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CSR74: Back On Track


wow, my best csr finish yet, and it wasn’t even a car from any of my official companies. Maybe I should do wild-card designs more often.


Well god damn Chipskate seems to be on a hell of a winning streak


Woah, I didn’t even expect to make it to the finals, much less win. Thanks to abg for hosting this and managing to pull it off despite the overwhelming number of entrants!

Unfortunately I’m not quite up to hosting the next CSR, so I’ll be passing it on to @Mr.Computah

Car for those interested: CSR74 - Chipskate - Bowen Danio 510R.car (35.1 KB)


Works for me on all fronts. And how about that, a ford falcon boganmobile didn’t win it! That’s a good thing in my books :grin:


Can’t believe that my car actually made this far. It’s the first time I ever join a community challenge and take the 3rd place already!I’m probably the happiest person in the world right now!


Interestingly, all of the top five cars (and indeed all but three of the entries which made my shortlist) were powered by normally aspirated engines. Every single one of the finalists was also rear-wheel-drive. Given that I have a preference for NA RWD performance cars (which were more common in 2005 than they are now), this should not come as a surprise.




Hahahahahaha I’m actually not knocking the Ford Falcon, actually they are very good. It’s more for a period of time abg had and, I suspect, still does have a very particular penchant for cars of that particular drivetrain, dimension and philosophy which is why I very deliberately went and did about as opposite as I could get :grin:


I’ll work a set of rules out and be back soon :smiley:

EDIT: The new CSR is up!