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Concept cars you wish existed or will come to life soon!


It has wheel covers, and doesn’t look too out of proportion for a MR car. I’d probably drive one. Plus the cool factor of pop-up headlights.


Oh I would absolutely drive one too.

Second concept!
1970 Holden Torana X

I don’t know too much about the details of the power/drivetrain though.


The GTR-X used the drivetrain from a Torana XU-1 and had disc brakes at each corner - a first for the brand.

As for the Hurricane… It was a real vision of the future. Sadly the desire to build another mid-engined supercar will most likely disappear with the rest of the Australian car industry.


More Sbarro, I need it :persevere:

:weary: :sweat_drops:


Nope, hideously ugly and looks unfinished… I’m so glad they’re only concepts! :grin:


Get out man :joy:


as butt ugly as this seems (maybe it could be a ramp car like the ones from F&F…6?), it reminds me of a closed version of a wegdge car I once designed.

Also, loving the foil finish outfits. That’s some next level survivalist conspiracy theory shit right there.


the 1999 buggati chirion rocking with a W18 eninge made it the biggest engine clyinder wize then the dome-zero


That Dome Zero is an awesome machine! And yes, I’m aware this invalidates my prior comment on that weird Sbarro thingy! :laughing:


BMW 2002 GT4


Modern lamborghini miura concept. Looks absolutely beautiful


How has the 1989 Isuzu 4200R not been mentioned at all in this thread? It was abandoned after Isuzu stopped making passenger cars altogether in favor of trucks and SUVs, but their reputation had deteriorated too much for them to launch it anyway, especially with the economic downturn of the era.

Even so, it was a striking machine that still holds up nicely, almost 30 years after it was unveiled. Better still, ever since it was introduced to the Gran Turismo franchise in the fifth game, you can take a virtual spin in it and experience a glimpse of what might have been back in the day!


Not really a concept car - more of a prototype, and if it’s creator will get funds he will finish it up and even begin selling it as kit car.

Guys, meet Kozmo - polish Fiat-powered kit car that has many similarities in ideology with Lotus Seven.




looks like a worse GTM Libra


Another early 90s supercar that never made it: the Mercedes C112. Gullwing doors, active aero and suspension, and a 400-bhp V12 behind the driver - what’s not to like?

It would have been the perfect riposte to the BMW Nazca C2, but sadly, it met the same fate of being abandoned in the wake of a global recession, and unlike that car, it never appeared in enough video games to earn widespread recognition, even a quarter-century after its launch.

The Isdera Commendatore 112i was very similar to the C112, right down to using the same engine and gullwing doors, but it too never went beyond a single example, putting paid to the idea of a supercar powered by an AMG V12 until the Pagani Zonda debuted several years later.


I love the C112 as well. Also, it did appear in a video game; Mercedes-Benz World Racing from 2003.


Oh yes, I forgot about that one. But that game wasn’t very good at all, and no match for its successor, World Racing 2. If the C112 had appeared in a Need for Speed or Gran Turismo game, it would have been much better known than it is now.


I would normally say “the engine’s in the wrong spot,” but that car is beautifully proportioned. A mid-engine car I don’t actually mind.


After nutting over this for while, I remembered this thread.

So here you go.

The 1973 4-Rotor Chevrolet Corvette. A mid-engined rear wheel drive Corvette with a 4 rotor from the GM Wankel program, that’s right.

This 1973 concept aimed to take full advantage of the General Motors Wankel-engine program, which walked right up to the brink of production before the OPEC oil crisis of 1973 made the Wankel’s fuel economy a bigger concern than it had been before. It had a less potent sibling with a two-rotor engine, but this one was reportedly Zora Arkus-Duntov’s dream for a mid-engine Corvette. After the Wankel project was killed, this car was reconfigured with a V-8 engine, renamed Aerovette, and green-lighted for production. But it never made it, sadly.

There is a short test track at the GM Tech Center, less than a mile long. "Performance of this car? One-hundred forty-five mph . . . and that is leaving room for braking.
“The feeling of this car is a steady torque, no humps like a 454, no decline, and by virtue of its large displacement, you don’t feel that it’s sluggish from the line. Humans only know change of ac­celeration. But this car is like gravity . . . you don’t feel the acceleration. There is no high torque kick. But looking at the speedometer, it’s climbing, climbing, climbing. And looking outside, you know you’re going fast. This Wankel car is faster 0-100 mph than 454.”

In my opinion one of the most gorgeous wedge-style cars ever made.