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Car Replicas


awesome job!! i know how i’m going to do the designs i wanted now…


1999-2002 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34

I also feel generous today, So i’ll leave the car files whenever i post a replica on this thread

Nissan Skyline R34 - GT-R.car (36.7 KB)

So you can play around with it in beamng! (or maybe tune it).

Known issue: The transmission sucks.


Nice one. Will try my hand on tuning it.


Excellent work, the tail lights are the vanilla ones surrounded by some thin bumpers ?

Also, how did you do that shape on the tail (where the exhaust tip is)

PS. I hate the fuel cap that made that weird looking reflex, happened to me with the Audi from the other day)


Excellent work you too, the only thing that would change are the front light, they’re missing the bold border (correct me if i look for the wrong model, there are so many!)
Don’t know what fixture are you using, but maybe you can try to duplicate the fixture and make it white/chrome and bigger on a inferior layer.


Yes, the tail lights are vanilla.


Are you talking about the rear diffusers? That was a mod from the workshop, Link here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1471632461&searchtext=


So yesterday i was messing around and try to do a muscle car engine, i finished with a N/A 6.8cc with 999 hp.
So where should i put it? The Ice Charger from Fast And Furious 8 (Fate of the Furious)
As always i tried to go vanilla on the fixtures but was impossible, i used the mod for rear diffuser and one that didnt know until yesterday for making external exhaust.
What i dislike is that the body had integrated mirrors and a bumper that ruins it a little. Also missed some door handles as wipers
Real Life Gallery


Funnily enough, that exhaust fixture you used to replicate a gas turbine exhaust pipe would also make a nice snorkel for fording deep water…


:joy: :joy: :joy: @abg7
It’s pretty bizarre, but was the closest i could get, yesterday before sleeping was worst, was a vanilla exhaust only. I was having breakfast on the PC when it strike me to add the bumpers to make the “shape” of the turbine and the other thing on the back (also i forgot the rear “vynil” with the R/T ) (made from 2 bumpers and a vent turned black, because the letters wouldn’t stay on top of a bumper)

edit: so i sat with the game and came out with this, very happy with the results for the turbine and the other thing that now i don’t remember what is was (also pic with the specs!)


Now since BeamNG integration is a thing, I just had to. 1967 Pontiac Bonneville 2 door hardtop built to as close to specification as Automation will allow.

  • Pontiac 400 V8 - 10.25:1 compression - Carter AFB carburetor (equivalent)
    • Automation rates it at 243 hp. Had to best guess 325 SAE gross hp.
  • Turbo400-ish transmission (3-speed automatic)
  • Stupid soft suspension. Double wish bone front. Coil spring solid axle rear.
  • 210 / 80 / C14 tires for awesome burnout action

Naturally a few things had to be approximated. For instance, it has shorter rear gears but longer transmission gears due to the 0.75:1 overdrive that all Automation transmissions have, so that essentially balances out. The front brakes are discs, which were an option on 1967 full size Pontiacs but drums were there the default. And of course, brake force deficit means the pads are for a hyper car in order for its stopping distance to be in line with reality (about 56 m).

Have a car file:
1965 Fullsize Pontiac - Bonneville 2dr Hardtop.car (74.2 KB)


Awesome job sir. But if you want realistic gear ratios in Beam, feel free to edit the “camso_engine.jbeam” file that comes from unpacking the exported mod. It’s an extra step, but totally worth the increased immersion. I’ve even taken to modifying the torque converter size and factor for those real life cars where I’ve found the data…and the difference is very noticeable.

Here’s what I did for a Cadillac ATS-V Coupe 6-speed replica that I made.


I do this for my automatic transmissions so they’re actually tolerable to drive.

If you use notepad++ does the file open up like that? I use regular notepad and everything is just kinda clumped together, unorganized.


Great tip, now, give us that Cadillac ATS-V! We want Replicassss


Nice replica, but not as relevant for me as I would like, 60s Bonnevilles are very common here, but you can’t get 100% realism for northern Swedish conditions since you can’t include neither the owners thai wife or his two sizes too small denim jacket in the .car-file… :roll_eyes:


@On3CherryShake Yes, I switched from notepad, to notepad++ specifically for that purpose. It does Indeed!™ look just the way you see it on my screenshot. :smiley:

@martin.blanch85 I call them “replicas”, but only in the way they drive. I’m not a “designer” by any means, so they look awful :poop: which is why I don’t post them. If you’re really interested, I might make my own thread on the design sharing forum that way I don’t clutter this section with my design fails. :sweat_smile:


@Slim_Jim Send me some pictures of the specific model by PM and i will see if i can do it


2018 BMW 5-Series M550i Xdrive


"Be sure to check the blinker fluid!"

As always, it’s not perfect.

BMW M550i - XDrive.car (48.6 KB)

Known issue: It is 2 seconds slower than it’s real life counterpart.


As a BMW fanboy…

I approve! :slight_smile:


Really nice réplica. Is the weight similar to the real one? Or maybe touch the gear ratios?



also, i dont think it weights the same as the real one, since i couldn’t find any information about its weight on the internet. :confused: