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CSR 103 - Oh the Places You'll Go


Submissions are now closed!

(Thank god)

We have received a total of 48 entries! Just one less than CSR84. I’ll hopefully get round 1 up by tomorrow night, but who knows how things will end up.


There is no need for a hurry. If it takes a few days its OK. Everybody sees how many cars have been entered.


Honesty you always do a great job. Just take your time


A bit of a rushed entry but it’s not straight vomitive instabin so here it goes


Goblin95 should get their own award for this. What a sharp UTV.


I just realized I may have submitted a 2016MY car… please just pretend it’s a 2018… please…? :sweat_smile:


-------> To be continued



@yangx2 If it makes your shortlist shorter, I will sacrifice myself for the greater good…


I would depend a binning on the case if the car has an advantage or not from the different year. If stats are same or worse I wouldn’t mind at all. Such goofs tend to happen, and it’s OK.


'Tis the way of CSR. If he breaks a rule, he’s binned regardless.



Character Descriptions

Brad: Senior electrical engineer, mad experienced, mad conservative, your typical ‘Berta boy. Experienced enough with cars and moving parts to work on his own. Will find any means possible to give British Columbia and the NDP a hard time.

Michelle: Middle school science teacher. She’s your stereotypical Albertan mom. Hikes on the weekends, Instagram filled with pics related to fitness hiking and Village Ice Cream, Canmore his her favourite vacation spot. Suffers from outdated meme syndrome.

Sarah: Finished her first year in university down in Kelowna, plays field hockey, still owns the Vireo, will catch onto her dad’s B.S, listens to Drake unironically.

Almost half a year later, Brad was still laid off. Job opportunities were looking very dim in the city, while Michelle’s chances of getting promoted at all were dim. She eventually quit her job, giving the once ludicrous idea of a world tour the green light.

The August breeze fell into the couple’s large Country Hills house. The summer’s wildfire smoke had cleared away and welcomed the hottest weather Calgary would experience (that being 23°C. Not bad). Brad and Michelle met at the dinner table, scattered with piles of notes and itineraries. An iPad sat beside the notes, with Sarah on the screen. She was following along on the same website on her own computer. The trip was planned carefully and accordingly, resulting in a roadmap, a list of materials, as well as many dictionaries and translators. The couple never thought it would come to this, but here they were. Michelle was just too sick of the city, and Brad wasn’t much different either.

“How about DriveYYC? I like local anything!” Michelle asked Brad,

“Sounds good to me… yo hun! Check this out, 2018 Albertan Blitz, fucken eh bud what a coincidence! Looks like they’re testing some girthy freakin’ cars eh?”

“Heck yeah, hun! Click on it!!”

“Hmm, let’s see… the good, the bad, the… UGLY??? Fuck yeah hun!! Make me laugh!”

“Let’s get this bread! Haha, right Sarah?”

The Ugly…


@watermelon3878 - Bauer CX25Tx Adventure

the 2016 Bauer CX-

“Wait a second, isn’t this a test in 2018?” Brad suddenly interjected. Sarah replied…

“Must be a computer glitch, keep scrolling.”

“Nope, you just clicked on the wrong link you dumb mutt!” Michelle chimed in.

“Fuckin eh bud.”

Wrong year!!!

@Bmaggiori - Malusso HC Plus

Starting at 50 thousa-

“Not in our budget.” Brad interrupted again,

“Did you set a price filter for the article?” Sarah asked.
“Wait you can do that?”


Over-budget. Look at the design toolbar for your material price, not the summary screen!

@MasterDoggo - Cabart-Danneville Opera CrossGrip

With a higher price of 50 thou-

“Still out of budget…”

“Dad… you sorted it by highest price to lowest…”

“Right… fucking Trudeau and this new tech eh?”

“I don’t think the Prime Minister has anything to do with this.”

Over-budget. Same situation applies to this entry.

@Nialloftara - Centauri Katahdin Touring

“You sorted the prices now hun? Everything’s good?”

