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CSR75: Teaching the new generation


General rules for the CSR

Previous CSR


June 2018. It’s another dawn in Malaga. The strong morning sun of late spring bathes my appartment, as I get ready for another day of work.

I work at one of Torcc’s schools. We’re driving schools, and we’re just about to begin our summer campaign, with hundreds of youngsters matriculating in our courses to try and get their B license before the start of their next year of university or school. This would be a great business opportunity for us…if it wasn’t for our Erin Vistos’ and Nohda Bops’ poor condition. Our local mechanic informed us that we might as well sell them at this point, worn out after nearly 8 years of intensive use.

So after two days of market research, we estimate we’ll need 10 vehicles to supply demand for practical classes during the summer campaign. Time to begin calling our local dealerships to see if they are interested in selling us some leftover units.

Judging criteria.

Important aspects:

-Drivability: it’ll be these kids’ first car ever driven in real life and, no, experience in [insert racing game] does not replace that. It needs to be forgiving, so they can focus on driving civilly and respectfully to traffic.

-Must use a manual transmission: those who are looking to take their B license exam need to know how to operate a stick and clutch manual, as it is the most common type of gearbox around here.

-Safety: even if the instructor has some input to avoid accidents (additional clutch and brake pedals on their side), we would rather both the pupil and the instructor walk an accident out with nothing more than scratches.

-Fuel economy: these vehicles will be driven for kilometres and kilometres during the summer. Fuel economy will be key for us to keep our operating costs down.

-Service costs: sooner or later one of these pupils will burn a clutch or grind a gear or whatnot. We need our cars to be cheap and easy to service so our local mechanic can do all the maintenance for cheap.

-Reliability: and last but not least, we don’t want the car to break down during a highway practice in the middle of nowhere, as we have a strict schedule to follow and towing services could take a while. We can’t be constantly repairing the cars either.

-Budget: $140000 for the whole fleet. Your fleet will be composed of only one model to keep things simple.

Not as important, but might make a difference:




Restrictions (hard limits):

-No limited production and/or no mass production parts.
-No semi slick tyres.
-Loudness: 40 maximum.
-Engines will run on 95RON unleaded fuel.
-Engine: maximum 40 PU; maximum 85 ET.
-Trim: maximum 95 PU; maximum 40 ET.
-Trim year must be 2015. We’ll be buying for leftover units.

How to calculate your fleet cost:

You’ll have to calculate your fleet cost by introducing the relevant data into the green cells in the following spreadsheet. It includes Spanish tax horsepower, something you’ll also have to watch out for when designing your vehicle.

Fleet cost calculator.

Naming Convention

Car model: CSR75 - [username].
Car trim: Name of the car.
Engine family: CSR 75 - [username].
Engine variant: Name of the engine.

DEADLINE: Friday the 22nd June, 24:59 CEST.

Ad for the fleet and price required!

(I’ll give you guys a day to discuss and point out possible flaws in the rules before finalizing them.)

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CSR 76: Rock 'n Rollin'

What fuel type must we use? I think 95RON premium unleaded might be the most likely option.


I knew I was missing something, that was it :sweat_smile:


don’t you mean only mass production parts?


There’s two different indicators ingame, “limited production” and “no mass production”, referring to these


d’oh, i see. never mind :rofl:


What can $8,160 gets you these day? How about a car that will quite literally outlast your children?

Mitsushita Jesta.


Man, a driving school car with semi-slicks would’ve been the greatest thing ever. Every driving class would be like hosting your very own trackday!

…er, I’m digressing. So far, only one question; is there a muffler limit we have to abide to? Can we use just one, or are we meant to use both slots?


You can use one or two as long as the loudness requirement is met


CMV has established its reputation as a formidable sports car maker. But what would you do if you just wanted a compact, reliable, and fuel efficient beater? Take a look at the C16. It comes with a punchy 1.6L Turbo I4 which has a smooth torque curve from low rpm and a peak hp of 143 @ 6100 rpm. It puts that power to the front wheels through a 6 speed manual transmission which gives it a respectable 0-60 time for its class of 8.8 seconds. The C16 is a very easy to drive car for beginners and also a pleasant place to be, featuring a well-equiped interior and an infotainment system.

The C16 starts at $15968, but when you consider that it manages 44.8 mpg and is such a great driving experience, it’s a clear step above the competetion.


From you calculator, I gather you won’t accept a car over 16 fiscal horsepowers ?

(which would mean around 2000 cc for a six cylinders, no V8, and about 2500 cc for an I4)

Also, reguarding those fiscal horsepower, do they have an impact further down the line ?

Fiscal HP in France will not only impact the buying cost, but also (quite drastically) the operating costs, especially with Fleet Vehicles.

Does turbo have any impact on the THP ?

Overall, the maximum price seems very large at 16500, but then, this is the limit, not what we should aim for I guess …


It’ll only have an impact during the purchase. Keep in mind Spanish horsepower tax is different to French


Thanks. So downsizing like crazy is not the only way to go !


Alright, thanks for clarifying. As I was designing the car, another question popped up; Workshop mods, sí o no? It may be indirectly implied that , but best to be safe than sorry…


Absolutely yes! I’d give you guys a warning by PM should any issue arise though.

EDIT: I changed the budget to make the round a bit more challenging.


The lack of compact car bodies is frustrating…

This calls sooooooo much for a B segment car yet the only option that isn’t excessively outdated is either a C segment car, or a (somewhat anachronic) city SUV :frowning:

I managed something decent though, but having to cope with a 1350 kgs car bothers me…


I only reached 1991 of my lore but really wanna participate…



2015 Hanson Heron 1.8Ti

Meet our latest compact offering, the 2015 Hanson Heron 1.8Ti. This entry-level compact is economical, practical, safe and comfortable enough to meet all the needs of any first-time motorist for just $13,848 with a 10% discount.

For fleet buyers who wish to buy their cars 10 at a time: Multiply the post-markdown price tenfold and you’ll still have cash to spare if you have just $140,000 for the whole ten-car fleet.


do what 90% do here, keep lore and challenges separate.