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CSR 89 - "Cheri Cheri Lady" (RESULTS)


Didn’t stop one of my main inspirations from hijacking the term for itself (albeit with different spelling);

The land of the rising sun loves the land of the roundy pizza, don’t you know. :stuck_out_tongue:

All joking aside, another swing and a miss… Still wonder that could’ve been cut from the car, bar the ABS, that could’ve lowered the budget. I was already running into ET problems and had to cut some things from the car as-is.
As for economy, I simply chalk it up to my unlucky turbo training. This technology is a pain to fight against and a pain to use (you don’t need to share that guide, I’ve seen it)…


oof! :heart_eyes:
I need this body style!!! some one please make this body (R100 Mira), it suits my Mk.2 Rosales sooooo much…

Oh, non non non
It’s not French engine… but it will get you a baguette if you drive this to the bakery :3
p.s. it’s Thai…


this is 100% true. it’s also the reason Eurobeat basically exist in the pop culture lexicon to this day!


I’m happy with the results so far. Haven’t made Round 2 in a few months. And I guess I’ll say thanks to the guys in the Discord server for encouraging me to toss my complicated turbocharged nonsense and go with simple and elegant. Looking forward to seeing round 2.


Oh dayum I put the +1 quality on the body and not the chassis :frowning:


I pretty much have done an all nighter because I really wanted to get the finals done now, but the hours passed and there’s still some commentary left to do, yet I have to go to college in a bit. So, before the actual finals, have the eliminations which are done:

It‘s now early afternoon, alternatively after-lunchtime. The Radio still turned on. Janny took a bit of respite from the larger influx of guests the diner receives during midday. All the while, Boldi and Roland have driven to their house to load her coffer. She was prepared to head out this afternoon already.
Her husband Boldi will look after the premises while she‘ll be travelling to Yarishausen with Roland.
Janny has also had a second look on each ad, flyer and brochure while she served a few drinks to Waldi. He himself was browosing for some more technical details of the cars they intended to look at, intrigued about the bulging amount of tech used in the ones still left.
Janny: “You‘ve noticed something wrong?“
Waldi: “Nothing, really! Well, some actually puzzle me in hindsight.“

Kuma TD 1.4 Convertible @Xepy
W: Like the Kuma! I mean, I already mentioned it seemed upscale despite the, as you can see, quite bare interior.
J: Yeah, I noticed, but Roland seemed fascinated about it!
W: Because he likes sporty cars! And I suspect this one here was about driving as firm as his own is, but totally bad for the roads here! I mean, he was beaten by a Kvass out of all cars haha!
J: Well, I did take an unpaved road in it which I usually don‘t do, but it handled it like nothing unlike his! But back to the Kuma, the interior, while featuring a tape deck and even a rear bench, looks a bit cheap. Sure continues that nice exterior paint to the inside on the bare metal, but that really isn‘t something I looked for.
W: Veeery much a contrast to all what it has! Did you know this thing also has, get that, a torsen differential? Usually put in sports cars for traction! And that‘s on top of a Turbo multi-valve engine with variable cam timing!
J: Can‘t be that bad, though? I mean, it returns incredible economy!
W: Ohh, it‘s not bad, at least I rarely had a Kuma in. One can embrace all that as long as it‘s carefully designed. But it‘s quite ahead of it‘s time, and I suspect something will go wrong with it. If it isn‘t something with the turbo, then it‘s with the timing or the valve train, maybe just by the time the warranty runs out haha!
J: I was already getting undecided over that interior, guess I‘ll skip a test drive on this.

FABEL Sirius Cabrio @MrChips
J: Remember this one also featured a bit of a worse interior. Unfortunately so, it looks FABELous otherwise!
W: Hey, it‘s the cheap rear engined one! I like it, has a smooth little but capable boxer motor, 16 valves but kept simple, no variable cam, kept light by being full aluminium, and of course they had a picture showing off that rear uncovered! It looked like it used an electrically controlled carb! Just simple and reliable!
J: I think I was seriously concerned about how tame it might be?
W: Well, could always fit wider rear tyres and narrower fronts at some point. Actually, nah, the vented brakes are tuned for these tyres, I‘d lose my license to do the TÜV if I wouldn‘t somehow tune that, too!
J: Does it even need that?
W: If you want it tame, it does. Might cost a bit, but it‘d be a nice project, actually.
J: Maybe if the seats were nicer and if it‘d use a bit less petrol, I would‘ve said yes! But as it is, I don‘t think I actually want that despite the low price.