“Fuck yeah, Sarah. Let’s have a good laugh now”

The Katahdin not only underperforms on all fronts, it also manages to be illegal in this country. We brought it over anyways just for the hell of it, mostly because it was such a mess to begin with. The suspension is well out-of-phase over any bump it hits, shaking passengers from front to back while the car headbangs like it attended Chasing Summer. While the vehicle headbangs, it twerks like mad due to its 3-litre inline-4. Probably listening to Flosstradamus then, right? Right, but when it falls on the ground, it can’t get on all fours because now it’s crippled. The helical differential is practically useless once any given wheel is in the air, acting like a two-legged stool. Oh, now there’s a mosh pit and it’s getting kicked out of control. Oh god now it’s rolling down the hill adjacent to Max Bell. Can it stop itself? No, because it doesn’t have electronic stability control which the government made mandatory on any vehicle 2012 or newer. Are people helping it? No, the cops are there to arrest them because they somehow made it into Calgary without said traction system.

“It’s ugly…” Sarah whispered.

“I don’t think that’s the worst of its issues, hun” Brad responded, later following a wheezy chuckle.

No ESC, not that it would have really mattered for this entry.

@cake_ape - Apollo

The Apollo is a seriously capable car at the cost of being god awful on fuel. Oh, did I also mention? It’s not legal in Canada as well but we imported it anyways for the hell of it. It gets imported as a trailer car so-

“Hey hey, look! It’s just like the motovlogger Snowcat fucken right? When it opens its mouth, it only lets out toxic farts!” Brad starting laughing again. The other two let out a deep sigh.

Over emissions limit.

Actually the Preliminaries Now

“Good fuckin’ laugh, back to the article now. Oh wait look at this story about Nenshi and the Kimura! Let’s fucken rip it bud-”

“Just click on the article again, hun.”


DriveYYC’s Albertan Blitz returns for the 2018 year, now expanding its distance from what used to end at Lake Louise, now stretching all the way to Jasper. We take over 40 vehicles on the longest drives, the toughest terrains and the-

“Yeah yeah, whatever. First car.”

“Damn, all those cars to Jasper?” Michelle chimed in.

@goblin95 - Garuda Kencana 205AT

First out of our batch was the Kencana; an ambitious cabover van originally built for the Southeast Asian market. Our time with it was quite a ride. It was a comfy trip on the highway thanks to its spacious interior and rear multilink suspension. On the trails, the Kencana struggled a little, but thanks to its 4x4 drivetrain and manual locker, it would eventually get through. The elephant in the room however, is with its Asia-tuned engine, making it take nearly 10 seconds to hit 100 km/h, and proving sluggish when attempting to pass vehicles on the Icefields Parkway.

“Slow to pass eh bud?”

“It looks like something I’d hop in on an Indonesian beach…”

“Fucken right, Mich. For what it is, it’s too slow.”

The Kencana was then crossed off the list.

@Jaimz - FM HiWay XT

The HiWay leaves much to be desired, struggling quite a bit off-road and taking almost just as long as the Kencana to pass any given vehicle on the highway. The amount of room for cargo is tiny and so is the passeng-

“Fuckem, next.”

“God that thing is ugly…”

“Fuck yeah, Sarah”

The family moved onto reading the next review. The HiWay was too cramped, struggled offroad, and had an engine that was less reliable than the competition.

@NoahC - Yinzer Vagabond

The Vagabond was one of our few wildcards we dared to test. It looked strange, and weirdly we liked that. The combination of air suspension, 4-wheel-drive and the locking differential made it power through McLean Creek like nothing. On the road however, the Vagabond struggled greatly like our past two cars. The ride was comfortable, but getting to highway speeds was a struggle. The shorter greenhouse due to its wagon body made it a hassle to fit anything tall into the trunk. Regardless, there wasn’t any space in there to begin with.

“How’s it look Sarah?” Brad asked,

“It’s ugly…”

“Come on, I don’t think it’s too bad… kind of badass how it sits”

“No Brad, it’s not very pretty. Also, it’ll be hard to sleep in it, or fit anything that’s vaguely tall because it’s a wagon.” Michelle interjected,

“Gah, fine. Next.”

The Vagabond was left over. The wagon body was not optimal for their trip, as they would eventually have to throw a mattress or sleeping bag in the back of it.

@Aaron.W - Tanaka Calgary 2.4 B

“Calgary? Strange fucken name bud…”

Bearing a strange name, the Tanaka Calgary is an impressive looking crossover which represents the city well. Consumer reports found buyers were quite satisfied with its spacious interior, a flat-folding third row, and very livable running costs. It handles sterile, and drives quite normally too. The Trans-Canada was no problem for the Calgary, given its decently capable engine which although on the slower side from 80-120, does the job quite nicely. Practical? Livable? Who knew the Calgary would be a perfect representation of our home city? Such perfect representation comes with its flaws however, that being the times when it has to venture off the beaten path. Just like how the city fell to its knees once oil started dropping in price, the humble Tanaka managed to beach itself in the mud, thus leaving our more capable cars with the responsibility to tow it out. Although decent on the pavement, it just does not cut the chase offroad.

