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CSR 119: The Kings of Summer, But Abridged [Submissions Closed, Semi-finals Published]


I heard you like classic spanish vans


1999 Express Maxi V8
Must buy excellent condition (only 70k miles)

1 company owner. Very nice condition runs just like when it left the factory in 1999.
Never seen a speck of rust in its life.
Full service history maintained at proper intervals all parts are original. AC still blows cold and also has a nice CD player and traction control.
Has rare factory installed rear door lock and the rare eco package with a more economical DOHC engine compared to the SOHC variant.
Lined with plywood and rare OEM prewired interior lights (converted to LEDs) for an easy camper conversion.

Overall an excellent steal for the price.

$3721 non negotiable



Happy 1st birthday to this van! I made it almost exactly a year ago and not one mod was used!

Also I know my photoshop sucks that was like the second time I’ve ever opened Photoshop okay :upside_down_face:


Ex-Taxi '96 Gordan SVB 4x4 in Flagstaff

Hi my name is Paul, and I run a small Taxi service in Flagstaff Az, I recently upgraded to the newest model of the SVB, looking for greater efficiency with fuel prices on the rise these days. The one I have here was brand new when I bought it, I got a good deal as this one had been sat at the dealers for over a year. It comes with 7 full seats and the Premium interior package, offering greater comfort. This is also the V8 model, with the 4.6 unit made by the LLA-GMI group for the US market. Below are all the technical specs for this model;

  • Odometer: 147,877 Miles
  • Cylinders: 8
  • Capacity: 4600cc
  • Fuel System: EFi
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Economy: 11.4 mpg (US)
  • Tarnmission: 4 Speed Automatic
  • Drive: 4x4
  • Seats: 7 Full

Asking $2,393.50 ONO








For Sale: 2002 Morton Grandeur $5800 ono

excellent condition 7 seater passenger van
3.5l V6, 4 speed automatic, RWD
power steering and ABS


Only 2 days (and about 8 mins) till the deadline of this CSR ends!

Link To Countdown

I haven’t received a car from: @HybridTronny
I haven’t received an ad from: @yangx2

Hurry up guys! Not much time is left



For 1991, Sisten introduces the Pacific TC utility van. Just buy it.


1995 Sisten Pacific TC

very cool van for sale. I’ve used it to transport concrete for some years, has been very useful. costs some money is very comfortable please help me



very cool van :sunglasses::ok_hand:


For Sale

2005 Franklin Marshall Passenger.
2.5L Turbo - excellent fuel economy.
Been used for the last 6 years as my work van. No rear/middle seats. Front interior is in excellent condition.

Rear of vehicle has been boarded on bed and to the underside of windows.

Outside of vehicle is good.

Regularly serviced.

If you want a complete Passenger then this isn’t the vehicle for you.

$5,900 or very near offer.


1998 Kazuki-Jino TourMaster XL Turbo

Ex-camper project.
JDM Import
4.7L inline-5 turbo diesel



1 OWNER IMPORTED 1996 Steinhauer Pioniere AWD - $3950 [SAN DIEGO]:

ORIGINAL import from Germany, 5-speed AWD stick-shift with 3.0L SwT V6, getting 27.0 mpg (US). ONLY ONE OWNER!

7 seats, middle row seats can be rotated, rear seats can be removed for large loads. Fits large dog very well. TOP OF THE LINE AWD model, with diff locks, ABS and TC, electric power steering, and utility suspension tuning; perfectly suited to heavy loads.

No accidents, as I am a CAREFUL driver who uses all 4000 SwT RPM responsibly. Placed highly in CONTEMPORARY European crash-tests due to its steel and aluminium monocoque construction, so it’s good if you aren’t as attentive as me.

Back seats in good condition despite presence of kids and dog, front springs bouncier than when new. Engine and gearbox are AS NEW. Front indicator bulbs quite old. AC works but is a bit slow. Parking brake is hard to engage, but works well regardless. Comes with HIGH QUALITY aftermarket radio & CD player installed because original broke. Has quad-sunroof UNIQUE to this model.

I am selling this car because I just bought a 2005 SWF 225b, and we don’t have the spare garage space for this piece of GERMAN ENGINEERING PERFECTION. I live in San Diego, but if I think you’re serious I’ll consider driving to you to show, but DON’T screw me around.


<More Images>

All photos were taken in BeamNG, and edited using Paint.NET.


Note: The actual price given by the calculator for this challenge was $3865.4, but I marked it up to $3950 under the pretense of the owner having installed an “aftermarket radio”; the original radio in Automation is “Premium Cassette”.

I would also advise against believing all of what the seller is saying about the “quality” of some of the components. :stuck_out_tongue:



My Trusty 2000 Huangdou GX6471H

Out of all the vehicles I could have stuck with, who knew it would be a Chinese van that served as a campus landscaping vehicle for most of its past life. It’s a rare breed of its kind. Usually you don’t see a truck chassis attached to a van body like this, but here we have it. It was heavy, capable, and got me anywhere I pointed it towards. The experience driving it was unmistakable. When I first got it I felt like I was driving a U-Haul with the 18-wheeler-esque steering wheel, but after a while I had grown used to it.

This van has served me for years as a photographer’s rig and handy adventure vehicle. It has been with me to Utah, Colorado, Oregon, California, and many other North American places. It has appeared in many of my vlogs, the photos on my Instagram feed, as well as my frustrated Snapchat stories. All that could be said is that many memories were made in the van, both in the front and the back…

…and it’s time to part ways. The legendary Huangdou I have dealt with for ages is now up for sale. It’s a great, capable van for something that has been imported from China, and I will miss it.

To whomever may acquire this van in the coming future, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. It will be your partner for years to come.

-. James K.


…and my main line of inspiration for this ad: A playlist full of songs I play when I travel to new places, or just into the mountains a couple hours away from me.


Room for two, with a splendid view.
And maybe one more, to help with the chores.

More pictures


1991 Armor AM van Hi-Top (base)

My father bought this van new in 1991 for our annual trips to Florida every summer. We’re all grown now and he has no need for it anymore. Base model with a 4cyl and 5 speed manual. Factory installed running boards. Almost all highway miles. New tune up including oil change and timing belt replacement. Super reliable. $3570 firm.