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Chrysalis Motors - Unreal Engine reboot


In 1962 Chrysalis launched the Buffalo line. Both the Farmer pickup and the Bonanza utilty vehicle were available in both RWD and ins 4WD versions. All Buffalo models were powered with a 2.9 liter V6, delivering 114HP. Top speed was around 140km/h.

1962 Chrysalis Buffalo Farmer

1962 Chrysalis Buffalo Bonanza


Unveiled in 1968 the Chrysalis Cresta entered the battle of new subcompact cars - like the Toyota Corolla, Ford Escort, Datsun Sunny and similar models. The Cresta had a modern FWD layout although to keep the price down the rear suspension was a simple solid axle with coil springs.
The car was relatively light, around 850kg - depending on trim level. Power came from a 1600cc four, making 75HP in standard, and 90HP in sporty GT trim.

1968 Chrysalis Cresta 1600

1968 Chrysalis Cresta 1600 GT Coupé

1977 Chrysalis Cresta Turbo
The final version of the Cresta, three prototypes built. Chrysalis engineers experimented with turbocharging the old 1.6 liter engine of the Cresta. The plan was to enter the Cresta Turbo to the World Rally Championship.

Power reached 193HP, but the car’s handling become nervous due to the enermous turbo lag, and because of the unchanged solid axle rear suspension. Gearbox failures were frequent during the testing process. After a short series of test runs Chrysalis shut down the Cresta Turbo rally program.
Top speed was 210km/h, acceleration from 0 to 100km/h was well under 8 secs.


It sounds like I missed a nice thread all this time :wink:


In late 1969 Chrysalis Motors launched the Devastator, it’s competitor in the battle of full-size muscle cars. The unibody coupe was powered by a 6.2 liter V8 through a 3 speed automatic transmission. The 4 speed manual Sure-Shift gearbox was optional, but a few sports car enthusiast ordered it so a manual Devastator is a rare collector’s item today. Although the rear suspension was a solid axle the road manners of the giant coupé was better than one expected: radial tires were factory equipped onto all Devastators.
In RT trim (shown under in Viking Blue) the V8 produced 333HP, thanks to the double 4 barrel carb intake system, and the sports air filter under the RT-only shaker-hood.
Acceleration from 0 to 100km/h: 7.26s
Top speed: 230km/h.

1970 Chrysalis Devastator RT


The Devastator easily lives up to its name; its blend of classic styling and a big, powerful engine is indeed devastating to any potential stoplight rivals.


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1963 Chrysalis Sovereign

In 1963 Chrysalis released a medium-sized, sporty luxury car the Sovereign. A conventional 2.5 liter six drove the rear wheels through a 3-speed automatix transmission. Stopping power came from disc brakes at front and drums from the rear.
Although the Sovereign was smaller in size than the typical luxury-barges of the era the list of its options featured everything its bigger rivals offered: air-conditioning, leather upholstery, wooden trim on the dashboard, doors, and pillars, radio, power-windows.
Top speed: 175km/h
Acceleration 0-100km/h: 12.5s
Engine power: 132HP


1991 Chrysalis Borneo

The Borneo was the first compact SUV by Chrysalis. The light unibody offroader was powered by an 1.8 liter four-cylinder, producing 90HP. The gearbox was a five speed manual unit. The base trim was the LX, available in both 2WD and 4WD version while the better equipped GLX was available only in 4WD.

1991 Chrysalis Borneo LX 2WD (shown in Guards Red)

1991 Chrysalis Borneo GLX 4WD (shown in Amazonas Green Metallic)


HOT DIGGITY DAWG to anything even vaguely resembling the GTV V6


I didnt mean the fixtures kid. 3 litre V6 FWD coupe with similar size and basic proportions and roof line as the '93 GTV thats it.


i know, hot diggity to that


1978 Chrysalis Magnum GranSport

The Magnum GranSport was a sporty executive sedan, equipped with a 2.8l V6. Main rivals were the BMW 528i, and the Mercedes 280E.
Power: 180 HP
Top speed: 195km/h
Gearbox: 4spd auto (RWD)


2006 Chrysalis Carol RS Turbo

A small hot-hatch with a 1.6 16v DOHC Turbo. Nothing special in technical aspect: McPherson at front, semi-trailing arm at back. 5spd manual gearbox.
Power: 180HP @ 6600rpm
Top speed: 230km/h
0-100km/h: 8.59 sec

(I tried myself in designing something more modern. I’m more at home with older cars, so it was quite a fresh ground for me. :slight_smile:


For a first attempt at a mid-00s hot hatch, this one actually looks decent, but it deserves a bit more power - 200 horsepower or so might be more appropriate for its size.


2006 Chrysalis Carol RS Turbo Evo

For the drivers more performance oriented the Carol RS Turbo could be ordered with the Evo package. The engine gained almost 30 extra horsepower thanks to a modified ECU, and higher turbo boost. The standard 5spd gearbox replaced by a 6spd sequential. All RS Turbo Evo equipped with wider sport tires, optimal for trackday use, and higher performance disc brakes than the standard model. Suspension lowered by 10mm for better handling.
From the outside the Evos could be recognized from the exclusive front and rear spoilers, rear diffuser, and color accented trim.

Power: 209.5HP
Top speed: 239 km/h
0-100km/h: 7.26 s


This is more like it. The Carol RS Turbo is definitely a case of more is better - but I think it would be even better with a six-speed manual for the sake of driver involvement.


1987 Chrysalis Proxima 2.3 GL

Modern looking and well equipped, but with only four cylinder engines available the Proxima was Chrysalis’ mid-size family car at the end of the '80s. In GL trim the car had pneumatic suspension, digital instrument panel, power seats and windows, remote control security system and alloy wheels.

Engine: 2300cc SOHC 8v inline four with EFI
Gearbox: 4spd auto
Power: 140HP
Top speed: 192km/h
0-100km/h: 10.9 sec


1970 Chrysalis Apollo

The Apollo was a small (by US standards) and light family car. Power came from a 3.6 liter V8 through a conventional 3 speed auto-box - to the rear wheels of course. Front disc brakes were standard equipent on all Apollos as 14 inch wheels with radial tires.

1970 Chrysalis Apollo Club Sedan

1970 Chrysalis Apollo Sport Coupé