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CSR 113: Here come the Imports!


well lets just say my car isn’t the most luxurious or comfy, for that matter, i’m too uncertain about my entry as the competition looks tough.


A few CSRs ago the customer was looking for a comfortable car that was fun to drive. I misread the priority list and submitted a small sporty car with a nice interior (think top trim Subaru BRZ), but they were looking for a nice car with some extra power (think Cadillac ATS). Car was a total flop in judging despite my thinking it was going to at least rank. I tell this story to say that until the judging is up you don’t really know how you did. Judging is very subjective, and kicking yourself for what you think may will happen isn’t super productive. This CSR has a very high number of entries, so there is a real chance you car will be at least place on the merits it does have. CSR is a very competitive event here, and anything short of an insta-bin isn’t really that bad IMHO.

Dan Biffle opens up his monthly Slipstream magazine, and browses through the adverts, looking for possible car selections.


The first car he sees is the very blue Waltrea 2300.

Gaaadamn’, that color looks like a smurf threw up. Even if I got that in a better color, it looks incredibly simple, but is packed full of weird technology like a turbocharger, and hydraulic suspension? That’s really weird if ya’ ask me. On top of that, it’s a wagon, which is what old ladies drive, and I ain’t no old lady!

Dan passes up on the Waltrea 2300.


Bull Falls Fastback.

I dunno who the designers were of this thing, but it’s lookin to me like it was designed by several people. Prolly’ over the phone in several different places. It’s got this simplified lookin’ front end like an old muscle car, but it’s all squeezed on the top, and it makes this thing look like fish wit’ a massive chin. They say the specs are pretty decent, but I can’t really be drivin’ round in sometin’ so weird lookin!

Dan passes on the Bull Falls Fastback.


Adonijin Damche

Damn, now this is actually a pretty slick lookin’ thing. Kinda remindin’ me of that show with David Hasselhoff. Like it’s from the future and it’s gonna shoot lasers out! Specs seem pretty decent too, standard 6 cyllinder and auto. Alright. I’ll check it out in person.

Dan saves the ad of the Adonijin Damche with plans to visit a dealer.


CMW YR160e.

Hmm. The Nazis are makin’ cars now. The hell does CMW stand for anyway, Commie Motor Works? East German pricks. This thing actually be lookin’ kinda fine though, fairly simple and composed. I’m kinda likin it. And it seems like a lot of car for the price, nice and big and all. seein as how they’re ‘posed to be nice to drive or something. Alright. I’ll check it out.

Dan saves the brochure of the CMW with plans to visit a dealer.


Deer and Hunt Supercoupe

Awww heeellll yeah, now this is what I’m talkin ‘bout. Reminds me of the cars before these damn regulations came and ruined everything. Strong lines, muscular design, And the Engine seems pretty damn beefy too for bein’ a 6 cyl. Alright. I’m checkin it out. Here’s to hopin the domestics have really caught on.

Dan saves the Deer and Hunt Brochure with plans to visit a dealer.


Arlen Sentinel Pinnacle

Well I’ll be damned, this is a dying breed, a full sized luxury coupe. I’m digging how it looks. Elegant and composed. To be honest it’s kinda lookin like something my ol’ man would drive if he still had his license, but I’ll give it a look anyways. Supposed to have a super fancy interior too.

Dan saves the Sentinel’s brochure


Garunda Charisma

To be honest with ya… I dunno why this thing is called the Charisma. It ain’t got no Charisma. It ain’t classy like an old car, and it ain’t modern and all futuristic. It’s just in uncanny valley and ain’t excitin me.

Dan throws the Garunda’s brochure in the bin.


Kiran Sitsu

This thing’s kinda funky lookin but ta be honest witcha it’s a little weird. I mean, it’s like one of them small city cars that’s supposed to be cheap and good on gas. Yet they’re tryin to make it a premium personal coupe sorta thing. I mean it’s got this cool all glass hatch and sleek headlights. To be honest though I don’t want a cheap car that’s tryin to be an expensive car. It’d be like gettin’ steak from a Mcdonalds.

Dan throws the Kiran’s brochure in the bin


Hanson Heron 3.2

This thing looks kinda basic and the bright blue really ain’t fittin with my taste to be honest. Plus it’s just got some weird choices that I don’t feel like payin for. Says here it’s got 4 wheel vented disk brakes like some kinda hardcore sports car? I ain’t needin that to pay overbudget.

Dan throws the Hanson ad in the bin.


