the badge itself can’t be put lower…