“Looks quite good. Don’t ya think?” Sarah said,

“Fuck yeah, hun. Fucken beached in mud though, no way I wanna deal with that.”

“Offroader? More like SOFT-roader haha am I correct famalam? Hashtag wack!”

“Mom, please.”

The humble little Tanaka was passed on. Given the terrain that the couple would be encountering, the crossover just wouldn’t cut it.

@Cheeseman - KAG Loadstar Westfalia Camper XTrek 2.7 i5 Turbo

Our test car was quite the sore thumb out of a fleet of SUVs and trucks. However, we just couldn’t pass up testing this badass van. It offers neat bells and whistles such as a swiveling seat that can also… get this… fold into a bed. Quite neat. The greenhouse is tall enough for all your luggage to fit in, and its loaded safety features makes the Loadstar surprisingly maneuverable. On the highway, the sluggish acceleration made it a little frustrating to get on, but the van was large enough that everyone would let us in as if we were some mountain king. The ride was on the harsher side too thanks to the rear leaf springs, but it wasn’t too jarring that we would be vibrated around in there like a pile of eroding rocks. Off the trail, the Loadstar would not fare as well as the Kencana, but still was decent enough to tackle decent-sized bumps. The all-wheel-drive system and centre-locking differential helped a lot, despite the differential only being able to work at speeds under 30 km/h-

Brad cut the review short. “Imagine this thing in black, it’ll look fucken girthy buds!”

“Oooh, it’s quite a looker! Having to park this thing in garages or anywhere else must be a pain though… I’d be driving this to work after the trip eh?”

“Concerns, Michelle. Worth ‘avin a rip though.”

“Heck yeah, hun.”

The KAG was considered due to its immense room, good off-road capability and menacing stance.

@CorsicaUnknown - Kadett Avatrek

The Korean crossover is a serious looker. Like my god is this thing beautiful. Well, the front at least. The rear is just one bit load of Saskatchewan wilderness with its horizontally-dominated rear. On the road, the Avatrek would fare well, merging onto highways with no problem and maneuvering around Banff traffic like nothing. Right when we hit the trails though, the Avatrek struggled quite a bit despite its auto-engaging locker. Despite being one of the least expensive, consumer feedback states that running it is more costly than usual, with some other owners reporting premature corrosion on the panels. A small fraction of owners also report braking issues which spun the vehicle out in the snow. As such, many Avatreks are now recalled for braking-

“Premature corrosion? Fuck no, hun. Bad brakes? Fuck no, hun.”

“Thing’s gonna start chippin’ away like nothing. No way.”

“Looks very cute though!”

Due to its low offroad capability, its rust-prone chassis and suboptimal brakes, the Avatrek was off the consideration list.

@CMT - CMT Montblanc CE

The Montblanc looks unusual and performs quite unusually too. Despite being reported as a no-frills reliable powerhouse, it is frankly mid-pack in reliability, rusts easily, and contains suspension that throws it back and forth over any bump. Straightline performance is very sluggish too, only-




The Montblanc was crossed off due to various negative aspects.

@Xepy - Kuma KO Turbo EXT Premium

The Kuma was next in line, and let us tell you, this thing is incredible. We threw it across the roughest roads on the Lost Knife Trail and it would take it on without any problem. Its 4x4 drivetrain mixed with the locker was absolutely excellent, and with consumer reports mentioning no major problems at all in the past year, we have very high hopes for how the vehicle fares in the future. It’s a comfy ride, and by now you may think ‘hey, this things has no flaws… I’ll buy it!” but there is one big issue with it, and that is its sluggish acceleration. It’s not as menacing as the KAG, and in fact, slower than it. If however, you can get over the fact that it’s slow, you will definitely appreciate every other bit of the vehicle.

“Slow eh? I mean with all this praise, wouldn’t hurt to take it for a rip too eh?”

“I’m down!” Michelle replied.

The KO, albeit its slow acceleration, was considered because everything else was just too good to believe. Engine is absolutely bulletproof.

