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CSR 107 - Wake Up (It's 1984)


Oh man, so many ideas that I know would be awesome but I don’t have the time or skill to pull off well :stuck_out_tongue:


So, rather an interesting V6 or a more or less typical V8?


Schrafen 935i GL


Komfort und Schnelligkeit in einem Paket.

By MGR ‘99 and Oslo






The Anhultz Dione CXS

EDIT: those poles up front are NOT Flag-holders, they are passive parking aids (the european version of curb-feelers). They show the driver where the car ends up front.


Is a manual or an automatic gearbox more appreciated?


The client would rather ride in a comfortable highway cruiser, so an automatic gearbox would be preferable.

At any rate, I have a pair of test cars ready - but must now decide which one works best.


Moteur Devoir’s first foray into the US market: The Crown LX.


Styled to a lot of ZHU comes…

1984 Innis-Honghu BF780 白龙250

Because crazy engineering needs crazy styling. A sedan built by the Chinese, styled like a Ferrari, with an American powerplant underneath. All because the chairman read too many car magazines. Don’t ask how it got over the wall.

The engine's American! Therefore it's definitely not communist! Look! It's even got sealed beams at the front!


@CorsicaUnknown do you have the V16 DLC?


He probably has but even if he didn’t, he wouldn’t need it to load up a V16 car, he just couldn’t change it


Not always true, I’ve sent people V16 cars, and they say the engine gets changed to a V8, doesnt matter, looks like I cannot fit it under 110 ET anyways.


Yes, I have the DLC.


The 1984 QUOST Admiral V8

The 1983 Admiral V8 Exclusive in it’s 84 update now features a 60° V8 QuMo V877-US derived from our 60° V6 QuMo V662-US engine. It works with the same crankshaft just lengthened as the V6 but utilizes a smaller bore to improve fuel economy and emssions. The end result is a 7,7L engine with SOHC and two valves per cylinder.
In combination with the newly developed SP-EFI (Single Point-Electronic Fuel Injection) it delivers 306hp @ 4.8000rpm and 548Nm @ 2.000rpm via a state-of-the-art automatic transmission called MegaGlide©. With 4 gears and 2 selectable charateristics, the Admiral V8 Exclusive is sure to suit every need of yours.

On the interiour we find our Premium Plus upholstering combined with a top-class cassette radio developed in our house to accomodate “additional features”.
As another plus the cargo volume of 831L and load capacity of 673kg or 12 sand-bags guarantee a carefree disposal of your trash.

For questions about additional features not featured on our feature list ask our feature specialist.

Further Evidence


KGB slowly but surely approaching the debut of our Premium Sport Saloon.


I think I’ll finish this up this time.

1984 LHE Orbital Mk 4, equipped with our award winning 24v Aluminum 5.2L V8


1984 Denver Model V

A big 'murica sedan with 5.5L V8 in it producing up to 290hp. Other than that, the interior is premium with premium cassette.

what is this, a bootleg Lincoln?


Performance, Comfort and Luxury
The 1984, Factory W Motor Works, San Luis.
For the Spirited Executive.
Featuring our 4.8L V8 and 4 speed GlideShift Automatic Transmission. Comfort Air Suspension and top of the line safety will be the choice of any executive looking for performance and luxury.
See your FWM Dealer today for a test drive.


Lore :
Back home, In Japan, the SC-R (Along with LX84) is a favorite choice of local Detectives, and in some cases, is used as Interceptor.
Its subtle appearance allows it to blend into traffic very easily, while the powerful engine (combined with good balance), allows the car to give chase to most of the cars found on the road. (If SC-R or LX84 should not be sufficient, so called “Yellow Stripes” are called to help)


American Luxury Motors presents,

A brand new all-American entry in the personal luxury vehicle market:

We know that your choice of transport says more about what is important to you in your life than mere words.
We know that you feel a sense of pride and satisfaction in owning a finely crafted product, or a timeless piece of art.
We know that Form is just as important as Function.
We know that, above all else, you want something that you can put your trust in, and reap the rewards.

Brand new for 1984,

The ALM Vienna

^ALM Vienna shown with 499cui “Sorrento pack”, in exclusive Sorrento Silver

More Photos Within

and yes… I tried to see if I could fit a 499cui (8.2L) engine and get away with it. Needless to say, wheelspin is unavoidable in Beam… :stuck_out_tongue:


@ProfessorP3PP3R Can’t wait to see your SIlver-York! Those at the auction are awesome!

Originally I intended to submit this ship here, but I decided otherwise.

I mean, who would suspect a drug lord in a hearse, right?

The lot