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CSR 101 - Dreams of Anime 「ENDED AT LAST!」


The 2013 Aria Torch 1.8 Sport.

Pics Of The Car

Oh, the pain I go through just to serve clients…


2013 Kurokama SC-C 1.8

Kurokama has launched a new entry-model into their lines of usually very sporty and luxurious cars, the SC-C, which stands for Sport City Compact.
This small FWD car, despite its low price, still holds the values of Kurokama’s other cars, Reliability, Practicality, Performance

Under the hood you will find a 1.8 Turbocharged Inline four, one where the name itself is ad enough : SNB INITMP4.
This engine grants the car 170 Horsepower, and ~200Nm of torque at any given moment.
So, now we have Performance and Reliability, where is the practicality?
Right here : Thanks to its innovative design, this engine is capable of maintaining its maximal efficency over it’s (Almost) whole RPM range, resulting in average fuel consumpion of 4L/100Km, and Combined/Maximal 6.7L/100Km.
However, this “Combined” is practically achieved when the car is heavily loaded, or travelling over 120Km/h

So To sum it up, it is a spacious four-seater coupe liftback, that is agile, powerful, and economical.
While the economy helps you save money for whatever hobby you are interested in, the powerful engine will help you carry anything anywhere you need.

Get your SC-C now at any Kurokama authorized car dealership!
(Currently Avalaible in Colors unique to this car - Kurokama Cherry Red [Shown above] and Mangabook White [Shown Below])


Radster 1.6 Neo Tokyo in Midoriya Green and optional blacked out roof.


The new Radster is all you ever wanted in a small and convenient package. Cargo space, sportiness, fuel eco, reliability and dependability, the Radster 1.6 has it all, with futuristic, concept-car like styling to seal the deal. Visit your local Radster dealership today to check the new Radster or book a test drive for it!


Introducing the 2013 Tengu Wunderbar Mk.II Ara 2.0T.
Because recycling last round’s entry is the new cool.


2013 Atera Hakone T

A RWD station wagon with the standard equipment. No more and that's it.
More pics?


Did you just posted the same ad twice?


He’s making sure you know it’s cool and has kicks


But are they pumped up?


Reduit Automotive GSR10
Her er det. Komplett med hydropneumatisk suspensjon.

Ekstra bilder


Atomic Sakai Fujitsubo Xenis 1.5

Based on the Torabashi Ultra MK-40 spaceship from the famous post-apocalyptic manga (and anime) Atomic Sakai, Fujitsubo Motors presents a limited edition from the Standard Fujitsubo Xenis 1.5, but it comes with an exclusive paint and glossy black details, new wheels, front and rear bumper, exhaust system, details (stickers), plus some interior tweaks.

(And of course, it comes with mirrored stickers. Something too Japanese)


Sōzō shite mite kudasai, anata ga tomodachi to issho ni kuruma o mite ite, soshite anata wa I 6 ga tsuite iru kono konpakutona 2 doa no RWD SUV ni dekuwasu. Anata wa fushigi ni omou kamo shiremasen, kore wa don’na kurumadesu ka? Tsuika o kurikkusuruto, jōbu ni namae ga hyōji sa remasu. 〜 2013 Gōjipain 〜. Anata wa sore o motto shirabete, soshite sore ga shinrai dekiru no o mite, tei haishutsu-ryō o motte ite, 478. 4-Doru no tei sābisukosuto o motte imasu. Sore o mite yorokonde anata wa sore o mita sorera no ta no kuruma ga 30, 000-doru ijō kakaru ma, 21, 900-doru shika kakarimasen! Anata ga mita kuruma wa 2013-nen gōjipaindatta. Sore wa 4-seki, kihon-tekina interia, takai anzen-sei hyōka, sono supōtīna, sono chīsai, sono yasukute kaiteki de kimasu! 21900-Doru de kyō anata no mono o nyūshu shite kudasai! Kakaku wa kuni ni yotte kotonaru baai ga arimasu, kotonaru purēto ga hitsuyō to naru baai ga arimasu. A/ P Automotive wa, kono jōyōsha ga roki Cola-sha ni yotte kōen sa reta kono kuruma no naka de hassei shita ikanaru shibō matawa shōgai ni tsuite mo sekinin o oimasen.
Imagine, your looking at cars with a friend, and you come across this compact 2-door RWD SUV with a I6. You might wonder, what car is this? You click the add for it, and you see the name at the top. ~2013 Gorge Pine~. You look into it more, and see its reliable, has low emissions, has a low service cost of $478.4. Your pleased to see it costs only $21,900, while those other cars you saw cost more than $30,000! The car you saw was the 2013 Gorge Pine. It comes with 4 seats, a basic interior, a high safety rating, its sporty, its small, its cheap and comfortable! Come get yours today for $21,900! Prices may vary between countries, different plates may be required, A/P Automotive is not responsible for any deaths or injury that occur in this car this commericial was sponsored by Loki Cola company.