@Boiled_Steak - Aria Tyrant AWD OTR Package

The futuristic looking Tyrant is quick. Very quick. It bears the performance of a sports car, hitting 100 km/h in just 5.2 seconds. It transports people relatively comfortably and does so very well on the road. Off on our trails, the car struggled as expected. Its DCT would screw it over in multiple situations and-

“Not good off-road? That’s a no from me.” Michelle interrupted.

“Oh, mentions that it’s not very reliable either” Sarah added on.

“A bit of a sports car isn’t it hun?”

“Not what you guys need I’m assuming?”

“Not at all…”

The Tyrant was passed on. Very quick crossover, but just not what the couple needed.

@abg7 - HAM HX5

The HAM is a very capable car offroad. It has the grip thanks to its specialized tires, yet on the road, proves to be quite comfortable despite the tire noise. It proved to be no problem merging onto the highway, and had all the bells and whistles to help it maintain a comfortable ride on and off the road. However, such bells and whistles have been brought up in reliability issues reported by consumers, mainly the air sus-

“Reliability issues? Next.”


Bearing some of the lowest reliability of the bunch, the inoffensive-looking HX5 was passed on. When it worked, however, it was quite a good car.

@HybridTronny - Denver Jalapeno LX

The Jalapeno is a very average and underwhelming crossover. It looks average, offroad, it’s what you expect for a crossover; not super good. It’s slow to merge on the highways, consumer reports say it costs a ton for maintenance, and it ran out of fuel a lot faster than its crossover counterparts. As such, we wouldn’t recommend the Jalapeno. There’s nothing that really stands out besides the amount of space inside, which in fact, is still just a smidge above average.


“Fuck no, hun.”

The Jalapeno was passed on.

@schultzie - Ishiiruka CXBS

We threw our safest driver in the cockpit; our man Jordan Truong. Even with this though, he almost got rear-ended by a logging truck. He also got pulled over by the RCMP for not signaling, and after a long explanation, he got away with a warning. We had a ton of close calls with other people on the freeway due to that very very strange middle indicator. People would either slow down, or not know what to do, or proceed anyways because they would just give up trying to decipher what the hell is going on with that stupid thing. On the highway, we were much better off just not using our indicators at all. Once we got on the trail, the CXBS was decent. It was capable enough to take on some pretty large bumps, but such bumps mixed with the awful suspension and cramped interior caused problems for us inside. In fact, our test vehicle ended up giving in quite early, with electronic issues throwing the Ishii into limp mode. It was later towed away and our driver ended up taking a ride in the spacious Kencana.

“What in the living fuck? Who thought it was a good fucken idea to throw an indicator smack in the middle?”

“Right? Breaking down during the review too? No thank you.”

The CXBS was not considered due to its mediocre reliability and dangerous styling features to list only a few problems.

@bigDave02 - Renoir 5027

On the highway, the Renoir was decent. Reasonable acceleration meant it could get onto the highway okay, until you hit a pothole, which then unsettles the car like no tomorrow. Not to mention, you better be driving this thing at some pretty high revs because the turbo is insanely laggy, also resulting in some really crappy fuel economy. Once we got onto the trail, the Renoir got stuck almost instantly. When we tried to rev the press car out of the rather pathetic ditch it was in, the engine started to throw some smoke and one of the speakers went out.

“It’s ugly…”

“We know, Sarah… quite an ugly outcome too eh hun?” Michelle asked Brad

“Fuck yeah hun.” Brad replied after a long sigh.

Reliability: Mediocre, offroad capability: mediocre, engine: mediocre, suspension: med-

@Dragawn - Dragotec Omni

The Omni is ugly. The front looks like it wants to die, the rear looks like it’s seen it all. Problem is, this thing just… won’t… die. We went full-throttle right at a steep bank and it climbed it like it was nothing. We jumped it off a ridge for the hell of it, nothing broke. We threw one of our sledge hammers at it to test its ad’s validity (this is between you and I only) and it left merely a scratch that we were able to buff out with a tissue paper. It’s small, yes, it’s not very safe, there’s not enough room to throw in a considerable amount of luggage, it’s not the fastest, but we appreciate it for just being absolutely freaking bulletproof. Take this. No one, and I mean NO ONE complained about things breaking, probably because absolutely nothing breaks in this car. If you can deal with how it looks, this would be the perfect.

