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CSR122 - Uncompromised Compromise [completed]


I always forget to change the wheels from steel to alloys, i realized i had sent it in with steel wheels and started hoping he wouldn’t notice


Nice start to the reviews - concise and short. Keep it up!


I didn’t expect to be instabin on the locking diff!!

After some checks that’s fair, I should’ve known better!

Good luck to the rest of you all!


@WelcometoCostcoILU - MTC Tomahawk Trailmaster Estate**

[Did not follow naming convention]
Also I said in the PM with you I might be okay with your 5l I6… depending on your vehicle. This is not it.

Oh, my mistake with the naming convention thing. I thought the model name was supposed to be CSR122 and the engine name was supposed to be my username


Oh wow. If I entered (and I wanted to, just didn’t have the technical possibility) probably any premium car I’d come up with would be binned for some reasons I’d never think of. Like LFC pistons, 5 valves, high spacing (though more like 80, not 100)…

Also what’s wrong with long headers in an expensive car? I know they are supposedly sporty and not the most realistic, but the main reason to not use them is some severe restriction on overall cost or engineering time.


I think it’s more what’s wrong with long headers in this time period and class of vehicle. I presume fine on like older performance cars or like… NA Supercars [thinking Corvette here, not entirely sure] or such, where there is engine bay room? Modern cars and SUVs Crossovers generally don’t have as much space under the bonnet for engine nowadays due to more tech being placed there, and definitely the case here with these mostly rather premium vehicles needing stuff for luxuries. Not entirely certain however.


The increase in performance and economy would have been fairly obvious. Always double check, and retune.


When you open the hood, and there is basically another hood like this Audi. This is much worse on high end cars, but I have noticed even with the normal ones despite smaller engines in larger cars under hood space is at a premium. The transmission tunnels are just a tight (more leg room) so large convoluted headers are functionally impossible.


More Examples

Looking at you 2.7L F-150 (V6):

You too 2.7L Silverado (L4).


You forget about one thing - turbos. The whole system for that can be quite a bit larger than long headers.


Relative to long headers turbos are much smaller. Long headers have to twist to make equal lengths, so there is lots of dead space between the tubes. Even with an inter-cooler there is less piping, plus the pipes are throughout the engine bay, not just tucked along side the engine. I think the Chevy 2.7 turbo is on top of the motor too, I know the Cadillac V8tt is in the valley.


Hot Vee turbos should be a thing in the game…
AMG and BMW are big on them.
This layout also allows better temperature separation (better cooling results), faster spool up (shorter pipes), and most likely better efficiency.



Tubular exhaust manifolds also have a tendency to increase noise, using a short cast should have helped.


What about long headers in a sporty large wagon, or the sedan it’s based upon?


This has been brought up already and has been brought up time and time again in the CSR. Not every single post needs a damn reply, in particular about a subject that is completely irrelevant to the competition. Every single CSR thread gets derailed by this nonsense and it is completely off-topic. This is not the place to discuss turbos and exhausts systems. Please stop.

And no it doesn’t matter if you don’t have Discord. This is a forum, not a chatroom. If you want to chat, get Discord and you can talk about turbos and exhausts all day and all night in the #cartalk channel.

Unless people have something worthwhile to say or want to contribute to the competition in some form, can we please stop posting off-topic nonsense.


122 Part 2: <Insert Part 2 Subtitle Here Before Posting>

It was just another evening here at the Anderson household, where Alex and Lisa had just finished up eating up dinner. Lisa herself was watching some show on Netflix, while Alex finished up washing the dishes. He looked over to his wife, seeing her watching some show he was not interested in. Alex walked over and gave her a kiss, before grabbing his laptop and opened it up.

“Might as well do some car browsing around now.”

Going to his preferred online car review publication of choice, the first thing that popped up was:

@MGR_99 - VeryKool VeryFast 5000

Which he immediately ignored thinking that it was some sort of weird ad for some driving game for his iphone. And can you blame him, it looked ridiculous not to mention the ad.

[In all honesty the SUV itself, though pricey was actually pretty decent lol]

Scrolling pass the VeryKool VeryFast, the next SUV he saw was something brand new and Chinese:

@Yangx2 - Jinhe Luofu SRL 2-Row

“This one looks promising, the Chinese really have something going nowadays don’t they?”

He read a quick summary on the Jinhe:

Jinhe proves once again you should not underestimate the Chinese. The design is modern and what’s underneath is equally so, with an interior that punches up towards some of the best. As a performance SUV the 525HP V8 is a tad less responsive than we would like, but it is quiet and pushes the Jinhe to 60mph in just 4.5 seconds. Exceptional road going manners and handling makes this into one formidable package. Build quality is also very good, trending towards being one of the best in class.

Needless to say, the Jinhe was the first to be put onto Alex’s list.

Next vehicle that Alex went on was, perhaps something of a direct competitor to the Jinhe.

@On3CherryShake - Farox Meridia RF8

“That’s another looker of a SUV here, let’s see what its got.”

Clocking in a 0-60 under 4 seconds and a ¼ mile time in 12.3, you would think this was not a review for a SUV. But it is, and the Farox Merida is here to deliver all that and more. With arguably the best interior of this class, and great build quality to match, this is one SUV to beat.

Alex continued reading into the Farox, and though the DCT and differential choice on it was maybe more sporty than he would have expected, it was still something he had to put on his list.

“Okay, that was the front page, of course they’ll put some glowing reviews with nice pictures up front. Let’s see what else is around.”

@Nightwave - Kerberos MX851

[no image provided but I guess I didn’t say you had to post an ad]

“The hell is going on with those fenders? Yeah, no.” Alex moved on from the Kerberos, not interested in it even visually to look into it further.