The Yakaza UrbanX SAe.
A car made to excel in the urban environment.
With a eco-focused 3 cylinder 1.5L turbocharged engine, it achieves great fuel economy of 4.5l/100km,
while not looking like a boring mum’s car, made to make you a style icon!

Car pics






(the men A :b:86 endgame in an amazing instagram filter please constructive feedback only xD)

Look. We at MEN get it. You’ve already decided what you want, so why are you wasting everybody’s time pretending you’re actually shopping around? You don’t want a fast car. You don’t want a quality product. You don’t even really want a fun car. What you want is a rice box with the steering wheel on the right that you somehow believe will give you magic driving powers like you’re in a cartoon. We can’t give you the magic powers, but we can give you a crappy overpriced car that literally nobody’s buying anymore, but you have it in your mind that you are oh so holier than thou that you need a car like this.

Yes, you’ve seen this car before. You’ve seen it quite a few times by now. That’s because there’s so many while you may think you’re so clever, and you need a unique car that nobody else has, the fact is we’ve been able to recycle this car so many times because there’s so many people like you who are convinced they’re driving gods just because they’ve seen cartoons, but it seems that no matter how many times it gets recycled and crashed, nobody seems to get the point.

it’s not magic. it wasn’t made with your fantasies in mind. What it is is a simple economy hatchback that just so happens to be rear wheel drive. yipee.

The MEN a :b:86 endgame. Because when we literally faces the same challenges over and over, what we need is literally the same solution. Over and over.


oof my pixels


Best description ever about an AE86


In 2012, Kimura unveiled the 9th-generation Auburn at the Tokyo Motor show for the 2013 year.

The European model was available as a coupe and a hatchback for the last time before only being restricted to a hatchback model for the 10th-generation. The provided car is a 1.6L petrol coupe.

Here is a US advertisement for the 2013 Kimura Auburn.


2013 BT Motors Ibex「 」SP

To promote the upcoming No Game No Life anime adaptation in spring 2014, Studio Madhouse contacted BT Motors to offer a limited run special edition of their midsize Ibex hatchback with a unique colour and optional livery.

The car shown in the above ads was with the full, optional livery at extra cost.


Those who chose not to purchase the full livery still received the unique two-tone inspired by the character “Shiro” and an exclusive window sticker.


This is so sad, Alexa play https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaksNlNniis


2013 GEC GC3 1.6T Urban

Your anime-inspired commuter car has arrived!

Is it Japanese?

Yes - GEC stands for Genra Engineering Corporation, and the GC3 shown here comes from their carmaking arm.

Is it anime or manga-inspired?

Definitely. We made it look mature and friendly in the process as well.

What’s under the hood?

A turbocharged 1600cc inline-four delivering 125 horsepower to the front wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox.

That’s not even enough for it to be a warm hatch, is it?

No, but that misses the point; this is meant to be an affordable commuter car for budget-conscious shoppers like you.

How much does it cost, then?

11355 AMU, not counting markups.

What do you get for that kind of money?

All the safety kit you’d expect a car of this kind to have - a full suite of airbags, traction and stability control (fully defeatable, as always), plus an infotainment system with smartphone mirroring, rain-sensing wipers, 4-wheel disc brakes with ABS, and a set of front foglights.

Should you buy it, then?

Certainly. With a fully galvanized bodyshell and chassis, this car is built to last.


Yakaza UrbanX やかざちゃん edition!



Now that is what I call… an anime crossover…