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CSR68 - a Growing Family in a Growing Nation


Hey! Bogliq’s gotta save money somewhere!!! :wink::joy::thinking:


2018 Sakurada Sportwagon 2.0T.

The new Sportwagon is powered by the economic 2.0 Turbo from Sakurada. But Economic doesn’t mean powerless: the sportwagon develops 128 HP and 230 Nm of torque, able to carry 7 passengers and complete luggage, for 21.4km/L, with an advanced automatic gearbox for a maximum confort.

Available for $16128, it include:

  • Collision warning system
  • Electric variable power stearing
  • ESC
  • A/C
  • Speed regulator
  • Auto lighting
  • Rain detector
  • Easy opening trunk (with a foot)


Much chrome, very premium. I like it very much.


I took this as an example

Sporty van, who only have sport in his look haha




The 2018 MY Yamato Kosori is launching in Indonesia.
This vtrim here is the base model G.

Featuring a fuel efficient 1988 cc turbo charged inline 3 engine and enough room for 8 average sized adults. With 170 HP on tap you’ll never be hurting for power, and with economy figures of 13.6KM per Litre you’ll save money on fuel without sacrificing performance.Putting the power to the ground is a 6 speed automatic. Taking design cues from the Zakura concept car, you don’t need to spend big money to have a car which looks the part.

Also included in the G trim as standard is premium satellite navigation and entertainment system, electric variable power steering, ESC and launch control, 18 inch rims, choice of metallic, matte, or pearl paint, among other things.

With prices starting at 18945 no including dealer markups, this is a superb car price wise.


oh god… thank god you did a good job of it. because a few of us actually kinda cringed at that exact example when i was looking for irl examples of these kinds of cars


Does that mean it can shoot lightning bolts at other people or objects? That would be incredibly cool… but also extremely dangerous! :grinning:

By the way, I think you mean lighting, not lightning.


Per 100 Km?


13.6L/1km is excessive, but 13.6km/1L is not. I think he meant the latter.



  • High Quality Center Infotainment Screen
  • 1.6L Inline 6 Turbo producing 171 hp @ 7500 RPM and providing flat torque of 174 nm from 3200 - 7000 RPM
  • Panoramic Sun Roof
  • 3-piston Front Disc Brakes
  • Traction control and ABS
  • Airbags
  • Cruise Control and Lane Check System
  • Hydraulic Power Steering


Xd It could be cool but I think google was not my friend to translate this time haha.
I meant the automatic lighting of the headligts, when it’s too damn dark outside (my mom have this on her 2018 yaris and it’s pretty useless :smile: )


Indonesia International Motor Show 2018

NFNF stand (NotFast NotFurious)

Presenter Hello and Welcome to our stand! Today we are delighted to unveil our new NFNS Bolero, designed to unlock the key to your heart, And the best man to do this is the NFNF CEO Corey Shird!
CEO Thank you! Thank You! Now, you have all been craving for a top class car with a bottom class budget, i believe your wait is about to be over. Before I can continue talking let me reveal to you the Bolero!

Croud gasps…

CEO Now, just like the Olympic dance routine that it was named after, the Bolero is pure elegance in solid form. The 1.5 litre Aluminium I3 which although may be small, it is the most economical engine we have ever built. You don’t need a turbo and raise taxes, you don’t need a bigger engine as that will significantly increase taxes, but you also get style. and for a mere 207 073 997.50 Rupiah ($15055) you get pure style.

More To Come


I don’t think a brand would say “bagnole” in its ad, it’s very familiar language instead of “voiture”.
You only use this word with your friends/familly, not to talk to people you don’t know :wink:


Since all my car were recently lost, the birmingham brickham tourer is no longer entering


2018 Nohda Kelana

“Wander the world”


Oh man, for some reason I’m having lots of trouble with this one. Trying to get 7 seats, small engine, good fuel economy… eek…


Many miles apart, but side-by-side in innovation and ideals, New Style and Ios have collaborated together to develop something that is more than the sum of its parts. Utilising New Style’s extensive experience and in-depth understanding of the market and Ios’ technical and engineering prowess, the two companies would like to announce an all new offering for 2018 South East Asian Market.

The 2018 Harimau New Style by Ios.

New Style and Ios have worked hand-in-hand to deliver the most captivating and youthful expression of automotive mobility, with Ios’ innovative developments in propulsion delivery systems, and New Style’s fresh approach to delivering mobile living spaces, the Harimau New Style by Ios showcases a harmonious integration of art and science.

An exclusive 2.3L inline 4 propels the Harimau New Style by Ios through a smooth and intelligent 6-speed automatic gearbox, whilst returning a reasonable 7.4L/100km (32 MPG) combined. The 6 individually adjustable seats allows for a myriad of layout combinations to reflect your changing lifestyle needs, and the standard Electronic Stability Control ensures that you are always in control.

New sporty style!
New comfortable interior!
New low price!
Same quality!

Priced from $18200



The new 2018Kishiwo Kojtoi, the MPV you want!

hope those are better :joy:


needs more jpeg