“So how does it look, eh Sarah?”

“Ugly as hell.”

“Fuck yeah, hun. Shame…”

You know what, I really really really wanted to pass this car on because it’s just so stupidly reliable, but the avant-garde styling just throws it off way too much. Very well-engineered entry though, I was laughing while entering its stats the entire way through. You for sure, win my absolute appreciation and more importantly, honorable mention. Good shit.

@DoctorNarfy - Shromet Levine

The behemoth of an SUV proved to be incredibly spacious, and the smooth 5.5L V8 made the tank merge onto highways just fine. It chugs a lot of fuel, but that’s to be expected. As a tradeoff, you get a powerful engine, some crazy surprising off-road capability and a very comfortable package. Alongside its renowned-for-reliability engine, the Shromet Levine is a great car to take on and off the trail. Just throw an undercoating onto it though because it’s been rusting on some owners.

“It’s a freaking tank eh bud!”

“Must be hard to maneuever…”

“But it’s a freaking tank, hun!”

“We’ll check it out, I’m honestly tempted.”

The Levine was considered given its off-road capability, its endless passenger and cargo size, and its comfortable ride.

@MGR_99 - Yakaza Summit Pro

Yakaza’s Pro trim of the Summit is insanely striking. It looks modern, fresh and ready to offroad. On the road, it’s quick. 6.7 seconds from a standstill to 100 km/h means it’ll perform well right of the launch. However, the Summit’s interior is rather cramped compared to its competition, with an outdated SatNav system which got on our tester’s nerve. No, seriously. Andy ranted about it the entire leg from Castle Junction to Lake Louise. Additionally, he had gripes with the suspension, which would start to throw the car into a bit of a rocking motion once it hit a bump. Now normally Andy’s pretty quiet but he also talked about this. The entire way from Calgary to Canmore to be exact. The trails didn’t fare too well for Andy either. He called the Summit ‘the definition of catfishing’, noting how surprisingly incapable the vehicle was compared to the competition. It wasn’t as comfortable as the other vehicles tested, and despite it being easy to drive, it was just not the vehicle for the trails. Consumers report spending a fortune servicing the vehicle, with some reporting problems with the outdated SatNav system.

“It looks really nice!” Sarah added

“But it’s shit” replied Brad. Michelle then chimed in

“But it looks really nice huh?”

“But it’s shit”

“But it’s kind of quick”

“But it’s shit”


“But it’s shit”

Not considered. Uncomfortable over bumps, brute force torque spike, not capable enough off-road. Astronomical service costs.

@ST1Letho - Kurokama ATC-Series ATC413

The ATC-Series is a striking, yet lowkey car. The orange helps it stand out a lot and it quite honestly looks very good. Leaving Calgary and getting from Sarcee to the Trans-Canada was a piece of cake, although the hard dampers left our tester Brittany with some complaints about ride quality. Merging was decent on the vehicle, providing enough oomph to get through the day. The interior is spacious, leaving Andy wishing to drive this car instead, but once the vehicle hit McClean, Andy shut up. The ATC got over the smaller bumps just fine, and eventually managed to climb out of the trail’s mud. Where the vehicle fell apart, literally, was on the bigger bump. Here’s the story, good old Brittany was trailing the Levine which got over the staggered, puddle-filled bumps like nothing. Suddenly, the ATC slowed down significantly, eventually coming to a dead stop with two wheels in the air. Here’s the thing. Many of the cars we tested would have gotten over this bump with the press of a button with their centre lockers, but the ATC had other ideas with its dual clutch transmission and helical differential. For the readers who are clueless about these helical differentials, the simple explanation is this: it will lock and distribute torque to its respective axle UNLESS a wheel is lifted off the ground. Unfortunately for our Kurokama, two wheels were up in the air. With some heavier force to attempt to free the tangerine crossover, the DCT started to jerk, while the helical differential took a nap on the job. After a while, not only were the wheels in the air, but now the smell of a burning clutch was imminent too. The ATC was towed off-site and the rest of the vehicles chugged right on. Oh yeah, the left speaker failed right after too.

“Fucken eh.”


“At least it looks good.”

After reading its little documented disaster, the couple had concerns about how capable the ATC actually was. The parts just weren’t suitable for its application, and its reliability was below average. Surprisingly, this car was still more capable off-road than the Summit, even with the wrong parts.

