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Community Redesign Centre (CRC)


Blaire_-_Rodman_MXS.car (41.7 KB)


An old car from early 2019 that I managed to save. Do what you must!

P.S this was based off the 1980’s Subaru XT


Original car: Hakumai Schnell D4 from @interior
What i redesigned? Well, i tried to stay the closest to the original possible, so almost everything is “the same”, if not the same, the same soul. On Powertrain, i tuned the engine, now the same engine, instead of giving 140hp, gives 200, so in 0-100km/h instead of 10.5s, it can make it on 8,5
Archive: Hakumai_Schnell_D4__-_1_8T_By_Alfora.car (44.3 KB)
Photos:(see the “see more” to see the duotone low part)

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Feel free to redesign my 2000 Hakumai Furcio. Hakumai_Furcio_(B60)_-_SE.car (43.6 KB)


Let’s just say, this van design’s getting old. However Kiaqua would prefer to keep this version going, with a facelift, bc they’re too cheap to make an all new model by now!


Kiaqua Super Traggio 2.7CFiT ELX.car (99.7 KB)

Do what you want with this horrible Korean brick, facelift it, make it look super luxury, or just even mess with it.


Hakumai_R90_(B90)_-_2_0_SE_24th_Anniversary.car (56.1 KB)

Feel free to redesign my vehicles i posted!


I park here the JCM Executive R Coupé to see how it can be improved.

JCM_Executive_R_-_Coupé.car (35.2 KB)


Revo Design

Revo Design has worked to create a power, suspension and aerodynamic package for the JCM Executive R. It’s called the RR Track Package it offers a boost in horsepower from 650bhp to 850bhp, new aero parts including a new rear wing and front splitter. The suspension has also been re-tuned to work with the new aero parts. The all-wheel drive system has also been tweaked so it sends more power to the rear wheels.

Download Link - JCM_Executive_RR_Track_Edition_-_Coupé.car (39.7 KB)


Ok, how about this?


Looking for some one to redesign this.

CSC27_-EnCR-_Avantii_Graphic_Design_Alfora_Galvion.car (51.4 KB)


i’m not a fan of the front, Looks like a american sedan at the front, With some restyling, i’d take it. @MONARCH Also, The wheels on the white one are too 10’s and the ones on the gray car is 80s. the front looks a bit like a Saturn lol.


Ok, I can send you the file so you can adjust as you’d like.


@MONARCH Have you even sent the file?