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CSR 113: Here come the Imports!


Well way to make me look like an idiot.

Expect Part 2/3 of Preliminaries Tomorrow. Sorry to make this take awhile, but there are a lot of cars to judge and the usual Uni work is liking to stick its nose in too. But I can assure you I won’t end up giving half assed results.


Not the right place to do it mate. If you have an issue with someone, take it up in a PM or something.

For the record, I have nfi what the issue is (@abg7 I thought your post was fine), but you might want to try writing it in a less offensive way next time.



Turbol Preveza 2.8 LE

Fairly standard and unamusing front end here. This looks like a limo of some kind I’m thinkin. With a classy Landau top and extended roof over the rear. But there’s a lotta things I just ain’t understandin’ about the design. It’s a 2.8L and got one of them fancy turbocharger things and only makes 125 horsepower. But why does it got one at all if it’s a luxury car? Plus, for that kinda money, just looks a bit too small for me. Luxury means space! I need room for mah beer belly!

Dan throws out the Preveza’s brochure.


Tanaka Crezta 2.5 L Royale

Now here’s somethin’ that caught my attention. Looks like suttin the Blues Brothers would drive if they were over there in Asia-land. Got decent power and size. The price does seem to be a bit rich for my blood though. It’s nearly 29,000! I’d have to make my brother chip in for that price… I’ll give it a shot, maybe just to see if I can low ball the dealer. But it’s a long shot.

Dan saves the Tanaka’s brochure.


ACA Traveller

Ya know I had an ACA Chevalier right before the crisis. 550 V8, couldn’t beat it, yeah, those were the days, before those damn middle east countries ruined everythin! Now we got these V6 things that are all sensible and shit… and what for? I grew up with cars that used leaded gas and I turned out just fine!
Truth be told, this is the kind of thing I’m lookin for. Big American sedan that’s comfortable and decent to drive. But can it be good as all these imports here, while keeping true to its red white and blue roots? Well, I’ll give it a shot.

Dan Saves the ACA’s brochure


EmmsWorth - Regina ZW

I ain’t gonna lie, this one’s confusin’ the hell outa me. It’s a wagon, which, only old folks drive wagons, but its lookin like it wants to be an SUV too! And it’s got a seemingly sporty 2.2L 5 cylinder. Goes from 0-60 in 8.7 which is quick, but I just can’t be seen drivin around in a weird offroady wagon thing. Espically for this kinda money.

Dan throws the Regina’s brochure out.


Reduit LX2 2.5

Ah, another sedan tryin ta overwow me with turbo this and hydraulic suspension that. Well I’m lookin ta replace my old car because it keeps breakin, not tryin ta spend more time in the dealer getting it fixed, thanks!

Dan throws out the Reduit’s brochure.


Yaman Trace HT

This thing honestly looks pretty interestin. I really like the paint scheme in this ad too. It’s got decent power and all that too. Alright. I’ll take a look at least.

Dan saves the Yaman’s brochure.


Bailey Bramhall V6T

Why do I get the impression this is what them Europin folks think this is what Americans want? First off, it’s a wagon. Second, a 2.5L V6 just don’t have enough grunt to move suttin of this magnitude. And it don’t even got a cassette player! Just ain’t worth that much money.

Dan throws out the Bramhall’s brochure.


FM HiWay 2.0auto

Here we got another example of an econo ricebox puttin’ on a fancy suit and tie and callin it a day. It’s got the price tag of a full size sedan, yet it’s a 4 banger with less than 100hp and FWD. And I ain’t spendin this kinda money to get this little eco thing. No thanks.

Dan throws out the FM’s brochure.


Sargasso Centauri 2.7i Coupe

A rather simple design but there ain’t nothin too wrong that I can see. A nice, big coupe with style and luxury, seems to check all the boxes. A little underpowered, but I’ll see if that really makes all the difference in person.

Dan saves the Centauri’s brochure.


Albatross Ventura

A muscular muscle car lookin thing, nice. Got a big V6 too… but it just looks too bland for my humble opinion. Which is to say the right opinion. Espically suffers at the rear end, where there’s, like, nuttin to look at but the taillights. Fine but uninteresting.

Dan throws out the Ventura’s brochure.


Avantii Curillex

There’s somethin interestin to me about this one. It’s kinda like the car version of a mullet. Fairly elegant but unassuming looks, econo-shitbox like 4 banger, but it’s boosted by one of them turbo pinwheel things. And fairly good value for money. Alright, I’ll have a look. I just don’t like these turbo things because I don’t understand em!