[Aside from the use of the very outdated Luxury Satnav, the engineering of this really wasn’t bad. The issue was the body shaping on the side was… an attempt that was better not attempted. Rear was also quite tragic]

Scrolling further, a bright orange SUV caught his eye.

@Vri404 - Conquest Aoraki SAR

“Okay, well the bright orange paint definitely caught my eye but it is obnoxious, definitely won’t go for that color. But it is just the paint doing the eye catching too.”

Want something exotic and practical? Conquest got something for you, a naturally aspirated V10 SUV. It is about as crazy as it sounds - which speaking of, is on the loud side, so if you like the sound of V10 on your commute, this is the one for you

Alex was definitely intrigued, but he was here to get a more practical vehicle and this might have been a bit too much. Plus it seemed like much of the appeal was centered around the V10 rather than outright performance or comfort or… anything else really that has it compete with the first two he added. So the Conquest was discarded.

Next vehicle Alex clicked on was something a little different.

“Let’s see what a wagon can do actually.”

@HybridTronny - Atera Warusawa EX4

“Hmm… doesn’t look like the top of the line model to me, though it does look decent.”

A quick glance at the spec sheet and the review however, revealed a laggy turbo V6, along with performance that trailed behind the SUVs he had just seen. It had good MPG though, but that’s not exactly what he was looking for so he went on to look at something else.

@66mazda - Kaizen SCE48 tra AWD

“Oh, one of those offroad wagons, let’s see what this can do.”

Kaizen seemed to have had a bit of a mixup here when they greenlit this. On the exterior, you see a wagon, with trim to withstand the elements. Mechanically however, its a performance wagon. 480HP, dual clutch transmission, even a suspension that’s not particularly tuned for the offroad. We would like to see what Kaizen can do if they went one way or the other because underneath strange vehicle is a comfortable and quick performance wagon.

“Honestly its tempting… maybe if they made a different, performance trim of this I would go for it.”

For now however, he discarded the Kaizen and went back to looking at performance SUVs.

@Cheeseman - Evgenis Cerberus ES V8

“Hmm… I could go for this, let’s see what its got.”

The Evgenis is what you would want for something that could do it all. Its engine is very quiet, and as a cruiser, it will give you a very comfortable ride. That’s not to understate the performance either, it leads the class in road holding gs, while getting 4.4s to 60. Fit and finish however, leaves a bit to be desired.

“Seems good enough to take a look at.” Alex added the Evgenis to his list.

@J35_Power - Hibou Royaume GT

Alex clicked onto the Hibou’s page, and found a “long term review” of the SUV. He thought it looked decent, but being a SUV out for four years now he found the issues the current model had.

While the Hibou has good potential, certain we are still awaiting for a refreshed model to fix existing issues such as the engine tune and the instability at high speeds. Perhaps also better fit and finish as well would help.

[This SUV legitimately is very good, just 2 I suppose beginner tuning issues that keep me from moving it further]

“Well, that’s too bad, don’t think I’ll wait on them to improve it.” Alex moved on from the Hibou, and onto the next SUV.

@Endfinity - KMV Advisor Touring-10

“Hmm… that might be a bit big for me. Might be decent power wise?”

Looking at the power specs, the 530hp and 638 lb-ft of torque certainly meant it had a good bit of go, getting a 0-60 of 4.8 seconds. However it was readily apparent that it wasn’t a performance SUV, but one simply with a lot of power and straight line speed.

[Also I’m not a fan of the clear windows this time around, it makes this bulky body look even more like a bus than usual]

@Boiled_Steak - Novak Atlantico Grifone Edition

“Now that’s another looker.” Alex nodded, then looking through the review.

A well balanced machine with very good ride quality. Though the interior isn’t as high quality as some others, sitting and riding in it you wouldn’t find a difference. That follows into the handling of the Novak, which is certainly impressive. Fit and finish could use a bit of work, but this rather handsome SUV also undercuts the price of its competitors by a fair margin.

“Yeah, I’ll keep that on my list.”

Next one that Alex clicked on, he was surprised it was in production already.

@Lazar - EFI Takano SR

“Now that’s fancy, those lights are sleek.”

With over 600hp on tap, the EFI Takano puts the sport in sport utility vehicle. That of course, comes at the cost of a bit of ride quality with stiffer suspension than most in its class, but if what you’re looking for is a SUV with the appeal of a sports car inside and out, this is one to take.

“Hmm… why not I’ll put that on the list for now.”

@abg7 - GEC GX8 4.0

“Not the most interesting exterior, especially with what came right before.”

Looking more into it, it was much like the KMV from earlier, though this time with even less straight line performance. He had to admit though, it looked like a good SUV… for a retiree who just wanted comfort and an infotainment that ‘just works’, as he noted from the Sat Nav system and CD changers.

Looking at his list and the time, Alex figured that it was enough for today, and took a break from car searching.

Just a quick summary, people who passed in this round are:


Good read as always, keep it up!


Fair enough. Too much head (comfort) and not enough heart (sportiness). Even with a proper infotainment system it wouldn’t have passed muster at any price.

But at least I didn’t fall at the first hurdle (read: instabin) for the sixth time in a row.


Honestly it was close to making it to the finals by being a good statistical outlier, despite its performance deficit. I guess that will be shown after the finals.


Yeah, that’s fair on the styling. For the record that was my 3rd try, and I submitted it because I was running out of ways to try and get the body to do what I want.


well it makes sense now why my car is quite noisy, and also just found out that long tubular exhaust are usually aftermarket, at least in my country, so yeah, tubular exhaust is not that realistic after all