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CSR106 - Late Night Hours


2018 Atera Kinyu Convertible

All brand new 2018 Atera Kinyu Convertible offers you a premium convertible car straight from Japan. With adaptive cruise control system, lane keep assist and parking assist, now you don't have to worry to get an accident and other things! Other than that, it features a nice comfortable standard interior with high quality premium infotainment system.

Under the hood comes with 2.5L naturally aspirated straight-6 with packing of 195hp with 6 dual clutch transmission and 33.5mpg. The displayed price is $36,700.

moar pics!!!one!!!


2018 RetroniX Eunix

more angles


Hurray! Another Frunian automaker!


@Oslo Are mod fixtures allowed? Also, will you be looking at the cars in stable release or in opt-in beta? They are currently identical but an update to the beta is coming soon I believe.



Mods are allowed and I am looking at the cars in beta


Yeah, but what is Opal, besides a gem stone?


Opel* its a car manufacturer


Small car maker (like small company that gets sold a lot). The spelling is actually Opel, not Opal, my mistake. Sold as Vauxhall in the UK, some less familiar names in smaller countries. Used to be a GM product, don’t know who owns them now.

Quick reference:

Official site:


Coild we stop with this Opel chat please as it’s really not necessary :slightly_smiling_face:


When CSR turns into Opel discussion


Unfortunately it is necessary for us to justify a European Buick. :wink:

Does that mean I can post a EU “Chevy” if I channel some Bureko? Time to bug KillRob with 6X6 again. Still American styling.


KGB back in the game with the RONIN S

Bowing to the disappearance of rear wheel push for 2018, KGB has switched to FWD, without surrendering it’s signature aggressive handling.

This new model is inundated with aero-focused styling, including gaping brake cooling ducts and airflow channels carved in to the sides and super-sized twin vents in the bonnet.

The front wheels are driven by a 2.0L flat-4 producing 249nm @ 3500rpm and 197hp @ 6300-7500rpm while delivering an economical 42.3mpg (US) thanks to our proprietary 6 speed DCT.

19 inch aluminum alloy wheels and sunroof as standard on all RONIN models complimenting the 2+2 coupe’s premium design inside and out.

Electric power steering, Traction Control and ABS tuned for sharp, focused driving without sacrificing an inch of comfort.

Safety rating is class-leading with advanced, state-of-the-art equipment setting the new standard for KGB in 2018.

RRP starts at $35,000, available in Gris Shadow, Deep Sky Blue (pictured) and GRU Yellow.


I’m genuinely intrigued by the styling of this, nice work. Love it!


QUOST Anankea XCoupe S

Unfortunately no time for a proper ad.
37.300$, so very expensive, AWD, 5,0L/100km consumption and quite premium.
Oh yeah, 195hp, 320Nm, 7 speed DCT Parking Shit and everything else noone needs.
And it’s expensive.




The PSA group owns them.


Opel/Vauxhall are now owned by the French Firm PSA


2018 Warren SRX Hatchback. A world car with safety in mind.

2.0 L DIT
8 speed automatic transmission
Equipped with front and rear camera/radar, automatic braking, pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control.
Estimated price: 35 800$

More Pictures of the car

**2018 Space Aira**

Hello all! Space automotives has just released Gen 3 of the Space Aira premium sedan! It offers all the modern features that you need to stay safe on the road! It comes in all the best colors you could ask for. You can get this nice vehicle for just $37,300! It packs a 264 HP 3.2 L v6 under the hood. Get your’s today while you still can!

Edit: This is a European car btw to clear up nationality

Neubran RM3 Xdrive+
by Ryan93 and MGR '99

200hp, AWD, 4.8L/100KM for $35,600.