Dan saves the Avantii’s brochure.


Mondo 720E Premier

Baby barf green… maybe not the best color to advertise yer car in? And the fogs look like buck teeth. Just… not a terribly good lookin thing is it. I honestly just don’t see myself bein able to drive around in sometin lookin like tat.

Dan throws the Mondo’s brochure out.


Maesima Celento 2.0 Eco Liftback (US Spec UM10)

Ayy, I saw this one on the TV durin Mash! Talkin ‘bout their fancy warranty or whatever. May… My… May-See-Im-Ia? Gadam Imports can’t learn to name they’re cars American. I know over there in Commie land, everyone’s broke and ridin aroun’ on horses and waitin in line fer bread… But here in the rich countries, we can afford nice cars. And this block o’ cheese is good for young folks who’re just getting outa college, but not me.

Dan throws the Maesima’s brochure out.

Dan takes yet another budweiser break. The final preliminary round will be soon. :tm:



Fun Fact: This is the second time I’ve been binned from a design both the community and I generally like, the first being way back in 93. Coincidentally or not, the car was also this car in its latest gen. It was also being judged by [a board of] old farts. Guess the Mondo-7 ain’t good with boomer taste XD


That round of beer seemed to cool Dan off, Maybe he is a happy drunk?


Damn, I hadn’t realized just how many people were participating in this CSR. Must be hella work. Anyways, this tipsy old fart has gotten a chuckle out of me, so congrats on your act!


I’m really excited to see what Dan thinks of my car. It is turbocharged, which he seems a little unsettled by. But I wanted to make a premium car so I just felt I couldn’t do without it’s added performance
But mostly I’m hoping Dan finds my ad haha. It’s my first time using this forum. It’s been that long! So I’m unsure if I did it right.
I guess I’ll see
Give me your worst, Dan. It’ll only make the 1986 model stronger :+1:


Um, actually…


I was about to mention how 4.2 is quite big for a V6… lol


A 4.0L V6 isn’t that uncommon in the states. GM has had a 4.3L V6 for 20+ years now. Pretty sure the pre-vortec 4300 was available in 1985, granted it is a truck engine, but it was out. Ford had a 4.0 V6 in several applications, can’t remember the Dodge V6 “Magnum” displacement, but it was comparable. If anything 4.2L V8 was rare at the time. I think the Ford 4.6L was out and about, but most V8s started at around 5.0L. Would have to check dates, the 80’s were experimental coming out of the gas crisis (hence this CSR).


The Ford modular 4.6 wasn’t out until 1991. However, there were a few “economy” V8s discontinued in favor of the ubiquitous 5 liters by 1985.

  • Oldsmobile 260 (4.3L) 1975-1982, 105hp
  • Chevrolet 267 (4.4L) 1979-1982, 120hp
  • Ford 255 (4.2L) 1980-1982, 115hp

Hypothetically, in a universe where gas continued to increase in price, these would have lived on and the 4.9, 5.0, 5.2, and 5.7 liters would have been dropped.


Thanks for the fact check, I knew some smaller V8s were common in the 60’s, but the gas crisis shook everything up. Aside from the five-o V8s mostly evaporated at the time. Is V8 a big thing in not America? I hear about the “Rover” V8’s, and some of the super cars use them, but are there many cars with “just a V8”?


Both Toyota and Nissan had their flagships running V8s and Britain has always had a V8/V12 or bust approach, so went bust.


I was thinking more Cadillac HT4100 V8. It was mounted in Cadillacs transversely from 1982-1987. A 4.2 liter V8 is not out of the question for this era.


Ah. I prefer to forget about the HT4100, when my mind lets me. It was certainly an unusual engine, unique to Cadillac, but you are definitely correct that the configuration is entirely probable for a car of the time.

I hope you didn’t replicate the aluminum block / cast iron heads, though.


I know Dodge had a 4.0 V6 for cars like the Grand Caravan, Pacifica (the 2000s crossover) and the Nitro



You rang?


Nope, stuck with cast iron everything. It’s my own thing, slightly inspired by real world engines but not a direct copy. I dunno, I just kinda wanted to try something different. Hence a transverse V8.


Ayy, transverse V8 bro
I based my car mechanically on the newer Taurus who and aesthetically on late 80s early 90s sedans, with a bit of a Sierra resemblance


you’re the only person I’ve ever known to have vaguely positive feelings towards that generation Pacifica