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CSR68 - a Growing Family in a Growing Nation



Kimura released the 2nd generation Protostar in 2014, with a mid-cycle refresh in 2017 receiving new engines and technology as well as visual changes.

“130PS 1.2L turbo engine
Sporty and economical
Safe and practical
7 Seats for the family
Filled with dreams

Indonesian and other 3rd-world markets received a less powerful, less expensive version of the 1.2L Turbocharged inline-3 as a more expensive option that was down roughly 20 HP. Japan and Europe received the 1.2T as a standard engine option with the 1.6L turbocharged I4 as a more powerful option.


2018 BürgerFahrzeug Kutsche Groß

The all new BF Kutsche is here!
Standard Features are:
1,497L Turbo I3 (5.1L/100km at 100hp)
FWD 6 Speed Automatic
17" alloy rims
7 seats
Panorama roof
Parking assist
Electric hatch
All this for 18,200$
Also available in Schwarz,Silber, Weiß, Gelb and Rot! (Here shown in BF Braun)

“BürgerFahrzeug - Vom Volk, Fürs Volk”



here is my second entry, actually exported this time.
The Rijesena XRV is a minivan, or its a crossover, or its a hatchback, or its a van. Its what ever YOU want. now available with an NA 1.5 producing almost 130bhp and returning over 12km/l fuel consumption. also can carry over 700kg and has more than enough safety and comfort.


I like the styling on this one. I really like the styling on this one.

And there are a few cars I’m impressed with in this thread, but this one I feel compelled to explicetly state I like the styling of.


Looks very premium, a little bit of Peugeot on this design, I like it :slight_smile:


That thing looks ace, even though it’s meant to be just another mass-market car for developing markets.


TAKEMI - The Time of Your Life Is Only A Key Turn Away

Low motor taxes, low weight, high power, high mileage.
Sometimes you can get your cake and eat it too.


FYI this beast weighs a humble 1891 kgs :male_detective:


2018 Valta Hanke 1.5T SportLine

Valta Automtive, part of Evgenis Automobiles, is proud to present the new Valta Hanke for the Asian market, offering a sweet and frugal 1.5-litre turbocharged engine with 136 bhp and capable of 5.3 l/100 km in real-world driving (2.5 l/100 km @ 50kph cruise), seven seats, 18" alloys, high-end safety technology, sunroof, and crossover style for just 259,000,000 Rp*

Pls ignore advert typo, thanks


Eh, it’s something. Never made something like this before so it was a nice challenge.

2018 Isami Northstar LX


Where the road ends, the Appalachian begins.

Experience the Versatile new Shromet Appalachian.

MSRP: $18,410.


Presenting the Albatross G150t, an 8 passenger SUV for the masses. The powerful turbocharged engine boasts more than 100 horsepower per liter, and still manages 37.8 MPG. The best part: the price. Only $17,549.


IND - MQX-2 + yang baru ini didasarkan pada platform mobil kecil yang kami temukan di Devina dan MQX-2. Menawarkan dinamika berkendara inspiratif yang sangat percaya diri cocok dengan keandalan teguh dari Maesima dan biaya operasional yang terjangkau.

Harga di bawah 300.000.000 MQX-2 + Menawarkan gaya menonjol dengan bahasa Vitalic Motion design unik kami dan dikemas dengan fitur premium dan siap untuk apa pun yang Anda inginkan dari petualangan kota hingga ekspedisi ke pedesaan.

ENG - The new MQX-2+ is based on our acclaimed small car platform found in the Devina and MQX-2. Offering supremely confident inspiring driving dynamics matched with Maesima’s steadfast reliability and affordable running costs.

Priced just under 300,000,000 Rupiah the MQX-2+ Offers standout styling with our unique Vitalic Motion design language and packed with premium features and ready for whatever you want from city adventures to expeditions to the countryside.


The Indonesian transcript is nearly spot-on. Bravo.


(in-game price is ~A$17,000)


it’s already the 6th for me. but since i didn’t specify the exact time for the deadline. i’m gonna close it within 24h of this post

for the list of contenders


Big doesn’t have to mean compromise

except for style

1.5L* turbocharged inline 4, a 6 speed automatic and 8 plush seats mean you, your family and your friends no longer have to suffer in discomfort, whilst not breaking the bank thanks to the impressive up to 2.4L/100km** economy!

Get your EcoMove today, only $18,277!

**30mph cruise, combined economy 5.2L/100km