@Darkshade-AP_Autos - Ibyss Yosemite

Shifting the-

“Ain’t doing any shifting. Fuck that hun.”


Due to its-

“Come on, at least give him what he wants, Yang…”

Fiiiiiiine Sarah.

Shifting the Yosemite was brutal. A sequential transmission in this thing? Who thought that was a good idea? In fact, this car is full of jarring engineering. Really, really, really god awful engineering. It’s a surprise it even made it off the production line. Our tester Abdel was dead pissed at this car, and after two minutes on Deerfoot, he pulled over and requested to switch vehicles. We knew that someone had to drive an extra car, but we never knew that this is how it would end up happening. Take this for consideration. The tires are staggered by a ludicrous amount, so not only are you shifting like mad, you also have to deal with the understeering pile of shit WHILE you shift. Springs? Nonexistent. One bump and we heard Abdel hit his head on the roof through the walkie talkie, followed by a cacophony of squeaking sounds from the springs and a lot of rocking from our perspective. Ok, maybe it should hold a decent amount of stuff inside of it? Nope. Literally nothing. It had some of the smallest cargo space out of all the vehicles entered. It wasn’t even fun for Abdel to drive this thing, and hearing him hit his head on the roof brought up a lot of concerns as to how safe this vehicle actually was. In fact, there’s a massive recall going on for these vehicles, alongside a big lawsuit as well. You know why? Because apparently these springs are not up to par at all. Frankly, we pity any person who decided to buy this car, if anyone actually did.


“Jesus Christ…”

This thing is an absolute mess, and honestly would have been a disqualification if I were having a bad day solely for the sequential (???) transmission. The problems don’t stop there though. Peak power at redline, 0 cam profile, -14 quality springs, launch control, actual downforce, 100 brake airflow. The Yosemite was scrolled right past. Not even Brad laughed.


“I think I need to have a break after that one, holy fuckin shit.” Brad sighed.

“How did that thing even get off the production line?” Michelle quickly followed up.

“Alright Sarah, we’ll catch you tomorrow hun. We’re gonna go take a walk”

The next part of the prelims will come out soon. Stay put!


Bwahahahahaaa, that was awesome! Made me literally laugh out loud… I’m so glad you got the Snowcat reference! You’re absolutely right about said farts … :joy::poop:

Derpy move on my part: looking at the engine emissions and not the trim emissions. First challenge - I live and learn :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the rest of the reviews - awesome job so far! :+1:

Oh, and if you don’t mind to help out a newb and have the time - was the emission the only illegal thing on the car? Or was there anything else making it illegal. Just trying to learn and do better next time.


and honestly would have been a disqualification if I were having a bad day solely for the sequential (???) transmission.

Well shit, I used sequential transmission on the Ordos for it having a balance between comfort and offroading. DCT was costing me too much production units

My only consolation is the Ordos is, let’s say a bit sane, than the Yosemite. Lol.


I’m still mad at myself for that blunder. Hell, in my lore I even have an updated model for 2017! (Although at the time of submission, I hadn’t built it yet.) I wanted to incorperate the model into my lore as a new trim for the 2016 model year, but forgot to make it a 2018 for the challenge… shame, I actually really liked the final product. (And also made a whole new engine varient that’s 86AKI fuel compliant, which doesn’t fit my company which uses exclusively 93AKI by the mid 2000’s…)


Fair enough. Air suspension is great for comfort and off-road ability, but in addition to being heavier, it adds expense (in terms of PU/ET and material costs) and reduces reliability (especially when combined with adaptive dampers and/or offroad swaybars). I should have gone with monotube dampers, progressive springs and passive swaybars for affordability’s sake, accepted the resulting comfort penalty and possibly spent the money saved on a nicer interior, wider tires and/or better safety to compensate.


Hey man, shit happens.
When I did my first ever challenge in this forum, my submission got over the Engineering Time limit by merely 0.2
All because of one quality slider I forgot to fix before exporting the car.
It was a great build. Eager to see your car at the next CSR


Thanks :slight_smile: I’ve been sparatically participating in CSR since about a year ago (back when I made blatant BMW rip-off’s and surprising did decent in a few :joy:)


Ah don’t worry I take my ‘Inspirations’ from certain brands too, in terms of the hardware part.


Aaand again another CSR entry dumped in the first round. Damn it. I really liked the Montblanc but obviously I overestimated it.