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Car Replicas


Funnily enough I was actually just looking at the Gurkha as I was trying to build the heaviest car I possibly could and see how it would function in BeamNG. I got the '85 3.53 wheelbase SUV to over 14,000 lbs with a 16L V12, ‘just’ a ton shy of the Gurkha. Unfortunately to make in Automation would be all but impossible given its small windows and very sharp body lines.


Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

Beachside cruising


Ok, as i made quite a lot of shitposting (And deleted some of my posts)…

To apologize, Let me present you…

2000 Lamborghini Diablo GTR

The specs are as close as possible to any information i could find on the internet.

Any suggestion would be very appreciated! :smiley:


1967 Opel Rekord Coupé


Here is my take on the 1954 Mercedez Benz 300 SL (the 4k screenshots fail to upload for some reason


Lexus LFA Nurburgring Package

Sorry if the front lip looks a bit messy, Automation haves its limitations you know.


how do you do the fins ? (between vent and fron wheel)


I got them from the “Lips” section, I just made them tinier to make them look like fins.

(Sorry for bad english)


No problem, i don’t write in english very well, i’m from Argentina :slight_smile:


Chevrolet Opala, a Brazilian car that was made mating this Opel Reckord with a 4100cc american inline 6. Yes, a metric car with a imperial engine. Engine mounts on this one are “funny”. At least the Brazilian department had made better looking front and rear ends for it.


I agree that the 70s Opalas are better looking than Rekords.


Probably my most requested replica yet- the Chevy Express 2500 van is here!

Yeah I know the rear lights look really bad, but that is the largest size I could get to fit anywhere in that area of the van.

The Vortec V8 actually makes it a pretty decent drive in Beam.




2018 Lincoln Navigator

I did my best to make it, 450HP Ecoboost 3.5L Engine and lots of luxury!


Dodge Viper ACR

I couldn’t fit the accurate-sized rear tires despite maximum wheel arches, but I could fit an accurate-sized rear wing :wink:

Canyon drive


I know its not trans am body (trere is no one lol) But still… Do i have to introduce it ?


First try at a replica. (We’ll just brush over my Gen IV Viper attempt.) S197 Mustang GT 06. Had to make it in 2010 for the body but it’s made with 06’ specs and 06’ tech. Not so happy with headlights/tail lights but the specs are pretty realistic.

05’ Mustang - 4.6 GT.car (20.0 KB)


I’m not really into building replicas. I prefer to make a car as close of the specs of a real one, and give it my own look. But for no specific reason I’ve built this Fiesta MK2. It’s not a perfect replica. The real Fiesta have a solid rear axle, but the one on automation is for rwd cars, the solid axle for fwd cars is totally different. So it have a rear torsion beam, a common design for this kind of car. Also I’ve used a engine I already had instead of making a new one, but the specs were set as close as possible. Have fun!

'83 Ford Fiesta MK2 - Popular.car (35.4 KB)


the rear diffusers are stock or a mod? great work as always


they’re stock, you can easily make them using “curvy” lips and a grille.