EKW Piper S @PengiWanKenobi
J: Say, when I looked at the Piper‘s paper, I didn‘t find any mention about power steering?
W: No, doesn‘t seem to have that. It doesn‘t even seem to have anything that could go wrong! Just plain and simply… oh actually, it has a slightly iffy variable cam system, but that‘s about all.
J: Well, it‘d be better to have some power steering. But it does mention that it‘ll never rust?
W: Only on the panels, the chassis needs to be sealed, still.
J: Good. Now I also know what Roland meant with direct feedback from the road. But I‘d rather have some power steering, please. This one would‘ve been great, otherwise!

Lagau Epyx Turbo @yurimacs
J: I knew you guys were liking this one for not just its tough but fun adventurer looks, but when I look again, I‘m not keen on having a tiny open air flatbed pickup. Besides, shift stick being somewhere by the steering wheel? It‘s not too out of the world considering some older cars I‘ve seen, but out of my fancy. But what do you really think about the Epyx ‘Turbo‘?
W: Awesome unit, maybe complicated engine, though! But it‘s the engine that makes it unique. Well, I know what you think, there‘s Turbo in the name! And, well, I did say that that might be too much to have variable cams, turbo and multi-valve on the same thing, and this even has a fifth cylinder!
J: It may as well have a turbo-encabulator!
W: A… what?
J: Sounded like that to me, hehe! But in the end, it lacks a cassette player, simply.
W: Your choice!

LSV Stallion @LS-Vehicles
J: Now to talk about the handsome Stallion in the room.
W: I actually wondered why you were as interested as you are in this one! It sure is a looker.
J: It really has a great flair going for it, simply! I know, no matter what‘s inside, if I put the Stallion in front of my diner, it‘d gain attention from anyone driving by! And even if I drove it around, I‘d quite easily gain respected looks! I could already imagine becoming ‘The Lady with the American sled‘ or something!
W: Of course you would! Well, the engine would be not as problematic as you may expect. A blend of proven and new. Sturdy iron block takes the turbocharge, simple valvetrain excuses the variable cam timing on top!
J: But I have to be reasonable, I think it‘s ultimately unwieldy!
W: Ohh but for this, it has traction control to keep the rear wheels in check, pretty sure that wasn‘t implemented without though!
J: Waldi, Waldi, you sound like you were actually excited about this yourself!
W: Well, I am, it‘d be good to work on!
J: Now, though, while it‘d be impressive in presence and well spacious inside, it‘d be a bit hard to drive due to that sheer size! You must remember, the streets here are a bit narrow, still.

Garuda Kat-6 S @goblin95
J: And then we have the Garuda, which has a bigger displacement than the Stallion! I think taxation for this would end up being a bit bigger than necessary.
W: They would, and I think insurance will also be a bit higher due to the layout and power.
J: But may still be bearable! Well, unless we look at that fuel consumption. It sure has an automatic, but relatively speaking, it is a bit on the high side!
W: That‘s like a small GT car! Minus leather seats. That engine sure is grand, though! I bet someone would put twin turbos on it!
J: Who would do that? It seems to be on the powerful side already!
W: It‘s a sporty looking car, after all! Underlined by, well, big vented disks behind the front wheels.
J: But I can see it being timeless, in that it might still look fresh in 15 years! It‘s really a youthful design, yet a necessary compromise has to be made.

Just then, Roland and Boldi returned.
Roland: YOUR TAXI!
Janny: I‘LL COME MOMENTARILY! Boldi, here are the keys for the diner! Don‘t let anything burn, hun.
Boldi: Ah it‘ll be fine! Now, stay safe on your trip, don‘t buy anything silly.
Waldi: And don‘t forget Ivan‘s tape!

Around 4 and a half hours travelling west later, they arrived in Yarishausen. It was already dark out, Roland and his family were able to provide a couch for her to sleep on. Eleven cars are waiting for Janny tomorrow. She agreed to drive Roland to work the next morning, so she‘ll be able to get around. She handily got a map where every nearby dealership is marked.

