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CSR 115 - What if "variable generation Focus pt.3" never happened?


I’m gonna be completely honest, a regular spec Focus and Stinger are two very different beasts, so to me it would be comparing apples to oranges


Yeah, but at no point were we asked to build something like the Focus
We were asked to build a sporty, 5 seater car that fits the budget and the rules
A Kia Stinger is a sporty 5 seater car that fits the budget and the rules
There is no rule on car size, engine type, power, etc
As far as I could tell a Kia Stinger is what the rules were asking for


Read the brief again.

Dude clearly says he owns a Focus irl, but in this case he wants something similar to a Focus.

Giving him a Stinger is not a good idea as you’re comparing a hatchback with a sporty sedan.


Can you post a quote?
I can see where he said he owns a Focus. But I’m not seeing anything about him expecting entries like a Focus. It never says that as far as I can see


The car should be realistic, low cost. A cheap commuter with a sporty vibe. That is what transpires through the brief.

I can accept this highly confuses Americans which are generally unfamiliar with the European idea of a small car.

Basically the small European cars you are familiar with are the rarely-sold executive, large-engined, top of the line trims here. So if the organiser is going the realistic route, a Stinger-like sports sedan is simply way too expensive to even consider. You’re competing with a Focus 1.0, ST-line. Not a Focus RS or even a proper Focus ST.

Think economy car, with a small engine, but a sport suspension and some sporty trim.


I’m Australian, but you’re right, I am very confused by this haha
I have followed the advice of these comments and started work on a small hatchback. But I do have my original creation laying on the sidelines still. Just in case the host comes back and says it could be technically considered appropriate haha
I’m just happy this whole conversation happened before I submitted a Stinger-type and it just got binned for some unwritten rule I didn’t understand


I know it is not, I do it intentionally.


Ugh here we go again

  1. For discussion about cars and the like please take it either to Discord or some other thread. This is the CSR, not somewhere to discuss what the Focus is or how the NA market doesn’t have this and that blah blah I don’t care. Please try and stay on topic.
  2. I bought a Focus. Big clue in what I’m looking for here: something similar. I thought it was blatantly obvious but maybe, much like what happened once before, I need to get a box of crayons out and draw it out for you.

Discuss the competition and send me Focus rivals. Simple, surely.


A Kia Stinger is D-Segment, we are building in C-Segment


You forgot to reference the almighty Corsica post ;DDDD


Bro, chill. It’s just a game, no need to get bitter.

Oh, and new design.

KGB Shūchū RS

1.0L I-3 turbo
6 Speed DCT
7.99 - 0-60

€242 per month on finance


When you’re hosting a challenge and there are up to 50 entries that you have to sort through, importing them and chasing after people if there are some difficulties, then yes, there is a good reason for the host to want people to follow the ruleset properly and not send in nonsensical entries. This isn’t like the old CSR where there were only around 20 entries per round.


Probably a good reason to make things clear in the first place. Saying “I want something other than a focus” generally does not mean “I want a focus, but redesigned”.

Still not a good reason to get pissy.


It was already clear as all hell that the premise of the CSR is that OP bought a Focus, but wants something that would compete to be superior than the Focus within its market segment. I really don’t see how anyone managed to interpret this any other way


How did an otherwise straightforward competition get so complicated to understand?


Where did he say “within its market segment”?

Plenty of people buy hot hatches because a sports car is too expensive/impractical, if a sports car is cheaper/more practical then it enters that buyers market.


Here you go

And btw his Focus isnt even an ST or an RS, its just a 1.0 ST-line, so its more like a regular hatch with sporty touches


Well done quoting a post after the entire issue was long settled, completely ignoring the nature of the situation.

I thought we were making cars “in the market segment” not a direct copy of his car.


well it is what you asked me for, why are you still going at it?



reading this part

surely one would get the idea that what he wants is something within that criteria?