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CSR 129v2 - The Midnight Courier


With luxury brand Kerberos interested in improving their desirability, they have introduced the in house customizer Spartan Coachworks. The team’s first effort is the Kerberos Titan SCW, a bespoke V10 supercar that will reportedly only find up to 350 buyers a year. Each of those buyers will receive, however, an all–aluminium engine rated at 380HP putting power to all four wheels via a 5 speed manual transmission. The interior of the Titan is all hand–stitched leather and paint and leather colors are selected by each buyer.

*The vehicle in these shots is a prototype and may not represent the final product. (:coughcough: I totally didn’t forget the side markers in these shots don’t judge me… :cough:)


Specs and Information

Specs of the new DiClemente Orion SR:

  • A 5.1L Quad cam fuel injected Italian v8 producing 432hp and 467Nm of torque.

  • Advanced All-Wheel-Drive system ensuring perfect grip no matter the situation. Paired to a 5-speed manual transmission this combination makes for perfect driving pleasure.

  • Luxury interior with high-quality Italian leather seats with a great sounding cassette sound system.

  • High tech safety features include Anti-lock Braking System and optional Driver airbag.


DiClemente decided to give their regular luxury sedan to their performance division, SR. What they did was put a massive naturally aspirated V8 from one of DiClemente’s sportscars. They heavily tuned the car to become one of the fastest coupé/sedans out there. SR didn’t want to mess with the Orion’s looks too much however, which resulted in a very understated looking car that packs a mean punch to anything that dares oppose it.
They didnt stop there however, SR decided to make the Orion’s interior even more luxurious with Italian leather seats and a high quality stereo system.

( Due to it’s understated looks it was a perfect vehicle for criminal activity because police would usually be looking for flashy supercars, while this looked like a regular sedan.)

More pics


AlbulaMotors has heard of a struggling man and used that excuse to build the all new Giovi ventilazione forzata. Its has the capability to carry up to 2 complete golfsets including the golfers themselves and their caddys. To move all this mass this Giovi got equipped with a Boosted 6 liter V10 making enough power to provide your daily needs with ease.

It has four proper seats and a brand new cassette player whenever your passenger has a annoying Voice. The uncompromising engine uses standard 95 Octane fuel and only 16.2 liters to maximize your range in a shakedown.

Its exhaust systems are fitted with a Catalysator in concern of your health when idling in a Garage. The boot fits almost one cubic meter of any substance you want to carry without compromising in Sportiness or Looks or seating. By folding down the rear seats it opens enough room for a bed for two whenever you don’t have the time for a hotel. It’s the Sportwagon every night courier dreams of when they try to fit that stupid bag in the front of a Stinger RS-X.

There are large yellow fog lights mounted just above the ground to illuminate the corners of the night with their high contrast light. For your braking needs there are 300mm vented discs mounted all around the car for you to never ever have to suffer from brake fade on a difficult mountain pass.
It’s the Sportwagon every night courier dreams of when they try to fit that stupid bag in the front of a Stinger RS-X.
All yours to take for just 85’000 CHF
oh and its tachometer reeds more than 300kmh


Due to a bug in Automation turning Aruna’s Porsche 910 body’s cargo space to 0L (instead of 145L), is this something I can just ignore, or should I fix it in some way?


I belive Xepy had already said on the Discord that he would not be counting the cargo space stat.


Yeah it’s bugged on quite a few bodies unfortunately.



1988 Reizei FE-R 5.0

lfa engine meets mid4 type ii design or something


Sledgehammer One, by Atlantic Automotive

An American supercar without supercar compromises.



The Centauri Buffalo has long been a staple of American made performance, with this export option of the 455GT the big 455cubic inch V8 is unrestricted from exhaust emissions and is tuned to run off the higher octane fuels more commonly found in Europe. throw in the Track pack package with vented front discs, front and rear aero, a track focused suspension setup and 490hp and 500lbft on tap the Buffalo will roast tires, and the competition.


