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CSR 113: Here come the Imports!


1985 Atera Kobe Coupe


Hey guys. This is my first time entering a comp in years. Is there anything I should know? General Rules? Naming criteria? etc?
What’s the “Minmax” thing that’s banned?
sorry for so many questions. I just don’t want to waste the host’s time by getting it wrong
Here’s the car I’m working on for this


General rules are pretty much summed up in the OP

Minmax = things that fit the ET/PU/cost limitations but not realistic for the time period

When naming your .car file, you name it like so

Model - CSR 113 {your username}
Trim - {whatever car name you want}
Engine family - CSR 113 {your username}
Engine variant - {whatever engine name you want}


Minimax refers to choices of tech or use of quality sliders to get good stats in a way not true to real life. Putting certain sliders to -15 and others to +10 would be considered that, or combining a premium interior with no radio, using race intakes on a road car, a V12 FWD economy car, etc. It’s somewhat subjective; you can ask on the discord if you’re unsure about a particular example.

As for the naming system:
Car family name: CSR113 - (your username)
Car trim name: (your car’s full name)
Engine family name: CSR113 - (your username)
Engine trim name: (your engine’s full name)

                                 1985 Bailey Bramhall V6T

The 1985 Bailey Bramhall, affordable luxury from across the pond! The venerable Bramhall line now includes the luxury touring model, replete with our new smooth and powerful V6, specially designed for American roads!

Enjoy the luxury of a full leather interior, with driver and passenger arm rests, a cigarette lighter in each door, A/C, electric windows, sunroof, and a bespoke 4-speaker sound system.

Experience paralleled safety from powerful disc brakes matched with our new Assisted Braking System, our first ever car with this new technology.

Smooth shifting is provided by our all-new, computer controlled 4-speed automatic transmission.

Amazingly, all this can be yours for $25,000 exactly! With our new fuel-injection technology you can save even money with over 30mpg*

*Road test result, real conditions may vary



This is my first CSR after lurking for a while to steal other’s ideas improve my designs. I decided to enter after intending to enter a car I created recently which fits this theme, however it is a 1988 model year, but otherwise would meet the requirements of the challenge with ease. Thus, I created the Bramhall after I realised that entering a CSR would not be as difficult as I thought.

I apologise for the rubbish photos, I run the game on a potato and the photo scenes and effects are very laggy and low-quality, hence the close-up shot used in the ad.


The Anhultz Dione XII

Personality Objectified.

DX trim shown

Parts of a review looking at a lower-spec Dione

note: parts talking on any competitor cars have been censored to avoid legal issues

Styling and Utility
Styling of the new Anhultz is certainly a selling point. Beautifully detailed, with modern rear lights and nice accents overall on the car, we are certainly a fan. […] Two practical points for the Anhultz still are firstly the (optional) parking poles on the front corners - incredibly useful in city streets and while parking, and even available in an electrically retractable variant.° Secondly, there is the Draaikiepdeur™ (“dry-keep-durr”, litt. turn-tipping-door) mechanism for the rear hatch, of which the top opens normally independently, while the bottom part can swivel open separately transversely with hinges on the right. The idea is to allow transport of light but long cargo without the whole hatch standing open.°°
°standard equipment D and DX trims; °°consult dealer/ owner’s manual for further information

actual car may differ from depictions

actual car may differ from depictions

Full review of the Dione XII CX



Presenting the 1985 FM HiWay.

Piccy is a bit bizarre to look at…but I didn’t want to change it! :rofl:


This car holds the record for the most CSR taking part in. It’s actually kind of an evergreen here.


Here’s my ad. For me a car is never finished. Once I submit it, I’ll want to change something and make it better. But oh well haha


result of me having done a good design for once and being too lazy to make an entirely new one

-> don’t fix what ain’t broken, right?


1985 Avantii Curillex
For only 17,000 $

More pictures

 Domestic Style
 Import Quality
 Out of this World Price

 The 1985 Armor Valencia SE Coupe
 Well-optioned for $23,400.


Yummy closeups


How does everyone feel about using 8 track players vs cassettes for this challenge? There’s no standard cassette yet.






1985 Hanno Firma LX.
Japanese fun, outstanding reliability and clever engineering.
Now with a 2.6L H6 (Boxer) engine.



1985 Marconi Garrote GTV

"Perché scegliere quando puoi avere entrambi?" (Why choose, when you can have both?)

The new Garrote GTV was made with just one objective in mind: to cover all the bases at a price everyone can afford. A 6-speaker 8-track, premium leather seats and a 4-speed automatic gearbox let you take the wheel in the same comfort as you watch TV in your home. Then, the 3.3L V8 and independent suspension at all four corners gives you all the performance you could ever need; in numbers, the Garrote GTV will do 0-60 in 8.6 seconds, the quarter mile in 16 and a half, and it will keep going up to 116 mph. Since fuel prices are one the rise, we have taken care of that too; equipped with the latest multi-point fuel injection, the Garrote will easily get 20 combined MPG even if you're the owner of a lead foot.

All of this comfort. All of this performance. At just $22200.

You didn't misread. Twenty. Two. Thousand. Dollars.

...so, what are you waiting for?

Marconi, automobili pregiate.



The Maesima Celento was notable for being the first Maesima vehicle ever officially imported into the US market in 1982.

The face lifted UM10 Series II sedan, liftback and wagon models were released in April 1985, featuring a revised look with new front fascia, tail treatments in addition to mechanical changes including an automatic transmission option and further refinements to the ride and handling.

The range was revised and the new limited edition Trail-Trek edition was introduced along with and ECO low emissions model which features advanced lower emissions carburettored engine.

This update attempted to address many of the criticisms of the earlier model regarding its reliability, servicing costs and drive and handling characteristics. Earning the Celento rave reviews like these “…safe and inexpensive…” from Motor World Review, August 1982.

Model Offered

Celento 2.0L ECO Liftback 4MT: $7,204*
(* in 1985 value equal to 14,600.00 in 2010 Autiomation units)

2019 Automation EOTY Awards