Still in the finals: findRED19, yangx2, CorsicaUnknown, racer126, z2bbgr, conan, abg7, zschmeez, NiuYorqCiti, thecarlover, Knightophonix!


So I made it to the finals for real? I haven’t pulled that off in a while… Anyway, I know that getting the last part of the reviews and the final results out is a time-consuming endeavor, hence the fact that only the lineup of finalists is confirmed as of now, but props to you for at least getting something done!


Dang, power steering is for the bourgeoisie! Should’ve occurred to me that after being stuck under communism for so long, a little imperialist luxury looks quite attractive to Janny.


Well, it kinda sucks that the engine was with mixed receptions, ultimately the complication of the engine blew my chances of passing through, with the manual transmission and the lack of a cassette player being the nails to my coffin.

But it was good knowing that I got past the first round. I knew at some point that the car would fall at second round. Good luck to all the finalist! The competition looks fierce at the moment…


Seems like I got the bin. Welp, it was a good round everyone!



The Radio is still turned on“We have one of the last Sunny and warm days this year, up to 14°C“
Good thing Janny has a jacket on.

Mitsushita Boarilla SE Convertible @conan

The first dealership that caught her attention was selling both Mitsushita and Pajaro. She stood and looked at the Boarilla in person. Finely crafted, not over the top, a colour that is distinct but doesn‘t shout, it just underlines both sportiness and refinement. The headlight wipers are a vaguely useful but highly interesting feature, she thinks. But the blue tinted rims are chic! With the top off, it looks absolutely fine inside. The rear bench here is adequate, focused for 2 passengers. When asking for the keys, the personell readily handed her the keys, but curiously asked whether she was from the East. A quick explanation does confirm that to them, and they were rendered intrigued. The keys are in, turned, and the engine comes alive. Silent as has been noted once. She fancied trying out the tape deck, Ivan’s Italo Disco tape playing, these multiple speakers really making a good sound! Driving it around also revealed to her that it is indeed very grippy, indeed swift! That‘s what she noticed from taking some corners more sharply, and this one turns out to be quite the steep entry.
It has quite some fun qualities going for it and a gorgeous look, and it sets the bar quite high already in quality.

Pajaro Tempest GL @CorsicaUnknown

She now went on to request the next keys from the dealer. Meanwhile, beholding the overall looks. The Tempest has actually a more active and youthful appearance than the Boarilla, bold in yellow. Turn the key, the engine roared to life with a noticeable tone from the front. That‘s the performance intake, the dealer exclaimed. This tapedeck also readily receives the disco cassette, playing where we left off. It‘s just stereo, but adequate! Driving off, Janny noticed that it does notice wheelspin if it gets a bit slippery. Yes, it notices it, the traction control. Otherwise, the ride is quite a lot more firm than on the Boarilla. More direct, but less gentle if the road is uneven and patched.
So, it‘s not perfect, but capable.

Huangdou CC-100S @yangx2

It was quie the coincidence that the Huangdou dealership was just around the corner, or was it? But yet, here it is! Weren‘t they Chinese? Since when do they make lifestyle vehicles like this? But well, it sounded very capable, and in person, just looks unique as it can with its blue A-pillars and accents! Sharp in white! A feature-rich rear! It was questionable to put the spare tyre outside the usual place in the trunk. May save up space there, but it kind of gives the vehicle the wannabe-offroad look. However, after this dealer also asked out of intrigue whether she is from the East, she received the keys for a test drive. It turns on quietly, she drove it a bit outside, then inserted her cassette again playing . And what a quality it was! She doesn‘t usually listen to disco much anymore, but this one might as well get one rolling! The vehicle rolled a bit happily into the curves along to the music, but it has really balanced safe and responsive handling, it‘s quite easy to drive around!
She returns with a smile on her face, it‘s a quirky little car.
When asking around for the SBA importer, the same dealership explains that they offer these, as well!

SBA Rosales R150 CS @z2bbgr

It was just in a showroom around the corner, this blushing box of a cutie! Front and rear had character, even if it looks a bit aged. With the keys, it turns on audibly. Vrooom, it seems ready to drive, ready to play. Again a more performance oriented setup? She remembers that this one doesn‘t necessarily have more power than the others state, but driving it around reveals that it is just as quick, maybe even more agile than the Huangdou.
Considering the asking price, this brings a lot to the table!

