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CSR123 - Slightly Super Saloons (THE FINALS)


That must be a typo - I’m assuming it has over 350.




Close your eyes. Cast your mind back to your college years. There’s just the two of you in the room, hands awkwardly exploring the unknown wilderness, heart racing with thoughts of the finish line. Warmth quickly fills the room as you gently caress every inch of that sumptuous body, those exquisite curves, that billowing rear exhaust. Now open your eyes. Your pants are now wet, but the dream is real, your hands are firmly planted to the 2012 Raymond-Steward Second Stage Super Sport’s steering wheel, and everyone inside the showroom is staring at you funny.

This is your time. Finish the job. Buy the RSSSSS today and roll out of the showroom with your chin up and your pants down. Flaunt that 355 horsepower to the first red stop you see. Let them know that you have finally made it.

Brought to you by @goblin95 and @conan


With a smooth, turbocharged V8 and smart adaptive dampers, the Bauer M48T coupe will get you where you need to be with speed and comfort.


Well at least someone has enough faith in me to believe I could squeeze 350 horses and 40mpg out of a 2.7 i6


Ya get into it





2012 Aquila Polaris GT

The new Aquila Polaris - a perfect blend of style, performance and luxury

See more (pics!)

The new Polaris GT is Aquila’s modern interpretation of the classic grand touring car, a phenomenal machine which can comfortably take its passengers to any distance while providing the driver classic motoring pleasure.

The new Polaris GT is available with the latest safety features and infotainment technologies, all packed in a truly premium interior. To complete the premium feeling it has a modern and smooth 8-speed automatic as a standard feature and optional air suspension.

The new Polaris GT is powered by Aquila’s iconic 6-cylinder boxer, delivering linear, immediate performance, high efficiency, perfect smoothness and charismatic sound. With the new 8-speed automatic its response is faster and more intuitive than ever before.

$54 700 MSRP for the model shown (GT in Storm Blue Metallic with optional equipment)

Aquila - a way to perfection


〜 Silver–York Senator–Z 〜


P3PP3R came out of his coffin to give us this beauty.


2012 Mont Royal MV Sport

A sleek ‘coupe’ for the whole family to experience V8 power.


KillrobToday at 7:49 PM
@everyone And there it is! BOOM, no more openbeta… everyone is now on the LCV4.0 latest version unless you specifically opt into the legacy 4.21 version of the game. That was quite the long openbeta, but sure worth it. So much polish and good additions… a fantastic foundation for launching into the development of LCV4.1 and everything that comes with it.
Thanks to all who have provided valuable feedback and bug reports.

Well, would you look at that timing!

Edit: Any chance for a Extension so people that was waiting patiently for stable (such as myself) can come up with something?

2012 Altior QL G

Equipped with a 5.0L V8 making 455 horsepower, an 8 speed automatic gearbox, the QL G combines the best of Altior’s premium know-how with thrilling performance. 0-62mph happens in 4.8 seconds, with a top speed of 186mph*, the fine tuned suspension, with MR dampers, ensures rock-solid stability. All this while not sacrificing what you’d expect from a premium sedan, coming with a 10-speaker hi-fi audio system, 7" infotainment touch-screen, premium leather upholstery, 19" alloy rims, and the best in safety advancements.
The fastest QL yet is available at your local Altior dealership, starting at $56400 MSRP.

*Electronically limited

Extra images


Understated Performance. Exceptional Elegance.

The 2012 Pearlite Virtue is for a certain type of driver. A driver who doesn’t need to brag, flaunt, or flex. A driver who can appreciate a full luxury interior and impeccable technology. A driver who can unleash 380 horsepower and a 4.9 second 0-60 time, not to show off, but because it’s fun.
You know your own value, and you don’t need to compare yourself to anyone else.
This is your Virtue.

100% vanilla fixtures
41kb filesize


Submissions are almost up!

Here is a list of people whose entries I have installed and processed - if you don’t see your name, first make sure you have an ad posted and that you have sent me the car, and then bitch at me to do it! :))

@MasterDoggo and @GetWrekt01
@conan and @goblin95
@mcp928 and @mat1476


And because I can only mention 50 people in a post…







2012 Veldora Doragon GT



This is a lot, of course there was a lot of time to create. Mine not being one of them :stuck_out_tongue:
Good luck to everybody and I look forward to the roasts.


Wow…at least 52 entries. That came so close to the current record holder, CSR 121’s 59. This is an excellent testimony to the vast appeal of this topic and the competant leadership of Cherry. (and maybe the pandemic :P)

Edit: There are 60 entries, thus making this CSR the one with the most entries ever!!!