Washington Terceira V6 Luxe

Y’know among all the modern spaceships and crap here, this Washington looks… distinguished. Composed. Like your grandma who still goes to mass every Sunday. There’s something about this one that’s appealin’ to the classier side of me. Maybe it’s the landau top. Maybe it’s the color. It’s been the same for almost 8 years now, but I think this one’s worth a look.

Dan saves the advert for the Washington Terecia and plans to visit a dealer.


Couageux Clemont GTX V6

Gaddam mothafuckin cheese eatin surrender monkeys with their cars that gotta be all weird. It’s a wagon, which they might like over there in surrender land… or an ‘estate’ … like I think they call it. I know they’re all trapped in the Middle ages but here in MURICA we’re in the FUTURE, and wagons are for OLD FOLKS. Plus it’s just too French. So no. Hell I can even say it in French. No.

Dan crumples the Clemont’s brochure and slams it into his bin.


Prosum 120A

This thing is just… kinda… plain lookin. And for the price, it’s too small, too slow, and FWD. It’s just not worth the money and there are better options.

Dan throws the Prosum’s brochure in the bin.


Milano GTB

Damn, this one is nice. Looks like one of them dirt racin cars that flies over 20ft jumps and plows into pedestrians. I like it. Feels really Italian racin car. Like one of them Scageeleatees. All Wheel Drive, 0-60 in 7 seconds. Hell yeah. This one’s definitely worth a look.

Dan saves the Milano’s brochure.


Znopresk Zermatt LX5

This one’s… kinda… weird. It’s one of them offroader things, but, like, a small one. Maybe it’s cause Italy’s the size of Delaware and they can’t fit them big offroaders. Plus it’s got a turbocharged engine. I mean it’s cool and all I guess but it just ain’t what I’m lookin for. I don’t plan on goin offroadin anytime soon.

Dan throws the Znopresk’s brochure out.


Honghu BF766

Well first of all I dun even know how to pronounce this car’s name. Honghu sounds like I’m sneezin’ every time I say it. It looks like one of them new Japanese sedans. It must be Japanese, right? Yeah, must be. Kinda getting a compooter vibe from this thing with how elegant and modern it is. Like one of them macintosh things sorta. It’s nice and big too, with good equipment. Alright, color me interested.

Dan saves the Honghu’s brochure.


Fugitso Dinara LX 2.6

Not too much to say here. Just that from lookin it’s advert over it can’t hold its own compared to the other big sedans on this list, in terms of style, performance and equipment. And for that price, it doesn’t even come with a cassette player? How the hell am I supposed ta’ listen to Steppinwolf now?

Dan throws the Dinara’s brochure out.


Vincer 300 - 320 LXi Automatic

English car, huh. Just like AC/DC. Unfortunately, I think this car’s looks are cashing checks its performance can’t pay. 0-60 in 13.6 seconds? 3 Speed auto? On a little rice burner, maybe. But for this kinda money, against real premium cars, nu-uh, no siree.

Dan throws the Vincer’s brochure out.


Ninomiya Trinity F

What in the fuck… this fuckin thing looks like E.T smashed his face up against a window, the roof is all smushed like It’s a pyramid made from Cocaine, and it’s got a splitter like a bulldozer. That’s not counting all the weird choices like a luxury sound system and only 4 seats. Maybe this car looks like a pyramid of Cocaine because that’s what the designers were on when they made this.

Dan throws the Trinity’s brochure out.

Aria Kazuo 2.5 S

Now this… this is kinda nice I ain’t gon’ lie. Nice and low, and wide, 5 cyllinder, reasonably sized for a coupe, looks like a winning formula to me. Except the beige doesn’t really fit this one… Oh well, I’ll see if I can find a better color on a dealer lot.

Dan saves the Kazuo’s brochure.

Dan decides he needs a Budweiser after looking at so many cars. The rest will come when he’s done.


well crap. i shot myself in the foot with 4 seats… i think…

actually i can’t remember if i kept 5 seats or went with 4…

proceeds to get binned from something else


I know I’m salty, but at this point, we should really have a guideline for “minmaxing” decisions to avoid (as it cannot be avoided if one does not understand that their decision would be considered minmaxing), as well as a thread for out-of-the-box designing tips and tricks (using fixtures as something else).