Solo Checker Droptop @thecarlover

Next up, she had to head for the RCM dealership in order to find the Solo Checker. Waldi told that this is probably the most reasonable option, all things considered. And it looks like it, youthful but smart. That blue sticker does give it a fancy side, and the tailgate still is simple but at home in both the past and coming era! The front lights also give it a quite high-tech aura, even though Waldi mentioned that the Checker was deliberately kept mechanically simple. This dealer again asked whether Janny‘s from the East, just out of curiosity, of course. But the keys are handed to her, the engine started, a healthy sound of 4 cylinders filled the environment until that cassette has been loaded, blasting it on all 4 speakers . This car is certainly feeling a bit slower than many of the previous cars. However, it also feels just right, just direct and fun as long as you drive it normally. To some hard turns, it seems to really announce the understeer, which is in a way useful!
It‘s also giving some peace of mind knowing the Checker provides an airbag standard.

Albatross Venice @zschmeez

Just across the street was the lot of Albatross. Janny was at first reluctant to consider a T-top, but she headed in open minded, as it seemed extremely capable. Entering the dealership, she was again met with the question whether she‘s from the East. She didn‘t even have to open her mouth! After explaining what she wants, the Venice was pointed out, ready to drive except for one detail. Disattaching and stowing away the roof panels actually turned out fast enough. The car gets quite a premium stance in this colour and trim, and it is actually continued with lush leather seats inside. That‘s almost too much but appreciated. Engine on, quite silent, especially within the cabin. Tape on, the stereo system fills the cabin quite well. Windows down, drive off… it really pulls well. The supple seating goes nicely with the ride quality, it is quite a balanced setup! The only unconvincing thing is the safety equipment, but that may not be required because it is in a more reinforced roof design. But there seem to be a few things that just keep it from being acceptable to her.
The T-top does provide a nice amount of wind, but it is not quite the same as the previous cars she could drive open top.

DAAG CS20iC @NiuYorqCiti

A bit further driving required for the DAAG seller. Guten DAAG! And then they ask again whether she comes from the East. The Westies seem quite intrigued every time. But she was quite amazed to see that she‘s been handed the keys to another car with leather interior! And not just that… This has an Automatic! After a brief instruction to it, the engine gets started, stick shifted into D and… it pulls away, no clutch action needed. She turned the radio on for a change, no tape for now. The two speakers in this seem just good, the engine not droning out the stereo, this has certainly an almost luxury feel to it! Just… she didn‘t quite remember the looks of it now except that it was coated in elegant dark silver, but it drives nice, like by itself! A good subtle player. And yet still, the car really turned out agile and fun cruising along the commercial suburb‘s numerous turns back to the dealership. She‘s taking a rail crossing with some gusto… Dudu dudu dududu dudaag! She swears the ‘drumming‘ didn‘t just come from the music, she felt it coming from the car as she drove over the somewhat bumpy rail track crossing! Bottom out, can that be?
It was after the drive where she took more time to look at the car itself. The leather interior even stretches the copious rear bench! And the outer design has its merits, maybe a bit too understated, but the headlights practically molding in shade with the body paint is something that was so subtle that Janny noticed it just now: It‘s like it tries to hide the headlights with a clear cover! The rear has a simple but elegant look, too.
She thought it‘d be a very solid and even prestigious design! But after that weird feeling she‘s got on the bumpy tracks, she is having a few second thoughts about the CS20iC.

