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CSR 112: A Railroader's Shooting Star


1985 Armor Tradeline T100. Exported from America, converted to right-hand drive, and it is conveniently available in Canary Yellow from the factory.


Final model has been released. The T1500 comes with standard roof rack and rear step.
Car will be driven to approval tonight.


Dear Gentleman,

Yinzer Corporation would be glad to respond to your RFP service van fleet replacement - OPN#CSR112. We have a unique service vehicle platform that will become a useful company resource that is synonymous with the dependability of your passenger schedules. Our company has taken what it has learned over the past decades in service vehicle fleet and have incorporated it into our newest generation small service platform MiniMight chassis. It is designed to face the elements for decades, and be operated for hundreds of thousands of hours. Constructed of our Yinzer patented Barrasso™ steel, the plating protects well for decades, even way past what you think would be it’s prime. We have multiple models; our base service van is designed for carrying two working adults with 100KG of tools, and hauling +500 KG of parts to a jobsite. These vans are also able to have their tires taken off and operate on the gauge of your tracks as rail service cars. We have an economical and reliable 4 cylinder engine that is a “boxer” design with Electronic Fuel Injection, which give these vans 28MPG on the highway, and a week worth of idling while powering tools with its onboard 100Amp transformer and 5000psi hydraulic pump. The wheels, tires, brake rotors, and pads are all the same size and interchangeable, so your service shelves can carry much less stock.

The vehicle also comes with a very reliable, classic 4x4 drivetrain with coil spring suspension, solid axles, and manual locking differentials, coupled with the newest advanced four speed automatic transmission. It has a “crawl” ratio that comes in very handy for jobs like spraying, sealing, inspecting, etc, and a matching overdrive that is responsible for its highway fuel efficiency. It also has the newest computer controlled anti-lock braking system, which makes the vehicle very safe to drive, even empty on wet roads. If the roads are not roads, and remote service is necessary, the off road skid plates avert disasters. Even though these vans are small, passenger space is adequate, and upscale seating helps when these vehicles are used as remote offices. Speaking of remote, six of these can be loaded onto a single railcar and transported, or stored indefinitely; they come with rugged hooks for pulling or used as tie downs.

I am including pictures of the base model, our pickup, and our 5 person utility. The service life is a planned 35 years on this chassis. I am shipping one of our standard, two person utility cargo models in frost white to your main office to pass around for reviews.

Thank you for your time
Donnie Iris,
Manager, Fleet Sales

Enclosed - Pictures


1985 Monarch Surveyor Cargo

And More...


1985 Albatross Redwood

A small pickup for big jobs.

1.8L EFI Engine
5-Speed Manual
4x4 w/ Locking Diffs
28 MPG


1985 AMB Runices Fleet

A van made for hauling stuffs.

Fierte Sprint P10
by Ryan93 and @MGR '99



1985 天津葡萄汽车 TPTA1030

Long service, good life. TPTA1030 best vehicle for you.

this post is not thatcherapproved™

Thanks to Stanceyzz for throwing my pics through Lightroom!


1985 FABEL Hercules

All new for 1985, FABEL is proud to present the next generation of the Hercules light commercial vehicle. With a carrying capacity of almost 4,000 pounds, the Hercules is capable of performing even the most demanding of tasks thrown at it, while returning 28 miles per imperial gallon in combined cycle testing. Under the hood, FABEL's durable and efficient 2.6-litre Titan engine provides ample power, driving the front wheels through available three- and four-speed manual and automatic transmissions to maximise the flat-floor area in the cargo compartment.

Call your local FABEL Commerical representative today to get the Hercules working for you, starting at £10,900.


cough cough Ad is too modern for 1985 cough

The 1985 Vector Sprinter Ace 2.4

Because utility paired with comfort isn’t always expensive!

Moar Photos

Now comes with a shooting star edition!


The 1985 Kiran Haiso

Imagine a hot hatch expect it's not hot hatch


1985 Cwmbran Cludwr
Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch is great this time of year


*this trucc will barely make requirements… I literally just entered it because of the name.


Debner Argus 120S

Additional Photos

Great theme, by the way. Lots of available inspiration and some interesting choices to be made.

I mentioned it in the DM but I would not be able to host the next round.

EDIT: Hmm, just noticed that at some point my taillights got flipped horizontally. Doesn’t make too much difference but I should have double checked…


1985 Kuma KO2000

More pictures


Carry all you can catch
This is what CAYCC means
by Alfora

Using a 3.0 I4 engine, and weighting 1500kg, it can carry about 3500kg, in its 5000L cargo capacity. Living in CAYCC prolly should be safier than a house, you’ll never suffer from tsunamis or any other things, and will prolly live much more than you too.

strange headlights gang bro



The Cayley Koala Microvan – Send your ideas to the skies.

Car Summary (Added post cancelation; just in case anyone was curious about what this nugget had as stats)


1985 Lhage Populus


Harwood L100

From the Canadian manufacturer Harwood comes the L-series van, outfitted for use in railway maintenance, and boasting typical large volume and high payload capacity of North American vans, but with an efficient drive train to suit European requirements

More Pictures


1985 Boulder Luray


2.1L 5 cylinder with electronic multipoint port fuel injection* for economy and reliability
4 wheel drive with limited slip differentials* for offroad capability
Galvanized frame with corrosion resistant panels for durability
2 sliding side doors and 2 clamshell rear doors for unobstructed rear access
Power steering* for comfort and usability

The right van for the job.

*optional extras



WIsh you guys luck, went risky with this one! :S

More pictures