The thing is, minmaxing is situational, what could be minmaxing in one situation is normal in another. The general rule of thumb for what minmaxing is: unrealistic decisions to get the best stats; hence the term minmaxing, trying to get the stats as low or as high as possible ignoring what may be realistic or not in the process


there’s really no such thing here in CSR. you can minmax the hell out of it. but in the end except if you are personally aquainted and know the taste of the host. what are you minmaxing on?

this series of challenge is subjective, and we’re just trying to cater to the host’s taste, mostly not knowing what it is.

so just do your best and hope it works for 'em.

because even objectively great cars can get insta binned just because of 1 petty thing the host doesn’t like

been there, done that.


Hm, that means research on similar cars should yield a good result, thanks. I guess I should do some research and make a thread about how to get information on cars, thus reducing chances of getting yelled at, although we still are stuck with subjectiveness (may be a good thing, though).


What the host deems minmax or not is entirely dependent on the host, and learning what’s generally considered minmax is just a matter of experience. Nobody’s going to be a master of these challenges the first time they enter them. Just try not to let the bins beat you up, take them as a learning experience for what to do better/differently next time


Another tip I’d recommend (for most CSRs) is avoiding 4 seats as it’s seen as minmax in a lot of circumstances since it increases just about every stat while being very rare in real cars. And from the critique you got in this CSR I’d recommend improving your design skills if you ever got time to just design some cars.

as for tips just for the 80s is that turbos are very unreliable are usually only for performance purposes. Aluminum blocks are very unreliable. With a CSR like this with strict emissions, it is also very likely that going alumium block with turbo to get past emissions without a catalytic converter to improve engine efficiency and power would also be seen as minmax.

Just a few tips


I, honestly, believed cars that seat 4 that isn’t a 2+2 would have 4 seats in Automation too, but I now believe it actually is for cars with 4 independent seats and not bench seats. Thanks.
About designing, I guess doing car designs and trying to find how to compensate for the body shape is the only thing I can do right now.


i try to picture 4 seats as 4 individual ‘captain seats’

and not the bench seat that technically could fit 5 people with 1 in the middle, uncomfortably

i mean like this

or this


Let’s not make huge shitstorm fight here. Please.


I apologize. I’ll try not to offend anyone (even myself) next time.


Seconding this, here’s my two cents: Please don’t get upset over a game! The objective of these challenges has always been for our own enjoyment and entertainment, not for competing to see who’s best; that’s just a byproduct. The idea still is making cars to our heart’s content, just with a few set of guidelines to force us to think differently and not always make meme cars (not saying everyone only does meme cars, I know a certain handful of people that enjoy making shitboxes). Point is, don’t get upset because your car isn’t up there in certain competitions, just be glad you enjoyed your time making it and be thankful for it.

Edit: My comment was a more general approach to these types of complaints in the CSR and other competitions, it wasn’t focused on your response. It’s alright though.


I think you misunderstood me. I wasn’t upset with the game nor was I upset with the competition (I mean I made it through, can’t be upset about that). Was upset with the dude himself, dude’s got on not only my nerve, but others as well. Although I admit this thread isn’t the best place to vent about him.


The customer is a dick, and we can all agree on that, but that is the character. The fact his comments upset you I call good writing on the hosts part (I have no way to know if the host is acting, or projecting, so I will assume the best). I view this CSR as a roast, just because the car gets slammed doesn’t mean it was bad, it just means somebody else matched the customer better, and you get a… colorful rejection. I appreciate the time put into his dickishness over just a wall of just yup, nope, yup, OK down to finals… Nope, nope, yeah that one.

I agree with the general sentiment here, it’s a game for fun. I lose all the time, keep playing anyway.

This is a general statement not aimed at anybody specific.


You made it past the first round so I really don’t get what your issue is. Something i am sure of however is that lashing out at ABG, or anybody for that matter, for something admittedly pointless but harmless nonetheless is not constructive in the least. If you’ve got a problem with my judgement criteria, thats fine. I reserve the right as a CSR host to throw out a car for being too blue which actually happened to me in one of the very early rounds so long as I made that criteria clear. That’s the point of the competition. I welcome your criticism of my made up character’s judgement but if it’s a moral judgement rather than a objective one, I really don’t know what else to say but “don’t sell him a car.” Either way just randomly calling people out for harmless things? Not cool.


Personally, I think I’d rather be binned for being too blue or ugly something silly like that than being just “mediocre” or “like this other one but not as good.”

At least you can laugh, and you know what you did wrong-ish.


The comment was purely directed to Abg, like I said I never had any sort of problem with you, your judgments, your character, the competition, my car, or the others. I never said anything about disliking the way you ran it, or your judgment.