GM Ghyffer Pouselle C @findRED19

A bit further down the road, Janny went to GM‘s lot, and asked for the Pouselle. She not only got the keys, but also another time the question whether she‘s from the East. She came to the realisation that she‘s actually an alien. She‘s a legal alien, an eastie in West Germany. At first glance, the Pouselle might also look a bit alien, yet cute (with tiiiiiny mirrors!). The colour is also very refreshing, a cool cyan, which also follows inside the trim line going all around the body. And it makes a good contrast for the rear, which admittedly still looks different than the front but great by itself! Gazing upon the insides, she finds 4 seats, but sitting inside, she noticed that while it is not a leather interior, it‘s still a well made robust textile! And she was surprised about having another automatic, this one seems to have extra buttons over the DAAG‘s offer. After a few questions about these, she turned the engine on, making a quite unique burbly sound, though a bit on the loud side. Shift to D, it pulls off. She puts the cassette in her jacket to use again, the 4 speaker audio system is actually very good, as well! Only bested by the Huangdou. Driving it around the corners, however, she noticed that the Ghyffer stays oddly firm and doesn‘t lean as much as some of the other cars she drove. It‘s still somehow comfortable, but she does notice if there‘s a single sided bump. Not too bad but could be better. Playing with that gearbox, she found the sport mode, and it does shift! Even with the automatic, it feels marginally quicker than the Solo which already had adequate performance.
There‘s something pure about this, and I remember Waldi being quite fond of the simple engine! Yet, it does use quite a bit of fuel.

Morton Shrike Cabrio 1.8 @abg7
Just beside the GM dealership was the Morton one. They do seem to cluster here. Ask for the Shrike Cabrio, and she got again the question: Are you from the East?
Well, the key is handed to her, but she‘s looking at the shrike first. It looks actually sporty with its narrow headlights and the round fog lights below the lip. Two turn signals per side for the front, for that redundancy? And the license plate sits a bit higher up than she would expect. Yet, the more she actually looks at the Shrike, the more she finds that it has some confident look. And look at that full feature interior seating! And another Automatic! Well, let‘s have a go with it. Turn it on, and hear the quiet engine. Nice. Put it to drive. Nice. Put in the disco mixtape and have a bit of a drive around… it feels extremely nice to handle! May not be as comfort focused as some others, but it has struck a balance, and it holds the line well with many grip reserves. Which then reminded her concern about expensive tyres. Returning to Morton, she checked the size of them… medium compound, but 165s… she was sure she‘s seen wider ones on some others.
Impressive! She‘ll remind herself about the Shrike. It really met her expectations.

FAAL Mesaia CAB @Knightophonix

It‘s almost turning afternoon. She had skipped lunch just to be able to have a drive and try out most the 11 cars she definitely considers. Handily, FAAL and Geschenk will be next to eachother, and she‘s already asking for the Mesaia CAB. Intriguingly no question whether or not she‘s from the East! Instead, keys, and there‘s the Mesaia. It looks really nice in person, from the big headlights to the even more beautiful rear lights, and the darkened trim on the trunk! Seems a bit more modern than the usual French manufacturers, but definitely chic! Also with capable rear seats! Sitting inside, she found the usual set of 3 pedals and a shifter stick she‘s used to. Start the car… ahh, it‘s almost as loud as the Pouselle! Head out, try that tapedeck on this one too. Intriguing, it seems to have a 3 speaker layout, which is better than the usual 2. Now, taking some bends and corners in the suburbs… it seems to handle them incredibly! It rolls a bit into the curves, but otherwise just feels very nice! Also makes my hair sweep!
Back at the dealership, Janny thinks that this might be a great car, it seems to fit her!

Geschenk Kunai XL @racer126

The first car she‘s seen ends up being the last one driven, and does it look… raised. Something that isn‘t raised is its price, which is great. Otherwise, a great design. In some regard reminiscing of the Shrike, but just appears better executed and more angular! A more robust but still modern design! Meanwhile, keys for a test drive have been handed to her.
And before the car seller was able to ask, Janny answered: “Yes, I‘m from the East, and not sorry, I‘ve been asked that too many times today!“
Seller: “But, your hair, lady?“
Oh… looks like Janny has now gotten quite a hairstyle going for her now, after she forgot to comb them after the last test drive.
Janny. : “Oh, sorry.“ As she clears her hair. “Anyway, I‘ll be back in about 20 minutes!“
Janny heads off then after. Still loaded with that italo tape she inserts and she found that this is one of the better 2 speaker cassette players! The engine is whisper quiet, it steered nice- Oh, did she hit the brake too hard? Hold on… Oh, something seems wrong with the ABS? Hey, I think it‘s the one where Waldi warned about the ABS being harsher and too sensitive than on other models, so, could be a problem?
Back at the Geschenk-dealer, Janny is asking how warranties are for it. “If there are electronic issues, free service 2 years guaranteed, unlike most!“
That might be something, but she feels like it might as well be a bluff. Otherwise, it drove well besides and has a very low asking price.

