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CSR106 - Late Night Hours


I hope you’ll stay true to the don’t min-max rule ;-;


Submissions are now open!


Got something that hopefully will work well for this challenge mechanically, now I just need to work on the styling, as anything post ~2010 I find difficult :\



Same thing with me, but I’ll give it a try anyway - I already have something that might do the trick.


2018 Caitou MM30

Some Pics


Thought that GB plates would be most appropriate considering Hong Kongs History


  • SST Transmission provided as standard in SST Package
  • Display price is subjected for change due to import tax by local taxation law


Thank you very much! :muscle:t3:


Little teaser.


(You voted, I was originally against the idea. Also, look away if your starts with S and ends with BL)

2018 Kadett Beat Xplay
Winner of the annual “Not As Cute Anymore” award

For 2018, the Kadett Beat has been facelifted. With new standard equipment, refined suspension and updated engine choices, the Beat has never been a more appetizing choice.

A new addition to the lineup is the all-new Xplay trim. Sitting above the Xcite and below the sporty GTS, the Xplay features an exquisite interior with leather seats and the SafeZone™ equipment as standard. Included in the SafeZone™ package is Automatic Emergency Braking, many airbags, Smart Cruise Control™ and other features.

A new engine option is a 2.4 liter Inline-5, achieving over 44 MPG. A 7-speed Smart Automatic gearbox comes as standard, making the price of the Xplay below $32000. It does appear to definitely be a car.

Great fuel economy, great safety equipment, great comfort for the class and some speed. What’s not to love?

This is not recycling, it has different bumpers

Kadett Motor Company - [1965, Korea]

does the car have to be manufactured on earth



  • 4.8L Nova V6 - 300 HP
  • 6.2L Cosmic V8 - 500 HP(displayed)
  • 9.0 L Vortex V12 - 800HP


  • Alloy
  • Aluminum
  • Steelies
  • Carbon Fiber


  • 4 wheel Disc(displayed)
  • 4 wheel Carbon Ceramic
  • 4 wheel race brakes
  • Painted pads(displayed)


  • Ducktail Spoiler
  • Tuner spoiler(displayed)
  • WRC Spoiler
  • GT4 Wing
  • lip spoiler
  • canards
  • Limited Active Aero(displayed)
  • Full Active Aero


  • Standard
  • Snow
  • Offroad
  • Sport(displayed)
  • Semi-slick


  • Standard vinyl
  • Plaid vinyl
  • Alcantara
  • Recaro(displayed)

Paint(available in any color):

  • standard paint(displayed)
  • matte paint
  • metallic
  • Two Tone
  • Pearlescent(displayed)


  • Bose Sound System
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Front camera
  • Blind spot camera
  • Stability control
  • All Wheel Steering


  • roof rack
  • bike rack
  • rally lights
  • extra cup holders(displayed)

For any questions, go to www.innovation.com/questions** or call 1-800-555-4324**
To see how each option looks, visit www.innovation.com/builder/reverb**

**None of these actually exist
Also, I wanted to have an insanely customizable car, so instead of trims, I listed all the options.


500hp daily driver :ok_hand:




One night the geniuses at the Canadian Mons Motors headquarters decided to do some market research on what makes Hong Kongese happy? What makes them think a car is “luxury” or has “prestige”? Was it fancy paint jobs? Was it big engines and loud pipes? Was it neon-coloured light strips? Or was it - OMG the horror - furry tails?? It was an enigma to their Canadian sensibilities.

After many Crown Royal and Cokes, a few sleepless nights, and many Google image searches - they finally got it. Giant faux-chrome clad grilles! That’s the ticket! Now they knew the secret to brake into the Asian market!

So they set out to make the most obnoxious chrome-clad grille they could come up with, and put it on their capable premium family wagon… and named it… the Kowloon. No, not the Walled City Kowloon, but rather the Nine Dragons Kowloon! Just to prevent any confusion. Now they are looking for a test market for the Kowloon. Whose eye will this monstrosity catch? Will it be test-driven in the streets of Hong Kong? They are awaiting the live market test results with high anticipation… and with a few more Crown Royals at hand of course.

Showroom pics


When you just escaped Area 51 and get to sit on a PC with Automation.


What if my car company is from an imaginary nation that is most likely in Europe and South Africa at the same time, but it could also be right where China is? Big Brother is everywhere.


2018 Jinhe Tiane Au S-Line 2.5T

The Au line of the Tiane features the latest in Chinese technology; 360° camera, blind spot monitoring, lane keep assist, front and rear cross-traffic alert, radar cruise control with auto start-stop, automatic collision braking and safe exit assist. The S-line package adds a dual-clutch transmission and larger wheels for straightline performance and lively handling feel. Infinity light design is standard on all Jinhe models which help light the way to destination.

Not a genesis not a genesis not a gen-


It doesn´t matter from where your company is any more. All cars will have same import fees in the finals!