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CSR 101 - Dreams of Anime 「ENDED AT LAST!」



Two years later…

Emily: “Hey baby, I might get a new car soon!”

Haruki: “A sports car?”

Emily: “Yup, I want a sports car! This car’s been great! I do feel like getting something more …interesting though…”

Haruki: “Remember the Radster? I saw next to it a dealership of a company named “MODULE”. Their cars look amazing!”

Emily: “I’ll take a look at these Modules… they have this new “UR-15” model which seems amazing!”

Haruki: “Go for it! I do really love the new UR-15…”

Emily: “Now I have this job, I could afford to buy and run this… lately I find driving really fun, and the Aureo is good, just not quite a fun car compared to these proper sports cars! Maybe we should go get one!”

Two days later…

The couple get in the Ventaureo, and drive to the “Module Corporation” dealer. The building is strongly reminiscent of the Radster dealer, implying they are closely related corporations, except the Module dealer has many sports cars.

Emily: “OH. MY. GOD. THIS IS AMAZING!!! I WANT THIS!” she said, pointing to a Cherenkov Blue Module UR-15

The car buying process ensues immediately when they see the salesman.

Emily: “I can’t believe it, suddenly I have a supercar!”

Haruki: “I’ll take the Aureo home, you can take the UR-15.”

Emily: ahegao face at sight of her UR-15, cannot be helped as car is just too beautiful

The two drive back home, Emily being incredibly satisfied with the UR-15.

Thank you for entering this CSR, it was fun while it lasted, even if controversial, and late, it still brought joy to hosting a tiring writeup...