And with that, it’s about time for Janny to heads to Roland‘s workplace to pick him up now.

Roland: Thanks for driving me! I thought you already picked one by now?
Janny: Well, I have had a look and even a drive with all 11!
Roland: Great! Some you‘d like to fancy?
Janny: First, some I won‘t likely buy:
The Tempest – A few tiny reasons, but mainly, bit too stiff for my taste.
The Kunai – Drove that just before, I don‘t quite trust that ABS, might‘ve worked if that manufacturer had proper quality control on that system!
The Venice – The T-top is a nice idea but not quite for me. On top of that, despite premium leather, it‘s still outclassed by some convertibles.
Roland: And the others?

5th: @findRED19
4th: @z2bbgr - 4.5th: @NiuYorqCiti
3rd: @yangx2
2nd: @abg7 - 1.5th: @thecarlover
(More placements on request)

Roland: And to whose dealership are we heading?
Janny: To FAAL, for the quirky French beauty Mesaia!
1st: @Knightophonix

Thank you all for participating and your patience! You’ve all made awesome cars, and it while it did take a lot from me, I made sure to give each and every one of you a good look and I hope a nice review!

There will be an epilogue to this still to properly finish things off, but as for now, hope you enjoyed!


After winning two consecutive CSRs, I’m more than happy coming out as a finalist in this one. I really enjoyed it, felt refreshing to design a car for that target demographic.

Thanks to @4LGE for hosting this CSR. It was good fun!

PS: I’m glad to see that the winner entry has a manual gearbox, it seems a lot more realistic to me and fits the purpose of the whole vehicle better, which is being a fun car to drive. I don’t know if you gave manual transmissions a boost to compensate the low drivability. If that’s the case, that seems like an excellent decision to me.


My ABS too strong and sensitive ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Not gonna lie, stylilng for this round was difficult despite having Chinese KTV hits on rotation while I was doing so. Guess the early 90’s aesthetic is something I can’t really get right for some reason. Third place however, was really surprising for the little Huangdou! It’s good fun to participate in challenging rounds, and this for sure was one of them. Nicely done, @4LGE.

P.s. still unable and unwilling to host. One time was enough, finals coming up too D:


whoops, I didn’t realize my side mirrors were so small :joy:

Great round and congratulations to all the participants :+1:


What? Tied for second? This is the closest I have come to winning any CSR in a long time! After a string of poor results and skipping CSR88, I’m relieved to finish on the podium, to say the least.

Anyway, congratulations to Knightophonix for winning!

As for the next round, I have a chance to host it if the users who finished ahead of me decide to pass - and I am very likely to take that chance.

The results of this round were a long time in the making, but I am glad to see that you have rewarded our patience with clear, concise writeups and unbiased rankings - and this time, unlike the last round you hosted, you actually managed to finish it!

In any case, I can hold my head high knowing that the little yellow Shrike Cabrio left a very strong positive impression on Janny.


Yay, 4th place.
However, I’m really wondered of being the shortest finalist review, perhaps there were nothing much to standout.
BTW, thank you for hosting this good and fun round.

PS: I’m just only one who got to finalist with using “Honda City” body type, also using the manual transmission helped me a lot not just fun to drive but also fuel consumption.


FAAL apologizes for the loudness, necessary feat to cope with the engine weight limit and still keep it lore :stuck_out_tongue:

For the record I’m definetly hosting the next CSR, I’m gonna work on it and hopefully post it this evening.


And so the Colt (Body) Wars draws to a close… Can’t say I avoided that stereotype, and on behalf of CSM I apologize for not coming up with a good dark horse. :sweat_smile:

Joking aside, it’s not like there weren’t oddballs in the finals, especially the Albatross with its squarer body bearing American elegance. I was also happy to see the Rosales getting a Top 5 finish, given I tried to use the same body but didn’t clinch the design philosophy (hence my change to the Colt/Lanos body for the Divisa). Proves you can make it work!

Maybe the Divisa can use some money weight reduction (since budget was pushed too far), one day it’ll see its due as well. Congrats to FAAL for taking its roof off and giving the Mesaia (even more) street cred, and congrats to 4L for coming through to finish the round despite its delays!


There it is bois