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Centro Stile Betta S.p.A (Open to Design Requests)


Betta Cammello Concept (Check OP for more pics)

A European Premium hatchback, that looks aggressive and differs from the pack. 0-62 in under 7 seconds and a consumption of just over 5L/100km.


Betta Dodici Concept

A 600hp 4.5L Turbo V12 Italian Grand Tourer. Comfort, style and huge amounts of power before even thinking about it.


Who said lots of fun with low fuel consumption couldn’t be a thing in the 90’s? Introducing the Betta Sealine. 1977cc 250hp rwd coupe consuming only 7.5L/100km. Check OP for more pics


Betta Lagunna GT

A 263hp RWD Competitor for the BMW 2-Series. Sleek, fast, comfortable, fun.


Although I would have preferred the Lagunna to have slimmer headlight clusters and a longer tail (not just for practicality’s sake, but also for somewhat more harmonious proportions), it might just be your best effort yet. Also, there is scope for development of more powerful variants if desired.

Anyway, I would like to see a more detailed technical overview (transmission type, engine configuration, suspension type, curb weight, efficiency, etc.) on the Lagunna.


I’m wondering if you could design an electric car. Not necessarily an electric car as those don’t exist in Automation afaik, but I guess you could fake it by omitting a grill and exhaust.

btw these cars look pretty good


It’s more of a design concept, most of the cars posted here haven’t had much suspension tweaking etc, mostly body design.
Here are the specs tho :
1995cc DI 16V VVL VVT I4, 263hp 323nm 27.62% efficiency.
7.05L/100km consumption
5.5secs to 100km/h, 251km/h top speed
Double Wishbone - Multilink F/R suspension, Geared LSD & 6spd Manual Transmission
1473.3kg (Sport 2-seat interior, standard infotainment, all assists, standard 10s safety)
$18400 cost with no markup

As you can see, it’s pretty sporty but economical too, this was the concept behind it as most of the Betta designs.


You inspired me to try and design the Betta Lagunna E-Tron concept. It’s a plug-in hybrid, with a 100hp electric motor and a 115hp efficient 1.0T motor. I know it doesn’t look too much like an electric car but it still is slightly crazier than the average Betta design.


you disgust me

Car looks nice though


Naw, just decided to make something that looks more… electric. I hate the Prius with passion, and hate the fact the Tesla makes no vroom vroom noises, dont’chu worry, I’m a petrolhead still.

Glad you like it


The E-tron actually looks slightly better than the base car in my opinion, but not by much - the smaller upper grille gives it a somewhat cleaner look. But regardless of spec, the front end reminds me of an R35 GT-R for some reason, especially with the red accents on the hybrid model.


I think it all comes down to personal tastes, I like both trims (duh I designed them lol) but I prefer the original, cause in my mind it’s classier and not as shouty (but still looks pissed off and sporty). Plus, I don’t like hybrids, I prefer the 2.0T unit instead of the 1.0T + electric motor lol


Quite a weird car this time. It’s called the Betta Romeo (for quite obvious reasons why lol) and it basically was me attempting to make a car that looked like an Alfa but was also extremely economical for what it is.

It’s a four-door, four-seater sedan, it’s got all the latest driver assists, it sprints to 100km/h in just 7.6 seconds and can continue accelerating to a max speed of 228.2km/h.

It’s powered by a 2.3L Turbocharged Straight-Four, it makes 140hp and best of all, it consumes 3.66L/100KM AVERAGE. Special weight-saving techniques along with astonishing Betta technology have created a car that’s by no means a slouch but is even more economical than your average diesel sedan.

Starting from just $12540 at your nearest Betta dealership (10% markup).


Betta Cayelle, the company’s first SUV.

You get a choice of two engines.
A 4.5L 32-Valve V8 Turbo Engine in two states of tune or a 2.0L 16-Valve I4 Turbo Engine, mated to a 7spd DCT AWD Drivetrain.
Both engines feature all the latest technologies, fine tuned for a great blend of performance, reliability and economy.

Cayelle Continental : 905PS, 902NM, 3.2s/100kmh, 321km/h Vmax, 16.40l/100km, $65,700
Cayelle Sportiva : 419PS, 607NM, 4.4s/100kmh, 260km/h Vmax, 10.97l/100km, $40,950
Cayelle Captiva : 263PS, 323NM, 6.1s/100kmh, 233km/h Vmax, 8.30l/100km, $34,700

A premium, fast, comfortable vehicle, that’s technologically advanced, safe and tough.


In Continental spec, the Cayelle is absolutely bonkers - it’s even more powerful than a Trackhawk! And it’s more elegant-looking to boot, if anything as big and heavy as that can be called as such. But the 900-bhp version of that 4.5L V8 deserves to be in a hypercar as well. By the way, are the V8s in the Cayelle cross-plane or flat-plane?


Where did the cost cutting most occur?


It is indeed, it’s quite a brute!
Yeah, my intention was to create an SUV that didn’t look as monstrous and proportional as most SUVs look, tried to make it look a bit more down to earth and classic.

You just gave me a great idea right there. I’m creating a hypercar with the same 4.5L V8, only this time it’s going to be even more powerful. Four digits.

It’s a cross-plane design, and it’s quite flexible by nature. It can get many forms, from a 400hp economical motor all the way to triple that.


Hmmm, well the interiors are Premium instead of Luxury, safety isn’t advanced.
Other than that, all trims feature 7spd dct awd drivetrains, Active/Adaptive suspension, fully clad undertrays, electronic cooling flaps, big 21" wheels with sports tires and big brakes etc.

The only difference is that while first two trims have 30% markup, the halo continental is marked all the way up to 80%.


Meet Betta Design Studio’s efforts with the Unreal Engine. Meet the Betta Nexenia Polaris Line. 330hp of 2litre beautiful motoring. Simply Betta.


As the first UE4 Betta, the Nexenia is a landmark car, reminiscent of the Lagunna you made in the Kee version. But this latest effort is on another level, and a sign that subsequent UE4 Bettas will most likely continue the trend of elegant, distinctive styling.


It does indeed remind of the Lagunna a lot, only that this is even meaner and sharper. I’m glad you liked the car, more UE4 Bettas are about to get released, finishing touches and sexy studio shots are the only things remaining :wink: