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CSR121 - Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza


I know I’m gonna make it far.

Inline 4 based on the Cozzah used in the Sierra/Escort? Good bets.

Also, it’s an Italian car designed for a Japanese market. Take that for what you will…


The 2002 Turbo was launched at the 1973 Frankfurt Motor Show. This was BMW’s first turbocharged production car and the first turbocharged car since General Motors’ brief offerings in the early 1960s. It produced 127 kW (170 hp) at 5,800 rpm, with 240 N⋅m (177 lbf⋅ft) of torque. The 2002 Turbo used the 2002 tii engine with a KK&K turbocharger and a compression ratio of 6.9:1 in order to prevent engine knocking. Kugelfischer mechanical fuel injection was used, with integrated boost enrichment feature. The 2002 Turbo was introduced just before the 1973 oil crisis, therefore only 1,672 were built.

In the World of Automation, it’s a Pre-Turbo Turbo considering Turbo 1st becomes available in 1975 IIRC


Tech Pool. It’s not unusual to see factory turbos in the early 70s. They’ll be bad, but they’ll exist.


What are you talking about? You reviewed his/her/their other two entries just fine…? (sarcasm)

Joking aside, I had decided against doing this one since my designer is otherwise indisposed (something about a virus?), but after that bin-a-thon I may have had a real chance to place in the top 1/3 after all (was planning a Mustang/AMC Eagle inspired thing).

Excellent write up, I like the addition of the meta remarks clarifying the characters remarks. This is shaping up to be a memorable CSRs, plus all the salt should run off the slug(ish) cars in round 2 lol.


Generic 1980s holdover was not the way to go. A tough but fair binning.


Ooh i finally survived a binning!
I have my hopes up-


Will the rest of judging be done on the open beta or on the stable version?


It’s gonna have to be stable, mods no longer work since the engine has been updated and we don’t know if stats will change.


shit it’s been updated?


ah that’s might be bad…


I switched to stable prior to taking any submissions in case of an update to OB. I hope that there have been no changes to stable as well, but I have fairly good notes on all the cars already. It nonetheless would make judging more difficult if they are all borked when I attempt to open them again.


no changes to stable luckily, i was playing since 4 hrs ago, all mods still there


The suspense is so strong nobody is talking


The forum doesn’t always have to be populated mkay

Nothing wrong with just waiting. If anything, a crowded page just isn’t that nice to read through.


Exactly. Forum conversations don’t progress as fast as Discord conversations do for a reason.


CSR121 Binning Part 2: The Binnening

Chapter 3: Thinning the herd of open Craigslist tabs.

After a couple weeks of searching, Kayla’s amassed no less than 34 tabs of Craigslist ads. Her laptop is groaning from the stress and it’s now losing framerate with all these minimized tabs. Hard to micro Terran MMM balls when the computer slows down as soon as you hit stim…

“Let’s get real. I can’t possibly be really interested in all of these cars, right?”

“I like the Kiran Jidosha TRS, but I know it’s not the right car for the job. They have a really strange gearbox and aren’t all that reliable.”

the @Hilbert 1992 Kiran Jidosha TRS is out. This car is a mixed bag that ends up more negative than positive. The design is quite good; convincing and believable, especially from the front. However, it looks really plain and pedestrian considering it’s got a 270hp turbo I6 powering it. Something with that much power in ‘92 would have had some sporty stying cues to go with it. Despite the turbo and all that power, it’s tuned for regular gas. With 270 hp, it should be really fast, right? Unfortunately not, due to gearing even more ridiculous than the SpaceWagon. 1st gear goes all the way up to 78 mph. This should have been an instabin on the gear spacing alone, but I missed that note when I was making the first post. Both reliability scores are below average as well.

“This Alba Spada is an interesting car, but maybe a little too weird. Like the Bradford it’s technically 4WD, which isn’t necessary and adds complexity. I think I can safely close this tab out.”

The @TheLapTopX20 1992 Alba Spada SLT-R is out. Suspending the disbelief that comes with equipping a sport coupe with 4x4, the stat’s aren’t as hurt by it as you’d think, but are still fairly weak. Sportiness is very strong, but trim reliability is below average, engine reliability is below average, and comfort is poor. As you might expect with the 4x4 drivetrain, it’s much heavier than it looks, which isn’t helped by the very strange choice of massive 18” wheels… 18” steel wheels. Hmm. Non-variable power steering is an odd choice on a sports car. Styling is quite good from the rear, but is dull in profile and feels a little unfinished from the front. The lights incorporated into the chin spoiler feel like rock magnets. The engine has noticeable engine lag; not terrible, but not insignificant. The car is also close to the top of the price range.

“The old LHE is damn cool. But realistically, it’s not a car that really fits the bill. Would I look cool driving in it? Undoubtedly. But with truly malaise levels of performance and reliability, It won’t be that much fun in the twisties or on the track, and I’m not sure how confident I would be taking long trips in it. With it’s all aluminum body and pristine condition, it’d be a car I’m too afraid of messing up to truly have fun with. Before I close this tab, let me send this ad over to Dad though. Maybe I can convince him this will be an investment.”

the @Lordred 1976 LHE Listlie GT is out. It survived the first round on coolness alone, because with realistic malaise era performance and engine reliability, the stats aren’t great. It is undoubtedly cool looking, but I feel like it’s a slightly missed opportunity, as the styling of the front and rear fascias could be cooler and more detailed. With a much smaller size than it’s appearance lets on, independent rear suspension, 4 wheel discs, and a fully aluminum body, it’s more a fancy GT car with an American powerplant than the faux-sporty malaise boat it appears to be. On the plus sides, comfort and trim reliability are surprisingly good for it’s age, and running costs are quite low.

“The Calradia Tibaut R200T. Neat, but getting one is something I would regret.”

The @Wachu 1985 Calradia Tibaut R200T is out. This is an extremely odd duck. While It is the very first FR car I’ve ever seen in Automation to achieve a 50/50 weight distribution, it makes some odd choices to get there. Light Truck Monocoque chassis is I guess acceptable since it’s a delivery; it’s odd, but I won’t mark that against it. It still provides plenty of other things to mark against it though; extremely poor comfort, very poor engine reliability, noticeable turbo lag, and extremely high running costs. The absence of rustproofing on a 1985 is a concern as well. On the upsides, though, it’s inexpensive, very sporty, and quite fast. The looks I’m actually quite fond of, however, it’s completely devoid of any badging anywhere on it.

“The Ableton is dirt cheap. But with cars so much faster than this within my budget, I can count this out.”

The @DoctorNarfy 1989 Shromet Ableton is out. It’s dirt cheap. With the cheapest upfront cost (by a small margin) and the cheapest running costs (by a wide margin) and solid mid-pack reliability figures, this is a really safe choice. But in this company, 112 hp is quite low, and it’s slower in a straight line than than the LHE and gives this car the slowest 0-60 time of all the entrants. While I understand that the styling is blatantly derivative for the sake of comedy, I’d have liked to have seen more effort.

“Kurskian Frigo TB. There are better options than this.”

The @Kursk 1990 Kurskian Frigo TB is out. Not an explicitly bad car, but not explicitly good either. It’s comfortable, but there are cars here that find a much better balance of sportiness and comfort than this, and a RWD sedan of this size for this era is unrealistic. Styling is OK; it’s not exactly pretty, but it looks complete and believable. The wheel and tire package is odd. 15” steel wheels with 70 series sidewalls are decidedly un-sporty for such a sport-oriented sedan; and a barely-staggered widths of 185 front and 190 rear leave me wondering why you wouldn’t just go square. Non-variable power steering is also an odd choice for a sport-oriented sedan, and fully-clad undertray is an unrealistic choice. The engine is pretty good; the turbo lag and power/torque figures are good, but it’s tuned for regular, which is an odd choice for a high performance turbocharged engine. All this combined with the soft suspension tune, and the end result is a car that feels not like a sport sedan, but rather a commuter car with big wing a hotter engine swapped in. Reliability for Trim and Engine are both below average as well.

“I can’t stop daydreaming about bombing around the mountains with V12 sounds filling my ears, but realistically, I can’t afford this Ace GT as a daily driver. That fancy engine and fancy 80s interior are expensive to work on and the complexity is asking for trouble. Another one to send to dad though; this is a future collector car for sure.”

the @Mikonp7 1986 EcaMobile Ace GT is out. Starting with the upsides, it’s fast, it’s cool looking, and it has an excellent balance of sportiness, drivability, and comfort, despite unrealistically short sidewalls and an open diff. But with its 48 valve V12 engine and luxury interior, the running costs come out 2nd highest of all the entrants, at a quite unfriendly $1591.10, while engine reliability is slightly below average and trim reliability is well below average.

“This LLA Condor looks like a great deal up front, but I think it won’t stay affordable in the long run.”

The @LinkLuke 1988 LLA Condor MK2 S Touring is out. It is quite cheap to buy upfront, just $63 more than the Shromet, but has just a little under 200k miles and below average reliability figures. Running costs are $320 less than the EcaMobile, but that still makes it one of the most expensive cars to run of all the entrants. While the wagon body adds usefulness and interior space, it is still a very compact car and comfort is poor. Styling is good though, aside from awkward headlights.

“The Armor Sunburst is a safe choice, but it’s just not very quick and it’s just not quite pulling at my heartstrings.”

the @GassTiresandOil 1992 Armor Sunburst LX is out. On sportiness, performance, comfort, and styling, it falls short of the competition. Those stripes write a check that the car can’t cash. That said, this car has a lot good going for it. Running costs are on the lower end, and reliability figures are both excellent; in fact, the engine is the most reliable engine of all entrants. The engine is admirable; a 3.3l SOHC 18v V6 with a very nice torque curve with a beautiful plateau available at just 1700 rpm. That said, it has an unfortunately realistic HP figure for an American V6 of the era; 165hp@5300rpm, which puts the Sunburst well into the slow end of the competition.

Feeling satisfied with herself for having narrowed down her options, Kayla steps outside for a smoke before returning to her computer. “Nice one Kayla, you did good!” She thinks to herself as she returns inside. “There should be significantly fewer tabs open now.” But then Kayla counts the remaining tabs.


“Goddamn it. I still have 25 ads open. What the hell is wrong with me?”


Well, now i know that my neurons are not going in the wrong direction. Still not good, but better.
And as i promised, i will bring oranges and oreos to the bin party.


Gotta go fast in first gear, it’s safer when you don’t have to take your attention off the road to shift.


Might as well get an automatic then. Hell, a CVT.


But you can’t impress your friends with automatic, with this awesome FakeAutomatic™ system everyone will be thinking you drive proper sportscar

Okay I just forgot to check the gearing tbh