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CSR83 - One night in Bangkok [ENTRY IS OVER: Final Results has been published!]


I dunno about you, but being thai doesnt mean you speak english like a retard.


That text is so detached from English it almost sounds Dutch.




Yo dude, That is Tinglish more than Tinglish even I can’t understand at all.
Joke a side, congrats to your car that met the restrictions.
I’ll read again once I get back to my PC


I wanna give a note about the speed limits vs regulations. Maximum legal speeds in here in Brazil are 110 km/h. ALL our new cars can go a lot over it, even the econoboxes can reach 180/200 km/h. Heck, my 1980 aircooled VW can go 135!


Weeeell, let’s thow the dices.


Might be best to update your original ad post with those two other pictures. That way you can avoid double-posting.

Very nice car, by the by. The way the Moonchaser font has motion blur really adds to matching the actual font on the car…


Hmm. Looks good, don’t forget to submit in my PM as well.

Agreed, everyone plase edit your post with all together (ADs, picture, whatever) within single post.


黄豆 SC-153RE。 这辆车会让你的鸡鸡长非常大

Huangdou SC-153RE. Don’t worry about the Chinese.

Extra Shots of this Chinese... thing

it comes in red. yellow too, but phongban probably likes white so it’s white


1986 DHC Sprint Targa.

Other pictures

Edit: spoiler (thanks to Nicking_HC for help)


You don’t. It’s fuggen perfect the way it is. :ok_hand:


I think he means in a post


It depends on your preferences, no restriction.


These days, sports cars are hard to afford. The AMW Sparrow is one example of a car trying to change this. It costs less than 9000$, it comes with a 4-speed manual, rear-wheel drive and a newly developed Inline 6 engine, codenamed the 2424. Its name stands for 2.4 litres, 24 valves. Yes, that’s right, a DOHC 4-valve per cylinder Inline 6 in a car for less than 9000$. It makes a healthy 140hp, enough for any aspiring youngster.

What else do you get? How about Double Wishbone front and rear suspension, like on sports cars that cost 5 times more? 16" rims, too, and disc brakes all around.

The interior is focused on what you really need for driving. It does have a standard 8-track and standard 80s safety equipment, but the interior itself is just basic. The target audience for this car does not need fancy leather seats, though. They just want a car that drives, with a reasonable level of comfort and a great sporty feel.

That is what this car gives you. You can hit over 200km/h and you can kick the tail out, if you want to, but this level of power won’t really allow you to kill yourself. Unless you want to, of course.


This will be good looking enough? :thinking:


Citroen BX GTI intensifies


You should click on the cog thing when replying to a post (it’s the icon further to the right, on the bar above the text box). Then click on “Hide Details” and upload your pics between the [details=“Summary”] and the [/details] tags.

Here’s this for an example; my entry’s epic teaser picture. Beware; the graphical quality of my PC may have made this too awesome, wear protective glasses for safety’s sake…


The unpolished, matte graphical quality only a low-range PC can produce. And also the visual proof why I can’t really make good outdoor pics in Automation…

Darth Vader, your Martini has arrived. Previously shaken and stirred, just as you like it…


I think i will enter dis one hohoho


One of the few raw promotional shots of the Bramhall Viva Si. It’s bigger brother the VSi held the limelight, but with the options packages the two were nearly identical. Only the missing spotlamps, more understated bonnet buldge, and lack of VSi badges gave the hint that this was in fact an Si model


Sniff sniff

You smell that? It smells like light sports cars

And when it smells like light sports cars, it’s time for Vermin Motors to make an appearance!

But wait… you don’t have money for a proper sports car? Oh. No big deal. You actually do now. Because Vermin proudly presents the brand new:

Vermin Musasabi CS

With the new CS (cheapskate) version of the Musasabi you can now own a sports coupé for the low price of $8958

You must be thinking: wow, that must be just a seat on wheels with an engine for it to cost that little… wrong!

The CS looks just like it’s more expensive brother on the outside, with a stylish coupé body and sleek pop-up headlights


On the inside, the CS version has two seats instead of the four the regular version has. So you and your girl can have more comfort and space (and privacy, consult about our easy to clean seat covers :wink::wink::wink:). With a car like this, you’ll never have a problem filling that passenger seat with girls. It also includes an 8-track player for your mixtape.


Allright. So it is pure show, right? Wrong again! The Musasabi CS has impressive performance for a car of its price.

The new turbocharged 2.4L inline 5 engine makes this car go from 0 to 100km/h in just 6.8s, and gives it a top speed of 200km/h

But wait, there’s more! This car has all-wheel drive with an advanced limited slip differential. What does all that babble mean? It means that this car has very good handling and traction in almost any situation you throw at it. Drifting? Check. Track? Check. Gravel? Check.

It does specially well in urban racing, and the cars come tuned with a close gear ratio with this kind of use in mind. Yeah, that’s right. Unless other sissy automakers who chicken out from this kind of thing, Vermin condones using our cars for street racing. It makes us proud whenever a reckless young man uses our machines for having fun. Contact our after-sales department for more information about possible modifications and parts, and for general assistance ricing up your car


And the cherry on top of the cake: the CS version is focused on being cheap to run! That’s right. It runs on regular 91RON gas just fine, can use cheap tires, engine displacement is under 2500cc to avoid extra taxes, and most parts are very simple and can be gotten for cheap from our parts bin.

Seriously, man? Why are you still reading? You're being offered an AWD sports car that can get to 200km/h for less than 9000 bucks. I'd be running to buy one if I were you