Tronny, you have a rival!

1988 AB Monozukuri Prodigy Turbo

A 3.0L Twin Turbo V6 producing 391hp to all 4 corners. It reaches 62mph in under 5 seconds and carries on until it hits its electronic limiter at 155mph. The Aluminium panels and all Aluminium block and head mean it weighs just 1340kg.

Some Lore Cars

First Use Of Turbos
Early 80s Turbo Concept - Due to the use of turbos prior, the turbo has some quality spam (sorry).

First True Sports Car

First Car


synthwave momen
also disclamer yellow fog lights not available

Recanna Fulda P600-4

Specs 1470 kilograms, 3.9 litre V8, twin turbo, AWD system, 3.9 seconds 0-60, 202mph top speed, near as makes no difference 56000 AMU

Move over poor person


1988 Gallagher Sentinel “Merryweather”

As seen in BlackboltLonewolf’s comic CatBytes :tm:

*Pictures redistributed with the artist’s permission
**Bulletproof armor, computerized defense system and weapon arsenal not included


catgirls provide an unfair advantage, smh


Morton T70


The 1987 Meiji - Ares Yokai S

Collaboration with @AMuteCrypt

“Listen, Jakob! I heard you need some new wheels. Don’t worry my man, I’ve got something for you. You know that Meiji Ares partnership car that just got launched this year? The Yokai. I know what you’re gonna ask, and yes, according to Meiji only 10 of them exist on the planet right now, and they’ve all been sold to collectors so far, but I have a lead on an 11th car, a ghost production unit made for a cartel boss down in Brazil. According to some of my informants, he doesn’t exactly keep his cars in a guarded warehouse. Don’t call me crazy, but I think it could be a quick score. I’ll bet you he wouldn’t even mind either, he’s got more cars than he has tonnes of cocaine to sell. Besides, I’m sure he’s behind on payments for it, his market is drying up to rival cartels anyways… I can have it to you by Thursday. Meet me at the corner of Lafayette and Liberty.”

This is my first CSR - Please be gentle :stuck_out_tongue:


More pics

New Lanark GT300 SS-X


0-60 in 5.5 seconds
Luxurious leather interior
Quality Aida sound system

The next step in grandoise


With the exception of an estate, I appear to have brought a saloon to a coupe fight…


1985 Renwoo GP


LCE LP12 AWD Concept

Behold our most advanced car ever.

Packing enough tech, power and style to make KITT from Knight Rider envious, the all-new 1988 LP12 AWD Concept boasts the following features as standard:

  • A mid-mounted 6.0L all-alloy normally aspirated V12 with variable intake valve timing delivering 520 horsepower to all four wheels (with a 33/67 front/rear torque split) via a 5-speed manual gearbox and Torsen limited-slip differential - yielding a 0-60 mph time of just 4.1 seconds and a blistering top speed of 204 mph, which should be more than enough to outrun anything else on the road.

  • 4-wheel fully independent A-arm suspension with air springs and adjustable dampers, staggered and Z-rated high-performance tires, 18" forged alloy wheels and vented anti-lock disk brakes enable the car to stop and turn on a dime like few other cars can - with 1.11 g of lateral acceleration on a 200m skidpad and a 60-0 mph stopping distance of just 33.1 meters, every drive will feel like the final lap of a Grand Prix.

  • Head-turning styling from any angle, courtesy of a stylish and aerodynamically efficient hand-finished light alloy body sculpted in-house by expert artisans, yielding a curb weight of 1.56 metric tons, and coated in any paint color the customer desires (Jet Black is shown above) - guaranteed to impress anyone at Chase HQ.

  • A highly luxurious interior trimmed in the finest hides and genuine woodgrain, incorporating a high-end sound system with built-in cassette tape player - more than enough to make any Rad Racer happy whether you’re doing 200 mph or at a standstill - plus a driver’s side airbag to keep you alive if things go wrong.

Prices for the LCE LP12 AWD Concept start from $88,600 AMU.